Fibreglass Qinghai/Manchu bow by AF Archery – Review

Fibreglass Qinghai/Manchu bow by AF Archery – Review

welcome back to my adultery today we have another poll review for you and it is this box here Tomas Cobra from Germany wrote to me and he said I never saw you testing the mantra bow from F archery I want to have fun can i order it they ship it to you you read it and then you forward it to me of course why not this is here and he ordered some arrows with it so let's see what we get if you don't like the unboxing skip it the funny thing is customs again to tell your story to entertain you in the meantime I got two packages roughly the same value one from AF one from Aleppo and the customs of course again proof of payment bla bla bla then I got then both packages were released for one package I hate for this one I had to pay 34 euros customs and the other one nothing top but don't be too loud you note that custom will hear that now and then they come to you all you need to pay your 34 euros to we have the booklet we know already AF archery how to string the bow how to take care of the book I think pretty arrows exactly so we have good arrows and we have the mantra bow and what you see is already out of the box quite a flex in the handle Tomas ordered matching arrows and now we will see how they really match they're quite pretty they have nice paces you saw the fletching is not too damaged they have some colorful whippin there and they have wood knocks brass tips nice but you know you all come to see this one here easy like a packet again Monsieur so what we all know is the black sleeve with the two red rings you know the companies use one red ring this bow is available from 20 to 70 pounds it's a fiberglass bow the length is 140 centimeters the string is 132 this bow has an extra length of 34 inches the bow costs $92 the arrows 45 and shipping was $10 you are you have a flex in the handle as you see the rep 10 as we know it's a kind of rough whipping here around as for the transition transition for the limbs and then you see the seer angle is almost 90 degrees the seers are not too overly long we have string bridges and this pose 25 pounds at I guess 28 inches you will see let me know and we get a string here because all these measurements beside the most famous available of course needs to be measured it's 58 and a half 58 and a half inches and as a mixture of 34 inches thick I write it here or here or somewhere then we know if you're new to this channel simply watch a few of my old videos it you get an idea of what I'm talking about so the string looks a little oh you know open let's say but fine so let's see we have a center serving we have the longer part I guess yes see that longer part is the bottom part short one is the top part now we need to figure which one is the top and the bottom because we have on both sides this is suede as an arrow pass but I guess I guess I don't know when the logo is here but it's pointing upward so it could be like this to and from the from the the stitching here don't see it either because you don't see the end as I was during the boner looks quite much to ask and for the price $92 a bow with a mixture of 34 inches with drink bridges I'm only you know we have this hand bow from AF which is quite nice because it's a non-contact ball for a fiber glass boy I think it's always a little easier so this is the ball looks quite pretty I can't see anything brace I'd roughly 7 inches oh wait we can measure it so the brace head out of the box is 7 inches not even roughly exactly 7 inches looks nice so let's check what sets ok sturdy so pretty good beginners po has leather brown leather around the limbs which is glued on the pack everything looks nice for a $92 bow nice wood series and black ends but I think this is only painted I think it's only black paint there so it's nothing reinforced with horn or something but you know moment of truth drawing this nice bow yeah so 28 nice 30 32 and then but it's happens a few times that you have a bowl they tell you the max draw is whatever like we had the Turkish poem from fre does 32 inches officially but after 30 inches it gets so hard that it's not nice to shoot it so theoretically this bow does 34 inches now let's see what the arrow will do how long the arrows are if they match the bow or not so from the bottom of the nock it's a 30 inch arrow quite a little short could be longer but we get there when we're done so this is 268 most probably grain they're all here 268 to 68 let's check weekly if the arrows are really 268 on its wipeout proper scale with me because today we need to see if they really get you matching arrows the max draw eight times zero point six then you have grams and then you know what your arrow weight shall be so I am at 404 as 26 grams okay this is not an 8 this is a g4 gram so these are 26 grams 30 inches we will see what the bow will have it 30 inches let me see if this arrows match or not they are still quite lightweight but not to not to paint it all let's shoot one arrow here and then we check the arrows and throw it off the ball of course you can expect a little a little kick but it's normal for a mantra bow because you see the long here and the string when it catches on a string bridge you have a slight in shock so don't hold the ball too tight but it's doable you feel it it's doable it draws nice the tour experience up to 32 inches is really nice cause consistently smooth and after 32 yet still it's it's still okay it's only 25 Punto let's check the ball eight twenty five point six thirty interest because the arrows are thirty inches long we have twenty eight point eight the limbs bending oops you see it so you see 34 inches is really the maximum then you see he's already really a lot of pressure and the limbs go ninety degrees backwards right 34 inches this bow has maybe thirty five pounds so now shooting the bow I shoot three of your arrows Thomas knows it's enough when I ruin these ones so they're not easy of course I should some release now thirty inches with this bow he's just nice nice relatively accurate so not too bad you hear it a little but of course it's a fiberglass poets $92 don't expect miracles it's not a $500 bow but for this through the arrows 9 eyes away they don't wobble and the length quite okay around the center the handle feels quite good so you have good control but of course when you move the bow you feel the longer so it's always something pulling and dragging you so that's why this bow is maybe not made for Cutler 20 meters let's see what it will do with that inch heavy arrows a little low so you need to point a little higher already yep mind it works 30 meters a little low again but few shots you have it it's forgiving PO it shoots nice but of course you don't Hank me over a 34-inch draw bow and you only let me shoot 30 inch arrows that's why I think it feels better like this a little heavy this carbon is there 550 or 600 gram but only to see what it will do in full draw there are 30 still going still going not even that's low it is heavier rose yeah it's after 32 it gets a little tough but it's doable and a group not bad not bad let's see if it is a speed monster of course it's not manageable which are not meant to shoot speedy I shoot these 30 inch arrows and I write the grain per pound somewhere 113 114 136 oh we have then 35 pounds throw it or something 136 a team no come on under 20 another speed monster but for a beginner who wants a not complicated boat to shoot which looks like a manageable which has really pretty curves and you I said you start now with 30 inches your arrows are 30 inches let's find that the interest but then later when you think see you can go even four inches longer which is always nice you have here something which you can with which you can have a long time really a lot of fun nice boat so far so I figured for me shoots nice of a knife is low go down but that's me I think you can use this pole both sided so can you do could you do your you know with this handle quite easy so works okay I should know one three fingers because you asked no I didn't ask but I still do it feels good to you have a little vibration not too annoying that's fine would you do this one here that feels really good with the strenght because at the hand has a slightly shape like this so you really can't line up the arrows nice there and you grab the first one well nice book I mean when you see he paid enough for bow arrow in shipping $160 150 euros and you can have a lot of fun it's a pretty bow in even a 25 pound it shoots nice it kicks even this wood arrows there 440 grain nice away and consistently nice away conclusion this PO $92 is nice is really something for a beginner when you think okay I want to start my horse bow but of course we know that they are reflex bows Korea and I don't want to spend a fortune and I want to have something workable where I can I can maybe even train one day a bit longer drawers is 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 it's really but you know shoulder shoulder you know these 30 inch arrows are nice they fly straight that don't wobble they are stiff enough for this bow but of course it's a 25-ton bow and then we will draw it has roughly 35 pounds so of course almost every wood arrow will do it but they are nice and lightweight they're not too heavy they look very good they have here this nice colored whipping or hoe sticker I think it's a weapon oh here they have everything to protect the fletching from coming off three nice five inch shield feathers this brass tip which is a little heavy but fo see this looks pretty good to me so even if I see of these arrows is fine and Tomas you will have fun shooting this arrow you can shoot three fingers of course but you got this that you start shooting with uhm really scary then it's really with these arrows nice to do so I mean you could do a little cutter works them it's a fun shooter works the only thing back there I would take a little sandpaper and and round the edges because sometimes in the wood starts getting a little brittle and some some pieces will come off so take a sandpaper make everything nice is smooth that it's not so edgy but you know it's $45 for a set of twelve nice arrows no it kicks this arrows nice away it's really not a battle you feel a little hand shock you have of course a little bit vibration but not annoying so simply make sure that you arrows are heavy enough but you have this set they work pretty well with this bow so you have it the Mancha bow from a archery shoosh I'm talking here it's not big they're nice made craftsmanship we know it they they stepped up their game the other thing I would consider having a look at your string knocks here because they'll the the wood looks a little edgy tools are able to send this tool needs a little small details but then even your string will last the world it's an endless string the string bridge looks nice the end of the loop is exactly on the string bridge how it's supposed to be we have seven inch bracelet and I Center serving string looks good the whipping looks good you have to suede protectors here no matter how you shoot this way around or this way around where your arrow rests and the handle is big enough this is just nice has this nice stitching here in front ninety-two dollars you can't see anything I only had this with my hanbok because it was hanging here a little in the heat and then the glue of this leather here of this wrapping came off here and then I had to stick it back this is the only thing which might happen but I think it's not a deal breaker and it's maybe because it's a little too hot here in the boys all the time in very hot conditions then maybe this glue is not working especially when you sometimes shoot about because then you always press this seam here and then it can come off if you want to have something munch you ask and you want to feel this kick and you don't want to throw 35 inches you're happy with 30 to 33 to find boner looks the curves looking really nice but then you're back there especially when you get in the heavier poundage I mean this is 25 pounds at 28 and 35 it's easy to manage when you take this 140 pounds let's say at 28 then back there it has then 55 I don't know how easy it would be then to reach the 34 inch max draw but overall a nice power so thank you very much Tomas for making this deal for letting AF archery ship this bow to me o arrows twelve arrows nice arrows for me a little too short but for you Thomas maybe for the beginning 30 inches is fully enough and later on once you get used to 30 inches get errors of 32 and maybe even 34 inches later on in your career as a reflex both shooter as the last module of Germany that's all for me today good that's all for me today thank you very much for watching I catch you in the next

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  1. Hello, Armin,
    Please, could you give us reviews on the longbows : Buck trail blackhawk and Buck trail falcon and then Oak Rigde aspen and Oak Ridge thargo

    thanks to you if you can, it will allow me to really choose a longbow

  2. Very Nice review and a nice concept also! Would you do this again, Armin? Someone orders a bow you have not reviewed yet, let's it get delivered to you, you review it and then send it on?

  3. hello Tim here I wish I had found your sight before I bought this e5e10 Black Sheepskin Archery Recurve Bow Longbow Horsebow at 55lbs can you recommend arrows for this bow it is 58 inch 28 inch draw let me know thanks.

  4. lightweight carbons 32inch draw and it would be decent fast even at that low poundage
    i think that bow with 35 @ 28" would be a exelent setup

  5. The item cant be send to Brazil! It is sad. Practise archery here sometimes is very difficult. Great video!!

  6. Hey!! Mr.Armin nice review.👍
    at that price it is super and pretty bow. owner enjoy it very much. Great day to all✌😀

  7. AF Archery make some good premium stuff too.
    Ahaha, I imagine Tom watching His new Bow hitting 34!

    Great review Armi.

  8. Another great review as always. Nice beginners bow! Not to expensive. Thank you Armin and also you Thomas for letting us all have a chance to see what you can get from AF Archery. Shoot well and have fun!

  9. Speaking of string bridges, how do you stop the serving on the string from separating on them? The bridges are very smooth on my bow, but still the serving gets a bit separated.

  10. I’ve fancied trying a Manchu bow, and this looks like a nice starter point to see if I like the longer draws. My problem is arrows. I always by cheap-ish arrows, but they always come at 31”.

    Is there a cheap supplier of 33-34” arrows? My European draw is only 27” so I probably not reach the full 34”.

  11. Seems like a good bow for the price. Strange that tze fitting arrows are only 30'' not 34'' . It would be interesting to see how the laminated version holds up .

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