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  1. Are u saying I can’t shoot a deer with my bow? Cus I may or may not have shot two and a couple rough grouse

  2. Hi guys!
    What do you think about Core Hit?
    I found only one opinion that there is no difference between this Core Hit and Samick Polaris if someone is a total beginner.

  3. Grizzly Jim, thank you for a very informative instructional video on beginning archery.  I was a recurve bow enthusiast from my pre-teens until I enlisted in the military.  I learned everything the hard way, self-taught.  Everything you cover encompasses all the mistakes, and adjustments, I made over my few years as a young beginning archer through my formative years.  Your video really brought back memories of my middle childhood.  –  Bisonwilliam

  4. Ash buddy, What are you dong creating shadows during the video shoot? 😉 It messes with photographers with A.D.D, when they are watching the video. Squirrel! Probably a very small part of your audience. Almost as distracting as having a small 3D target run across the back of the scene. Hint Hint. And don't let Jim push you around too much. Keep up the fantastic video work!

  5. Is this bow from Sandila jandao ( Jandao Crossbow ) ? it seems to be extremely similar in construction, just the branding is different!

  6. You mentioned the common sense approach to safety but it's worth pointing out that a misfired arrow, even from a light weight bow, can travel a long distance and still cause injury or damage so it's really important to consider what is behind the target a standard fence will not provide enough protection from accidents!

  7. do you like "super" medival bows that is just a stock with a string and no arrow rest. but when I say medival I mean not homemade or sheap bows if you no what i mean.
    if you want to understand witch bow I mean just search "horseback archery".

  8. This is the kit that I'm currently saving for, so I hope you don't discontinue it any time soon ❤️

  9. Awesome!
    I have a question though. I shoot a flat bow, is the recurve much different from that? I want to be able to show how to shoot it, but I dont think I should if its different from the flat bow. Thanks!

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