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  1. You know this is stupid why did they even invent this sport when all it does is kills these harmless beautiful animals if I was that horse I would kill the person so he see how it feels to die when your still alive and can be saved so those people needed to get a brain and actually think I have a thouroubred named emma who actually imaplled or made a giant hole in her neck from a branch and also she has broke her leg before but now she is a retired race horse that is only 9 years old

  2. No hate I understand but that is like banning everything to do with horses because high jumping horses can die from heart attacks because there heart rate gets to high that’s all that happened to him ya it’s sad but it can happen to any horse that doesn’t race or do steeple chases any event a horse does could kill it or injure it it’s not like they abuse them the rider did the rider thing he knew he got off and took the tack off fast and just said his good byes and let it happen because there was nothing for him to do

  3. humans suck. there is absolutely NO reason to race horses to early before they're fully grown.or even at all. evil people who partake in this hideous sport. They take advantage of the heart of a thoroughbred.

  4. If anyone here thinks these pepole felt any remorse for that horse you're danm wrong all they care about is money and that's about it and also if you think this video is for support of the racers that's also wrong these amazing pepole have a website that is about all the abuse in the racing industry and last thing please stop calling this a :sport: a sport is supposed to e fun for horses witch racing is definitely not I understand that horses do get injured by actual equin sports but litterly only a very few horses have died from an actual sport and the racing industry kills 1000s every day now please stop this shit its not a sport its not good for horses its cruel hardcore abuse and if anyone wants two aurgue with this comment go ahead since I'm not gonna read it anyway thank you for reading 😑

  5. Wait… So it's not like they give him a chance.. Jus boom we think his leg is hurt, go get the kill sauce to put him down?? Fr ?

  6. So so sad! Alot of this people do not want to pay a (Vet). The leg could have been repaired, and a nice pet for someone.

  7. We need to spread awareness to the general public and get this banned over +1000s of horses are being killed each year and nearly 21 a day, this is not okay and it need to be stopped before anymore harm.

  8. No need for horse or dog racing . All to make money at end of the day . I like a bet but I bet on human sports . Sad to see animals forced into this

  9. His fear made me cry. Horses and animals have rights too! Some people just treat them like objects. But at least they put him out of his pain😢

  10. I hate to see this…This makes me so angry! The horse is for this people a thing that you can put in the trash…I hate it so much!

  11. I relize that the horse needs the leg and the weight of the horse makes healing very very difficult but if theres a chance why not just offer the horse to anyone who thinks they could help it,someone who would take the time it woud need im sure there are people today who would spend every hour with it,There must be solutions like pool therapy to keep the weight off while it heals or possably a hoist in combination?what about pins drilled into the bone above the break to steal bar and steal hoove below the hoove to put all the weight on the metal and non on the injury.

    These people wouldnt kill there horse if they could heal it so I doubt healing is very likley

  12. Ummmm ok so this is them!"oh this horse scraped his fricken like ear,I know!! Let’s kill them for no reason!l

  13. Yes unfortunately horses are big heavy animals with fragile legs and they can break their legs from simply moving about.  This horse was dealt with as humanely and kindly as possible, unfortunately some horses react to the drugs to put them to sleep [which is why a bullet can be kinder], they don't follow a set pattern.  My horse broke her leg in the field in which she is turned out in every day and I still think it was due to a dog attack, and its really difficult when the bone is a large, weightbearing one or fractured into several pieces.  My horse's fractures still haven't healed 3 1/2 months later and we will give her a few more months but she may still have to be put to sleep.  She has had to spend months cooped up in a tiny box to limit her movement.  Please instead of making ignorant pleas about some of the best treated horses in the world or uninformed comments about shooting horses which obviously have unsurvivable fractures, mount a campaign to keep dogs on leads and stop straying in the countryside near farm animals and horses.  So unnecessary.  Even if you think your dog is a saint, you never know how it will react to a horse.

  14. This is so sad and this video bought back memories when i had to say goodbye forever to my horse who was so kind and gentle but she had a injury in her leg an she was old. 💓💓😢😢

  15. Yes they killed the horse because when it jumped over the fence it broke it leg and couldn’t be used in races. This is what betting is doing to the horses. Instead of treating his leg and sending him somewhere where he could still be used he was euthanised and Carried away. However they didn’t have a choice in this circumstance, most of the time they do and they choose to just kill the horse instead of treat him.

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