Finns compete in annual hobby horse championship

Finns compete in annual hobby horse championship

the best thing about hobby horsing is I think the community especially the community and also the limitless imagination you can use like there's a all of the sky is the limit I think I'm the other I think hobby horsing has a feminist agenda at least in some point since um well I think this is the girl thing mostly because this is where girls can be kind of free there's no boys like coming and saying what they need to do or like posting around so I think there's a some kind of fun it's very bizarre other people to see like for the first time especially to see these kind of stuff because they think that we think the horse is alive which we do not we understand that it's dead as made of fabric and that's all that's here what is your message to these kind of people what do you use just the open open mind yeah about it yes it's it's a sport like any other sport like examples swimming rollerblading football yeah [Applause]

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  1. Why would you even bother having the horse. It look like a jump competition. I've never seen anything like it. In fact I'm speechless.

  2. If they don't hold the fake horse head and they stop pretending to gallop this would be a nice sport. I'm talking about the hurdles part, the freestyle imitation part is too much.

  3. Yo i mean i wouldn’t do this but i actually feel a bit sorry for this community. They get a lot of hate, i’ve seen. I mean let them do what they like and stuff, just mind your own business i guess 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. Why are people mocking the sport? This is literally how the Mongol horde conquered most of the world….Exactly like this.

  5. She mentions Feminism? This just proves that immense retardation stems from Feminism….So ironic what she said up to 1:35

  6. Am I the only one who kind of wants to like try this? It would honestly be fun to be able to make reins and decorations for it.

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