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  1. What do you think? Would having more real-world education and experience about guns change people's views on gun control?

  2. great job, i loved how you walked them through the process, from questions at a site all the way to the background check, and esp the mental issues debate. when are we going to stop giving up our basic rights?

  3. I like guns just cause… They're guns. I know they're not toys but they sure as hell seem fun to fire.
    I have never shot a real gun but I do want to.
    I have shot airsoft gas guns which ik are very different but i was taught to treat them as real guns and i think i'm ready for the real thing

  4. No one is going to comment on the soundtrack? Remix of Samuel L Jackson saying "say WHAT again"? (From pulp fiction)….. I love it!

  5. .The process should be required for all Democrats.. Maybe if they to go through the purchasing process they might not sound and look so stupid when addressing us aboiut guns and gun laws

  6. Silly women. You don't need a licence for the gun. You need a licence for the baby tracking pistol grip. Common mistake

  7. I think it’s pretty cool they didn’t know anything about it, but were willing to give it a try before they judged it.

  8. When I was in the service and in police training we were trained to shoot at the central mass and to always shoot twice.

  9. I have my ar15 right by me because coyotes or other animals like cougars or hawks have attacked people and pets and personal livestock in my state ever since its been a state (pnw) and i have neihgbors who dont own guns, my town has a few open carry civilians but not enough for everybody's protection for them and their families. So i have a 60 mag w wolf tac. strobe light and multi-spectral dot sight and flash supressor. You are safe if you are near or my immediate area because i have the capability, the know-how, and the training to save or take a life if warrented by the CURRENT SITUATION

    Example: if you, or anybody undeserving, is being hurt or damaged near an open carry citizen.. you just might be kept alive by that stranger and defended by that stranger until law enforcement arrives.

  10. You guys are going about this backwards. Insteading of living in a place where you need a gun, because every criminal you meet has one, why don't you create a world where NO ONE HAS ONE. We did it in Australia. I don't need a gun. Only really gangs and police have them and even then you don't encounter much gun violence. Let me put it this way – you can still own an AR 15 if you want, but we haven't had a massacre in decades and shootings are so rare they break the news to cover each one. No matter how small.

  11. Wow great video. Firearms safety education should be required curriculum for all 12th grade students.

  12. First rule of guns.
    ALL FUNS ARE LOADED ALL THE TIME (this includes finger off the trigger)

    Rule two

  13. I give props to these 2 females. Having an open mind and trying something different. I enjoy your videos brother, keep it up

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