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  1. There doesn't seem to be many stop thrusts in sabre, does anyone know the reason for that? Lots of times people seem to step back and there seems to be opportunuties to stop thrust to the face or body and the option doesnt seem to be popular.

  2. Quick question about jackets: I just started doing sabre, and I know that most sabre fencers don't wear as much as longsword fencers simply because the hits aren't as hard. I want a jacket primarily for sabre, but one that can handle occasional longsword sparring. Any recommendations?

  3. So lesson learned: two skilled swordsman will either kill or maim both each other in a real fight. Avoid the fight at all costs in the first place.

  4. It seems fights are difficult to judge, even for people who are close to the action and know what to look for. I wonder if eventually HEMA might use a video ref; high-def, maybe overhead, and preferably in 3D.

  5. Coming from someone who wants to take up this activity – Is THE main difference between HEMA military sabre and Olympic sabre is the weight and construction of the weapon? Because it looks like, albeit from a novice eye, that points are being scored and awarded by the judges for touches as well similar to Olympic sabre. I thought in HEMA you would need to strike significantly harder as in to cause more damage instead of just "tagging". Thanks

  6. I always love seeing high quality recordings of tournaments! Would love to see you commentate over one of these and offer some of your insight into what's happening!

  7. Can I just copy paste all saber techniques onto sideswords? And use a sidesword how one would use a saber?

  8. Is Mikalewski doing a particular style or is he just good at charging and landing the first blow ?

  9. 15:30 Should been a double on both heads. Blue Took up his hand to block that blow. the jugdes did not notice. I wondered what happened at normal rate, but could only see it at slow motion. Sneaky.

  10. Why do points at historical fencing ??, the original would have been until the first hit. The game is different if there is only one hit !

  11. So are there any rules governing your technique? Or do you primarily stay in an en garde position because it happens to be the most effective? (Coming from FIE background)

  12. That's the first I've seen of military sabre fencing – impressive. I thought this sort of thing happened at dawn on a hill. Any points for style?

  13. I have to say Easton, that was some smooth swordsmanship in that last duel. Particularly that thrust at the first engagement.

  14. Is there a term for when the two opponents gently cross the swords? Also what's the reasoning behind this? Is to try to provoke a reaction or get within range for a strike?

  15. Oh, my god. People who said historical fight is boring compared to Hollywood fight need to see Gilbert vs Rinka at 18:24 Thats some Ridley Scott's The Duellists right there.

  16. Matt use British style, right ? What style does Johnson use ? I think I saw a stance like that somewhere before but I couldn't recall.

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