20 Replies to “Fieldsports Africa – Up Close with Big Game”

  1. Bow hunting buffalo is obviously possible and good if needed for survival but highly questionable at best for sport. Your show does a great job stressing ethical hunting but this one stretches it thin. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should – for shooting or for filming it.

  2. Captured Tsetsebe in Rhodesia with National Parks as a cadet ranger, 1973. They were endangered then. Why would anybody would do this is beyond me.

  3. Hmmmm .. transgender lions — described as genetic mutation, but use that word for transgender humans and see what happens

  4. Use a rifle. That bow causes excruciating suffering. You're just a wicked blood lust coward. Come pick a fight with me, coward!

  5. 8:12 "To say that I am not nervous is an understatement". Either the calmest guy in the world or no understanding at all of what he just said

  6. Even the Lions are turning Tran's………. Thailand has a lot to answer for bro. : – )
    Great vid my man. Cheers Moose.

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