Fire Ants Attack Soccer Field In Athens

Fire Ants Attack Soccer Field In Athens

well tomorrow night marks week two of the high school football season but don't forget the fall is also soccer season some soccer teams are hitting a wall in their schedule as wdf News 12s Jason law shows us some six legged pests have taken over the athens park where they play some visiting teams have come to play in the athens regional park and these little guys aren't here for soccer it just looked like an invasion all of a sudden fire ants have taken over the Athens Athletic Complex in just 24 hours more than 50 ant hills have popped up on the soccer turf to Mac fat one of our employees the reason they noticed them he was kneeling down to clipping that on and felt something biting them on the leg and looked down and saw the first first mound parks and recreation director Austin Fesmire has never seen anything like it thousands of ants slowly migrating across five acres of park Thursday work crews planted red flags to mark each mount the crew eventually ran out of flags and had to retreat to get more normally there beside the sidewalks and things where it's warm but they've just taken over the the whole complex Fesmire says the trick is to kill the Queen you kill the queen he says you kill the anthill on Friday the park will apply a special pesticide which should take care of this problem within 72 hours until then practices and games are suspended Fesmire notes the ants are slowly making their way to a nearby playground he promises they'll be wiped out before they make it that far the children ran ahead of me and first before I realized it they were there and when I got to the flags I realized they were fire ants and so that was a big concern for me the athletic complex should be open by the middle of next week by then players can concentrate on kicking the ball instead of kicking the ants from Athens Jason law wdf news 12 now fest Meyer believes the heavy rain brought out the little Hill builders the actual problem wasn't discovered until yesterday afternoon and they've ordered a potent pesticide which is expected in Athens tomorrow

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  1. what aussies dont realise, is they are all offspring to the convicts we evicted from the united kingdom some 200 years ago. not being able to read or write, the latter generations do not realise their heriatage nor culture. In the end they invented a game, that no one else in the world is even remotely interested in, yet they think it is superior. So we just let them convicts rot where they belong, playing a game no one gives a shit about lol

  2. @gyorihuni Yeah. I've had a swarm of them crawling all over me before. It was raining outside and they wanted to come inside. Unfortunately I was sleeping and was awoken by the pain of hundreds of bites.

  3. What poms dont get is we cant call it football cause we have our own football which isnt gay and fake, go bow to the queen to pom biaches

  4. Just came here thinking this was in Athens,Greece…
    I guess the word "soccer" should have tipped me off…

  5. @MrSiiKez trolololol! obviously the southern united states accent means that these people are in fact, from Athens, Greece.

    You can't refute that, its impossible.

  6. @MrMariobros222 When they get together to defend their territory, they lunch balls of fire from their mouth. That's why they're called fire ants.

  7. IrishJimmyB (from 1 year ago) has the right idea.

    But I'd use boiling water (because that would kill any one of the ants that it touches INSTANTLY without doing severe damage to anything else).

  8. ha ha its like a boring monster movie, OH NO ATTACK OF THE FIRE ANTS will our heroes destroy the Queen before they get to the playground and eat Timmy alive

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