Fireman Sam Full Episodes | FIFA World Cup Special ⚽Sam on the football field 🚒🔥Kids Movie

Fireman Sam Full Episodes | FIFA World Cup Special ⚽Sam on the football field 🚒🔥Kids Movie

can you autograph my flag please Sam of course Norman I can't wait to watch your Scotland's of course I'm going to be your loudest supporter oh no you are not Norman price I promise better lasagna you tell her at the Papa pizza stand in the park today flaming whose's it's not how you play the game it's merely you beat the pants off Trevor's team don't forget to pontypandy united you need to win the game tell me off the coaches to the pitch for the coin toss please ah my old sporting rival we meet again we do indeed Norris you look a little nervous no just a little worried about how upset you'll be when you lose Hey OOP she goes it's things Oh it's not fair I have to have better on the day of the big football match maybe this won't be so bad after a norman cannot say it's so nice to have a willing I'll do that excuse me and missing the game no timer for a football Norman we have a customers show them to their table please pronto named Ron Wayne and Charlie Jones do you have a reservation no this way we've got an amazing view of the game from up here no taste so nice to get away from the whole fish cafe and try something different hmm I'll have the seafood pizza please ah so many choices and what would you recommend Norman I recommend you hurry up with your order no I swore love she's nearly as good at football as I am stop that's not how you Tribble this is how you dribble to be sir I'm free station officer Steele I've got this all under control no Elvis what is the spectacular finale that's more like it wait till you see it all lit up nothing like recycled Christmas lights to brighten up a model village oh no pirate the flats it's okay sir I've got this under control by or innocent village wait till you see them jump the trembling tower of broccoli my Willie wonders sushi or think I'd better call Fireman Sam there is a flock of sheep stampeding all over 20 bandits there's a flock of sheep sounds like they're heading this way sir do my mortal village we'll need to act fast and set up a blockade right we'll need Arnold alien delvis to bring all the vehicles down then we can block off this street this street and this street while we round up the Sheep along here Roger that Sam we'll be needing our animal rescue uniforms [Applause] [Applause] well tunnel vez oh yes well welcome Killington always knew you could do it he's right all cleared everyone back to the station when I just hope that Mike does as well as me hello auntie Pammy I'd like to introduce you to the new member of my band the strong master mm oh this really wouldn't do we might not support needs to call it right / guitar machine has gone out of control and set the stage on fire Mike floods guitar machine has Elvis you and Eddie going Jupiter penny you and Arnold take Venus I'll take mercury Annie Arnold you get everyone to safety and this make sure the powers off penny you helped me tackle the blaze powers off so don't take the strum master mm will make you to it no low back everyone yes you all need to be at least five point five meters further back for maximum safety [Applause] I'm so sorry my guitar machine caused a fire Sam luckily no one was hurt Mike now have you two got something you want to say to each other juggling was great but I missed your double double booth booth and I missed your plan plan plan D plan wait a minute I never played plan glam Clementi plan and I never played doubled over both both I always played plan plan plan key chain well I never heard a chain and asked for your plum plum blue beauty blog penny time for Plan B Roger that Sam Sam Titan can't get past the ice Roger that penny Tom are you there we're going to need wannabe one don't like out-of-control trains that are on fire do something mom Axl okay I've gone my alien buddies to fly in a know rescue us on my interstellar communication device that's your shoe monocle fliers above the Train Tom I worry Sam it's a UFO Norman hiding from the aliens sorry Sam we'll have to head back to the rescue center till this Blizzard blows over there's just too much snow that's it skull drop me off here tom [Applause] hardly epic [Applause] [Applause] it's not an alien Norman it's Uncle Sam of course it is I knew that [Applause] it's to stormy for Toms helicopter I'm calling the station there's only one thing strong enough to move this tree anyone find us grounded not worry James and sure we'll be rescued soon okay Phoenix you can do this come on Phoenix it's been out of yes stop by everyone hold it there penny Saturn is ready to launch some and I'm ready to head into the mountains coming sob Sutton has detected body heat just ahead of Puma copy that Elvis coming Elvis I found them and I'm bringing them down Roger that sir I'll bring chaton back quite as much fun as I thought it would be your room is totally wrecked and stinks of fish maybe you need to get him into some water the pontypandy pool is nearby we could take him back now how are we going to get him into the swimming pool without now Elvis I think it might be better if you filled out the hydrant forms this time okay some that way I won't think about that poor lost little Wadley Pengy pressure at 1.7 bar Elvis ass all you need to put down Elvis 1.7 Elvis what are you doing oh I thought I'd do a missing poster of the penguin in case anyone sees him I'm thinking I'll just remember the 1.7 thing Sam probably a good idea penny mr. penguin time for you to get out and enjoy sausages sausages in this box so what's it to be rainy day in real oh oh should breeze over Cardiff oh I'll use them both now just to pack that box then I can go and stuff Travis papers I wonder what's in this one I need to go upstairs oh dear I've never planted a penguin upstairs before Dilys I will enjoy the meal with Dilys oh why did I say yes she'll only do those stuffed peppers again I think I'd better call Fireman Sam oh you walk back how did it go we didn't find one what a fire hydrant no a waddly penguin which why is the shoe okay now no poses no brave faces nothing to hold just not my Jupiter and be yourselves alright Sam looking great now don't move taking it in three two the tides come in past where the boat was Tom must have fallen asleep and floated out into the fog come on kids we need to call Fireman Sam Thomas knows in the phone alfonsín sorry volunteers yeah you'll have to take your own photo can you bed calm is lost get depth units rated ready now Roger that sir what do that Sam Alvis you come with me okay sir [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] with that fog it's gonna be like looking for a needle in a haystack visibility will be limited so hop speed and let's try to east of pontypandy Island first oh where are we going dad we can help them find Tom [Applause] visibility is worse than I thought and the currents quite strong boat engines up here nothing's coming up on radar Tom's dinghy may be too small to show up just keep your eyes and ears open everybody if I can't hear me Oh I'm Oliver [Applause] what or needs to be breakable helicopter looks like we've done it sir under still some grit left marvelous that ol shakey shakey shakey method works like a fine good job we've got some grit left sir shake you shake yourself shakey shakey Ali that's it I'm not playing with you anymore Norman oh that's silly penguin who don't listen to you Pengy come on we'll show them I stood up for you I told everyone you were a super penguin and all you've done is make me fall over and look stupid Derrick's right you are a silly fragrant Oh me flute lights off the eyes everyone I better call Fireman south Norman rice is trapped on a burning ice rink with a penguin Norman price is trapped on a burning ice rink with a penguin did he say penguin come on we'll take Jupiter Stanwell back everyone I think we're okay the ice is melting and the water will put out the phone it's an electrical fire Mike water just makes it more dangerous what are we going to do Sam Ellie you turn off the power Arnold you blast the fire with foam what do that Sam I'll get Norman stay calm Norman I'm on my way I think by some skill that week I'll burst but I therefore forget the type of fiber and first I love to rock and I love to swing but the thing I love best [Applause] who knew political violence and bounty flood Norman price on an inflatable bouncy castle Mandy's dad and no one price on an inflatable bouncy castle that's any efficacy [Applause] castle heading north-northwest sir Roger that man we'll be fine Mandy this thing is full of so how can it sing oh no not you again shoot shoot no stop that [Applause] hello Mandy ha Norman oh thank you for your man shop sorry fireman sam but it was that nasty signals fault Norman it was our fault I'd have waited like my dad told us man is right we should have waited sorry Mike well as long as you've learned your lesson remember safety always comes first have just pleased you're both okay and we even saved the bouncy castle oh now I'll have to fix it and blow it up all over again Thank You Norman it's Frankie Mike the first [Laughter] [Applause] we water lilies we'd better call Fireman Sam burst into flames there's a fire at the Lido the froggy fantasy has burst into flames we'll meet you there Arnold will drive Venus and Jupiter down that won't be quick enough Tom you'll need to winch me up to the meeting James stand back everyone Sam we have four James he didn't do his froggy finale he's loved in the changing rooms well how did that happen I wanted to be the star of the show so I glued the door shut I'm really sorry fireman sam I didn't know that was going to be a fire never mind that now Norman we need to rescue him and we haven't got any fire engines here Tom I got a plan I need you back here right now I've had it for the changing rooms but all on fire yet but they soon will be are you ready it's old I James Starbuck I got you don't worry Tom are you ready Ellis okay I got it all lookit true we'll see if everyone but the fire is still burning Tom more water use their hoses to did you come because of my no we saw Mandy's posters what's over the to back Sam should be quite soon too I'll see if Penny's got a visual any sign penny still nothing Sam we hope they're not in any trouble it must be Ben and Hannah they are in trouble and emergency plan has been fired from pontypandy Island an emergency player has been fired from multi Pandy Island [Applause] penny get that room ready Elvis is on his way to search the island I'll sweep the surrounding open [Applause] [Applause] really floated a long way they kept drifting in the current they're searching the island but we're over here nothing pindy Sam they're not on the island they can't be far you keep looking there don't think we're stuck out here do you no way not with Sam and the team looking for us they'll find us how do you how do you how to you the batteries toy cappuccino my get it it was clearly Tom's I'll take that as a no then Joe sparks is trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a submarine that's run out of power I've got the coordinates and he's just off pontypandy island [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] but that isn't sure what's up she's got a food stock what are we going to do we haven't got time to go back and get more diving game I'm going in we've looked everywhere for that Fox hammer I really should be getting back no please Trevor if we don't find him mum will be really cross and if you go we'll never get back you'd be a real hero if you helped us Trevor you got something in your eye Norman I see something red and it's moving it's the Fox no Norman that's a very tall tree let me do it I am chief pioneer remember they just wish I hadn't heard that pork pie for lunch it's not a Fox it's not it's a quite big things all it's time to call Fireman Sam I'm proud to announce radar is 100% happy and healthy I'm still a bit confused Lizzie why has radar been under the weather lately I have no idea rs.10 boy you'll deserve the favorite sake draped know Elvis chocolate can make dogs really ill have you been givin him lots of chocolate treats well no yes maybe a few mystery solved Trevor Evans is hanging on the edge of a cliff patty you and I will go in Venus Elvis : top with the helicopter run that sound go get em boys I see him boy gotcha for it oh dear [Applause] grab hold of the end thanks fireman sam thank you you two need to be a bit more careful oh no we have to deal with that before it spreads where are the beaters the what the floppy shovels you see the thing is we use them as paddles last time we saw them they were floating off down the river I don't care whose fault it was if we can't beat out that fire it's going to spread fast no broken bones it's just badly bruised thank goodness for that what on earth has been going on here we've been getting fit well I hope you had a warm up before you started well I and built up slowly there's a woodland fire near the mill there's a woodland fire near the middle where do you think you'll are going there's no way this crew is fit for duty but there's a fire in the woods I'm afraid sir this is down to us what oh oh yes us yes I'll just get my helmet help will be here very soon there's the rest of the crew sir and it's mainly to Sam but we're here now and ready direction okay then let's get this fire under control you two take the hoses ah I'll start beating this could have been easily dealt with if you boys hadn't lost those floppy shovels in this hot weather it's vital to be able to put out small fires quickly before they spread I should never have left them alone with that cooking stove that's true Trevor what do you think I'm quite impressed actually great a big and wild wild enough for the world man of pontypandy great idea Mandy everyone gather together in front of the bed just wait till the wild men of new town see this shuffle back everyone right that's more like it now everyone say what the Grizzlies we can't the radio is in the 1002 the risky sense out and cold for hell Trevor and I'll get everyone to safety come on kids ha I sure hope that fire doesn't spread to the forest tested Uncle Sam the batteries are fine well done James you've completed the firemen's arm challenge no I just need to finish this Uncle Sam I've spotted something else it is not in the house what is it James that's where the pioneers are I'd better call the station there's a fire on pontypandy mountain [Applause] the forest trails are too small for Jupiter we'll need to take Venus this is intolerable and you have to move somewhere else Reddington I need your help I am going to back up tell me when I need to stop okay sir Vica winter keep going that's because you got to sit in the middle right then who's next okay then room for two more move along now please nothing to see here hey Joe Lizzy look at this he does it Oh what do you think Reddington there's a fire in the tent where they keep in the fireworks there's a fire in the tent weather keeping the fireworks to go up like a rocket there's a fire in the tent where they're keeping the fireworks we need you back here now Sam Roger that sir [Applause] [Applause] everyone those pilots could go off at any moment Mike what if you're done penny you keep the firework boxes hose down I'll tackle the rest of the foil [Applause] I think we might need some new toffee and a new pan I made it so who's ready to play one of my games yeah anything but her make her mummy but so this game is called in the tail on the spook eat hat this is so nice and peaceful Starlin area kitchen is clear station officer Steele has finally given up on the toffee apples yeah he's just that Elvis children's body as the occasion cafe there's a fire at a children's party at the home pitch cafe [Applause] the door is blocked and the children are trapped in the back Elvis you take the homes and I'll get the crowbar and 100% oh no Mandy's been turned into a pot be quiet Norman price sounds like she's a long way down Sam looks like we're heading back to the mountain Sam let's take hydrous [Applause] [Applause] what happened we just heard a scream don't worry I know these caves careful Sam this tunnel sometimes floods it's really dangerous don't worry Mandy I'm coming down you're okay Mundi here's some water okay you're a long way down what do you think penny I can't carry Europe there's no room for us both defeat I've got to find another way what's that noise what's going on down there I can hear Station Officer Steele working on the handcart Oh she'll be growing battey wings by now I'm hanging upside down Oh Mandy but moose is there a map of the caves yeah right here these are the caves they go into the mountain this way and the old mines go into the mountain this way and they get pretty close just where Mandy is trapped all ready to go thanks to two experts it needs two drivers as well who's coming with me you're the one who knows about emergency rescues Norris give him a shout

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  3. Fifa rocks. Very nice Episode. We love Fireman Sam! 😊 Thumb up! Best wishes from Fireman Sam Toys 🚑 🚒 🚨

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  5. RM won yesterday! Did sam scored like Bale! Hehe Karius Big mistake. HalaMadrid!

    Salah out from world cup. I wonder if Sam can replace him. By thhe way how did Fireman Sam knew about world cup? Can someone answer?

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