First spring day on the shooting range

First spring day on the shooting range

finally the first day of spring first day it actually feels like spring the Sun is warm there is still plenty of snow around but it feels pretty springy so why not use the nice weather to have some fun okay let's see if the one-handed racking works with this one it seems to be working just fine pretty hot loads of anything worried about the crappy camera set up by the way I'm currently waiting for a replacement camera and the gopro hero2 that I currently borrowed has its problems one of them being that it cannot be mounted to a tripod which is unbelievably irritating anyway lead to this being a rather uncomfortable you well that wasn't it at the entire area for myself I'm used to being alone on the shooting range there are multiple shooting ranges and apparently I'm member of one of the smallest clubs here so I'm typically in fact I cannot remember ever having been on that small range with anybody else present but this time the entire area was completely empty nobody there and that's not really surprising because it's the day before zombie Sunday zombie jesus yay which of course is completely meaningless to me but except for the fact that it's time off and having time off from work is always nice anyway thanks for watching

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  1. Skallagrim, I had asked a short time ago what You thought about HK USP .45 CT. Well I got a HK 45C (compact / tactical). Wow- wow- if You ever get the chance, check it out! Words could never do it justice. (Heckler & Koch!)  

  2. Was thinking the same thing. But maybe you could start a new tradition and creat some kind of plaster crosses as targets? So much more satisfying. LOL

  3. My gun club is ridiculously packed nearly every time I go, there can be 20+ people going on range in a single evening. I'm not sure about the actual numbers of full club members but it seems to be full of people when ever I'm there. And this is in gun phobic Britain, P.s hahaha most of our snow has melted(mind you I like snow so that's a bit stupid).

  4. Oh right, you learn something new everyday, thanks 🙂
    I used to keep reptiles and odd stuff.
    Mostly scorpions, love those little things haha

  5. There's a much better range about as far away on the other side of town. I guess most shooters head that way.

  6. Herping is the act of going looking for so-called herps or herptiles, in other words reptiles and amphibians, with the intent to film or take pictures of them, or to catch them.

  7. I was thinking as much, we tried those cci shotshell things in one before. They still broke clay pigeons at around 2-3m

  8. My club's range is usually completely empty. That's despite the fact that it has multiple shotgun ranges, small bore and large bore rifle ranges, a pistol range and a small "action" range, and despite the fact that about a third of the time slots are reserved by the police. The only time I really see any people there, is when hunting season approaches and people come to refresh their skills and take the necessary shooting tests. I'm fine with that. It lets you do a bit of herping on the side. 😉

  9. That makes a lot of sense. I would imagine it being a HUGE pain in the ass, and am somewhat surprised it is even possible.

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