FFXIV 4.0 1061 Story Part 1: Beyond the Great Wall

FFXIV 4.0 1061 Story Part 1: Beyond the Great Wall

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode I’m going to be starting the me scenario for storm blood whoo
and as always hello from e3 so we are here in the rising stones in Moore donor
and we need to talk to alpha node so the quest is called beyond the great wall so
alpha node is a man with a great deal on his mind question is how will the Empire
respond to the disappearance of Omega in the crimes Lisa’s voice acted oh I
didn’t see that forgive me word from veil sales wall is proving
long in the coming and my mind cannot help but straight a grim places alpha know emitted from the Alliance it’s about time prey summon the others
at once yes sir okay I think I might need to increase my volume just a little
little bit let me put it to like 20% okay cool we should have more sound of the game general olden reports that his forces
have secured the breaching bail sales award a lot of the primal and omega
there is still no sign of either at this time he writes that they will begin a
more thorough investigation shortly and as expected he wishes to petition the
aid of the scions of a seventh dawn as expected the Alliance’s decision to
capture a part of bale saws wall is sorry let’s move my mic off’ occation the wall serves to demarcate imperial
territory an amigo included from the rest of a Asya to an observer the
Alliance’s actions could be seen as a prelude to invasion indeed and the
Alliance leaders have no wish to be branded invaders you’re saying they
won’t fight for al amigo even after everything that’s happened
not without the consent of her people No make no mistake Lise the Alliance is in
complete agreement that the Empire must be purged from eorzea however they will
not set foot in gear a barn until they have formally secured the consent and
cooperation of the al-amin opposition they would have as active intermediaries precisely the scions I do neatly
qualified to serve in this capacity and that is to say leases and given her
personal connection to the resistance who better than you to broker an
agreement between the Alliance and the people of al amigo assuming you are
willing of course of course I am you know I like nothing
more as for who should accompany you on said
diplomatic mission I had a mind to volunteer myself well that covers the
talking part but you just know there’ll be trouble along the way are you living
yeah as if you have to ask exactly Thanks
it means a lot knowing you’ll be there I too shall accompany such endeavors are
seldom hampered by surfeited healers good point allow me to offer my services
as well I have spent quite enough time here of late so I’ll be coming but we
will need someone to keep an eye on things I trust you have no objections none my lady
gladly shall I continue to serve as caretaker of the waking sands and there
keep watch for signs of primal and a.cian activity book
as capable as my learned friend undoubtedly is there are some troubles
that may prove too much for a single silent on account of which I mean to
stay someone just put a volume a little bit higher it’s a little bit put it’s a
thirty percent it is settled then that is each seed to our preparations I’m not a fan of that music so sorry if
you can hear a car alarm in the background everything’s going wrong
today all right let’s do it ready my friend that’s always sir well then to taru I leave the rising
stones in your capable hands so worried alpha know I’ll see that the place is
still standing when you come back okay the freeze alpha is awesome mr. Suresh Tala hasn’t folded all you
are bound to Garib Anya I the Alliance would have us make contact with the
Allen egg and resistance as soon as possible it begins then as soon it shall in doma
if the gods are good just but a pity it must be now I am sorry that we shall not
be present to fight beside you in the battles to come
what you have stood with this countless times lady you Gary pray do not
apologize then let us thank you instead you and your stood with us from the
first when we came to this land as refugees in search of sanctuary loathsome I too think what might have
become of my people have you not extended to us the hand of friendship we
will never forget this I solemnly swear much has changed since first you set
foot on these shores revenant told stands as a testament to
that I’m sure your people will managing your absence indeed they have built a new home for
themselves and no longer need need to Shepherd them the time has come for
God’s ETSU and I to return to our master to our home I know how you feel it’s
time I went home to the Lord battlefields be a thousand miles apart
our purpose is one that all men hearken to the clarion call of freedom of
liberation from a Asya for the far east that they may rise up and cast down the
curse of golem old cool take care you hear me when all of this is over we’re
going to celebrate together just you wait I should like that very much
fare you well a thousand miles apart yet United in
purpose let us pray bow far so bow far endeavors meet with success shall we
then why not why not we’re gonna go to the new area so wait
wait not just yet I knew I’d forgotten something important
at least could you come with me me what now all right then if you don’t sis going to give her a new outfit all ride long badass I got a love monk
so what do you think as you can see I designed it to be light
and loose an outfit tailor-made to the needs of a skilled fire quite lease so
your work never ceases to impress much more of this and I may have to stop
introducing you as a science receptionist I start referring to you as
our permanent seamstress it’s lovely Totoro thank you I feel like I could
take on a legion I’m glad you like it and with that I’ll delay you no longer
safe travels then onward to Gharib Anya our first stop will be at America’s fire
in the each route let’s go we are off to the land of storm blood and al amigo
right so let’s go let’s see let’s go here and here and I’m going to delay so
many people doing this okay cool so let’s carry on now going
into the expansion I am going to be maining monk I said that for ages now
and the reason I’ve chosen two main monk rather than it like figure any of the
new classes simply because I got every class priest or blood 260 and month were
the one I enjoyed the most simple as that
let us talk to alpha note so all the present unaccounted for when you’re
ready my friend pray informed the officer we wish to proceed into Gaara
Barnea cool let’s do it so are the signs of some of thorn we were told to expect
you shall I summon someone to escort you to the wall he let’s do it so now we’re
in the fringes straight to find that interesting Wow so we just got a glimpse of how huge the
world map actually is enough to take know of that so you see we barely
explored anything I remember crossing the border standing in Giro Barnea one
smooth me and my fellow Sion the warrior of life among behind us bail Southwold cutting the
land into freedom on one side Puran here anew and the promise of the new
beginning but one that could only be bought with
blame and yeah I didn’t get chills wait on that it’s a
lie because I get height Wow so we’re now in the fringes so let me
unlock the safe all right let’s see let’s do it now so when you go to a new
place or the first time I’m not be a price so you can teleport there in the
future Wow music is really cool people in the
way so agreeing sigh on behalf of the
audience I welcome you to castrum Oren’s Thank You general we were relieved to
hear that your forces secured the wall without incident
have the Imperials made any attempt to retake castrum since then non safe for a
few skirmishes between our scouts and their patrols we’ve had barely any
contact with them but we all know it’s only a matter of time before things
escalate as this attacking bath Oswald weren’t enough Hilbert summoned a primal
right on their doorstep and Guillermo does not like to let such shows of
defiance go unanswered it was a declaration of war even if it was not
ill birds to make and now we are bound by it the wheel or the whoa the science
stand ready to serve general what would you ask of us as thing either my message
the alliance will not proceed without the support and cooperation of the alum
Egon people we would have you serve as our emissaries and contact with the
resistance consider it done general we won’t let you down I swear then I’ll
leave you to it Godspeed ha of all the castra in the world you
walk into mind master Garland what brings you here a third and missing
Allegan weapon and a gray sari draclyn primal Omega and shin Roo I think the
shinobi called it anyway we’ve been studying the trail of destruction hoping
it might lead us somewhere which it has singularly failed to do then it’s like
Omega fell into sari to the earth of occupied territory meaning it may
already be an imperial house even so it bears repeating that we engaged the
stasis systems assuming the command was received and
executed successfully the weapon will be of us of use to them as human of no use
of am assuming we should hurry up and find it regardless okay let’s do it
so all the more reason to reach out to the resistance if we want to press into
gear rahbaniya we need their blessing everyone counting on us let’s not waste
any more time talking no no no goat simulator yeah so that
beyond the great walls now done we 160,000 experience G’s field exp number
is going to get inflated so we need four million to get to level 61 okay so let’s
now do this let’s talk the lease so lease takes the lead Lisa’s eager to
leave castrum or runs as you probably heard there are plenty
of factions in the resistance so I’m taking to see one of the mouse sorry one
with the most influence the headquarter is all okay at our place called Rao’s
reach an old temple to the east of here across the bed d’Alene River
I learned the route that should allow us to avoid Imperial control stick with me
and we’ll be there before you know it cool I like that there is your map table
is so much bigger so while I’m here I’m going to quickly unlock this because you
want to use a talk about poor in the future right now there’s there any
vendors or anything in the town now probably not
okay so let’s carry on the main story so we’re exploring this new area for the
first time what level of these level 60 okay
and what I’m going to do when it comes to like having my new abilities or stuff
like that I’m going to learn them add like gold I’m not going to do it like
early or anything I’m going to spent hours we doing my
bars when I want to do the story still with me good from here we’ll head
northeast towards a river the water is not too deep so we won’t have to swim the music’s got essence all like Shaq
sanatoriums d’etat in it tell you that keep going so see I’m playing the fun because I’m
using the caramels go this area enormous anyway carry on I’m not worried about
I’m not going to do it for currents until I’ve finished the zone basically I
will see if we get to round girls reach I don’t know how long that’s going to
take so I mean we’re in perspective heavens war story lastest on my twenty
five thirty hours I won’t get it done during early access so I don’t see any soldiers good let’s
cross so you’re wondering about the tower to the south now why is that tower it’s obviously galleon it’s part of callused um Bella Dame and
that’s what the Imperial decided to call the old bridge after they fortified it I
called it a great big eyesore honestly you can see the rotten banner from
absolutely moms away they never miss a chance to rub our noses in it do they
come on we should keep moving cool so let’s keep going at least takes the lead
so I find it interesting that we are quite even though this area so big we
are spending the time to get straight to Ruggles reach rather than a stick around
I mean I might stick around and do some like clay farming to be honest so there is no rush and try and look at
the challenge log and stuff like that okay so almost uh but for the sake of
this video I’m obviously just going to concentrate on the main story now let’s
see let’s see okay so almost at or Rather’s reach some
new location that’s a point actually like if you’re not the areas of the map
you get exp so I might just do that I might just run around this entire area
just gets all that to be involved why not almost there almost there okay let’s
do it we let so we’re here on the other side of this
part is raagas reach so you say but all I see are rocks
I presume there is some sort of trick to this indeed a glamour good idea Stoller
I think it they have talented made in their ranks or may have an artifice are
trained in modification of glamour prisms something like that the important
thing is that it pulls the galleons Oh before we go in and don’t know if
doTERRA told you but my friends nego the messenger who came to the rising stone
is a member of this fashion so they know us and they shouldn’t attack us on sight
that said they can be a bit jumping so let me lead the way and don’t go
reaching for your weapons or anything cool epic so and with a sparkle of the
masking dust all is laid bare interesting interesting
so now let’s go into rather sweet I remember the old story how the breaker
of world came down from on high and cleft Wow
with a single blow so we’re finally in the new area algis reach a holy place
and are sitting home for the resistible for the brave and a true the loyal sons
and daughters of Alameda finally seeing game they were waiting
man and when he soul still cried out for what would love for what could be ours
again cool sorry on finish this quest off so
you’ll figure that our precautions but we couldn’t be sure who had crossed the
barrier we see you now for who you are though the science of the seventh or
okay complete the next quest is called the promise of a new beginning so Conrad
knows the purpose of your visit and would like you like to give you a proper
welcome so now I know you would not have come
all this way unless you had something important to discuss
and I’m eager to hear what you have to say one second guys okay so let’s not do this on our doors
though they come with me okay right so there’s a fright here and also mini a4
right so while I’m in the area for the first time ever let me unlock them
there’s such a big zone so might as well there’s only three of them so why not it
just means that we can teleport around the area a lot quicker so there’s this
one this one I’m one up there it’s what you should always do in new zones in the
game is try and get the mini a price on lot ASAP okay as obviously this will be
the teleport that allows us to go back to rather girls reach whenever we like arrive next those vendors here will look
at the vendors another time I am curious about them those to see what they have
to sell then the last day for right is over here okay but nice waterfall perfect so you have now attuned yourself
to all a Fannett shards and while girls reach the fringes gate is now accessible
as an a4 at math option let’s do it carry on where is this guy as he can’t
even see him there’s so many people around they go cutting allow me to
welcome you once more to Rutgers reach our humble headquarters my name is
Konrad Kemp and have the dubious honor of overseeing operations here it is a
pleasure to meet you master Kemp I am alpha know l’viyah of the Cylons of
the seventh thorn as are before I speak of our purpose here pray allow me to
thank you for sheltering EDA forgive me Lise and papal emo at great risk to
yourselves now there’s no need for that they risk their necks for us enough
times it was the least we could do I I wanted to and I mean about them
masks engine don’t fret over that you’re not the
first person to take up arms against the empire under a false name we do the same
if we had any sense my condolences for your last job happily Moe laid down his
life to savor to give us a chance to make a better future for ourselves there
will never be a better time to drive the Galleon through our lands but we have to
take the lead on this we can’t leave it to fanatics like Albert all in a few of our people were taken in
by his promises followed him all the way to the wall good men and women who never
came back when Minako told us what had happened and the bastard had made
sacrifices of them for his twisted ritual by Rob Garrett filled me with an
unholy fury but what’s done is done best we can do now is see that he wasn’t all
in vain that is why we are here today sir
to see that some good comes of this tragedy on behalf of the AoE in alliance we do
hereby extend a formal offer of military assistance to the Alameda resistance do
you now I’ll go on then I’m sure there’s more to it than that cool so that’s the way of it a the Alliance
hoping to avoid a direct confrontation with the superior forces of the Empire
wishes to engage them by proxy with our vastly inferior ones my comrades and I
must confer on your proposal a moment if you please
yeah of course Marta can’t take all the time you require makes me wonder how
they will feel about it okay so that quest is now done promise
of a new beginning completely cool right so anyway guys I’m going to
keep the episodes short for the story so that’s it for this episode thank you for
watching and as always goodbye from me and goodbye from memory

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  1. It should be noted that if adventurers used the Tales of Adventure: Heavensward through Mog Station, part of this quest is already done and the starting point is East Shroud outside Baelsar's Wall at Amarissaix's Spire.

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