you okay hello everyone I'm so excited to be back with another video this week I actually have two videos that we're going to come out this week but there was two different problems that made that not possible so we're here filming another one nevertheless I'm really excited because whenever filming means I'm trying out something really fun or I guess it's just sending me the exciting with you guys and today is just like that because I've got a behind the camera so you'll be seeing a lot of today he wants been finished building the intro but I'm holding here a neck rope with this reason where I'm holding it well it's actually doesn't want to that rope but there's a reason I'm holding it it's because today I want to try neck rope with my voice for the very first time so we're gonna see how that goes I'm not sure if we're gonna actually be able to successfully do it and get there but I'm confident enough in chase that if I put a saddle on and I take the bridle off and I have a rope I can have some sort of control obviously we're gonna be testing that out first so we're gonna be starting off the bridle and the neck rope and we're going to be doing a few steps to see if we can end the video on neck rope and how that kind of all goes so we're gonna go get em we've had I think everybody in the Netherlands has had 40 degree days so this is a first they said make your so dramatic two days of warm weather here now that was that everybody's died but we finally have a day where it's cool enough to actually do something so we're gonna be trying out neck rope today for the very first time we chase you can all so everybody say hello to Ava she's also need she'll be joining us in helping me today because Ava's also the neck rope Queen herself as you guys might know from her several videos with millions of views she is amazing with neck rope and all these kind of things that have to do with Liberty so I'm gonna be definitely asking Ava lots of questions as she's gonna be helping but the first thing we have to do is get this horse now let's walk and talk otherwise we're never gonna get okay so here's been really hot so Chase has been sweating notes over all the horses have been just sweating non-stop for the past like three days so he might need a quick wash before we do anything because I did see the state of him when he came out of the stable this morning and it was not pretty so we might have to give him a really quick wash McAfee kind of like we did stuff but it's kind of hard to do something when you're forty pretty walk from the kitchen to the like to the freezer to get ice cream then we walk back that's all I need to hold on best trying to hang on there's like take me with you this is how everything is looking here at home the mower broke so I was only able to count half the grass which is you know me that's just that's the worst OCD thing that can ever happen but these are the ponies are all doing well on Tarzan macho are over here and then we have the other three gang over there and then we have these two fields have been seeded and stuff with lots of this is something we were not going to discuss but chase is looking really good and Chase has been doing really well lately he did have like a few days of like a slight a lameness but I think it was like an abscess that was coming on and it's now passed and it's all good again but he's losses when to call almost all of it you know Neela August but it's fine and he's doing much better so I'm excited to do something with him today it's gonna be fun I know a lot of you guys have also been missing him so it's nice back on the channel here he is he knows he knows he's he's ready yeah we have always kind of a lot of flies to you in the summer but it's kinda like we're the only animals kind of around this so all the Flies come here yeah but we'll spray them I've got some good spray when we try this time dad every time does this camera something weird happens wait let me just examine the damage but the the bad thing about chases that he's got super sensitive skin so if he sweats for like one minute he starts to rub everything straight away like his tail as you can see that's a little bit rub right there so we're gonna have to just give him a bit of a disgusting you know we'll give him a good wash but I think overall his body's looking kind of good the weights not as heavy anymore the coats coming in he just needs a bit of a wash but we'll do that where you jump on yeah before we go necro ready yeah but it's initially almost autumn chase hurry up come on but all of us have been struggling I feel like it's also been struggling specially the shetland because at one point I feel like it wasn't me or something it was 25 degrees during the day and then at night it was – – like how are the horses Mexico I don't know I feel like the world is collapsing slowly but as long as the videos doing good we're good yeah we are if you will oh we have to yeah I'm also excited to just watch him and get him pretty before we start doing the video itself like washing the car yeah so to see that you just wait watch the wall to be used to wash because we watched bear like two days ago embarrassed super Shan also emits just spray on the boy chase oh it does really make a lot of difference the myth is a good idea well be back in five minutes chasing them or will check up how is joy this is the water I was telling them about oh okay so chase back he's clean he's completely dry as you guys can see he still has a little bit of like a winter coat that's coming off you can see kind of like that's okay at least he's nice and creamed ass we've got and that's clean horse to work with no no no it doesn't match maybe this one and the mat really matter the green the dressage saddle might give you a little bit more support if he does run yeah I'm not saying he will I don't think so but if he does I will not stop filming because these things go viral if you fall great if you fall just save yourself I'll film it we can put it in slow motion no no of course like if you break something I'll stop filming but it could also be like a money shot a little bit you say don't you that the Sun is just sliding it look like you have no don't know we have a product to make the saddle sticky maybe invented mat hona he stick to saddle your horse product sticker do it will do with your wheel mats take a doodle-doo yes because we have to think without reins so if we start without the neck rope immediately if he's used to having like aids through the reins as well then we have to do it with the bridle and the neck rope first and then if you feel like he's responsive to the leg into your seat that we can try and just like take it off I'll Matt your whole back is wet waiting but anyways so first the bridle and the neck rope and then if it goes well and he responds well that we can we can just maybe even only take the reins off for good measure just to feel like he still has a Bradlaugh yeah that feels weird because of what if he runs that I can still grab him by the head I don't think he will though but like no you are just sighs right II you right with your seed mister you better show it though this is this is the reveal does he or does he not a dates really as invisible as they say they are gonna grab my helmet I wish I'd bought a protector yes and then we're gonna head down up with the bridle on and then what we won't ask anything too hard of him like we're all gonna ask for anything except for we want to focus on today so we'll ask for though it's only a walk it doesn't matter like let's just today asked war just list him listening to the stop and hopefully the turning as well I think it's a little bit the same as like I don't much sure because I don't do it but I feel like it's a little bit the same as question riding because he also do a lot seated everything sure less with the reins and I feel like that's a little bit of the basis here okay cowboy Carnegie get your cab with it as well have you ever tried this no right I've only tried neck rope on Mike and Dora and then have you know the ones in Mike though oh my god he went down he went down like a rocket because in Dora which is yes his old horse she's I just started galloping in the arena and yes it tries like jump in front of her to like stop her and obviously Annie was galloping as she went by and then I was galloping and I went all the way down to the other end and then I was like okay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fall in the wall so I let myself fall before that but it was still it was funny I landed well and it was fine but so that's a good start that's the feeling that we get on chase today this is this is good okay wait wait maybe maybe maybe let's put this on yeah yeah he needs to feel it okay feel like it's really important to already incorporate the piece of tech that you want to work with the end I mean it's it's different for everybody it doesn't really matter I always hope the leather but it doesn't matter you won't hurt him or anything with both sides okay try already to like steel a lot with your legs think Western well I think the most the two most important things especially with the horses never done it before is maybe try to steer obviously and stop so what you can try and focus on this making little circles left and right and try in between yes exactly and try in between that to control your tempo so sometimes maybe a little bit slower maybe a little bit faster good and try to be very confident in your age so don't be like oh my god this is my first time I don't know what to do just just pretend that you know everything yeah really good and don't be afraid if you a lot of people think that if you pull a little bit harder that you will suffocate your horse that you will hurt them but it's definitely not the case unless you put it behind the jaw and that's not yes yeah we work really well really good good boy chase look at where you're going for sure usually with one unless I do like a lot of dressage work then I do it with you huh yeah it depends on what you're doing really good it's a J's yeah do it a lot with your seeds good really good day you were a little bit more clear in the end I mean don't wait for ten minutes before he stops if you want him to stop then he has to stop and if that means you have to be a little bit more strict but but honest and do it good boy chase yeah good just pretend that used to live the range to work with oh my god this is good Matt this was a good one yes because it's the same as giving your leg all the time if you keep pushing your leg even though you're already going faster then it doesn't really have a point if you keep pulling even though it's already responding that it also doesn't really benefit you're trying to come my way good bye Jay yeah it's really good did you sponsor it's not that at all yes and again you know him and we are together now she just do your thing and do what you feel like walking shop might be for a lot of people a little bit too quick but with you I know that you've trained him well yeah he's already willing to go to walk again that's good ok now take him to yeah ah ha specific perfect yes oh my god he's eager oh really good okay that's good and try to walk oh okay now that's what you need first a good break and some kind of a steer make like eight make an eight yeah no walk first in short what do you mean and don't and don't hit the sides try to stay off the sides okay dude and shot yeah you can make it slightly bigger don't want to push it too much this is a nice shot really good take it easy not too fast yeah better yes focus on your seeds a lot and your weight and it looks really good Matt okay that's good oh wow good okay yes of course you still have a bridle on what kid you wouldn't okay kiss easy don't just quicken the pace yes oh wow the break is they're really good Matt thank you oh my god yes you are ready yeah good I guess suits yeah that's good Oh bless him yeah she'd be good maybe maybe just the rains first so that he still has something in his mouth and maybe things that you still have the rains case you better behave mama can't catch him okay so we try everything we did again yes just like exactly exactly don't make it too hard no not the blankets off you're supposed it looks very weird seeing you like soaked up boys and girls if you get bored don't fold this advice just take it easy usually when you get bored is where you get tested oh my gosh so weird Yas mad oh my god so wierd but so good such a J's I try to aim but I want to see it in real life oh my god he's off he's off oh my god haha yah horsey then get ready Wow okay the bridle is doing no good okay now back to walk and walk I feel like the bridle is x5 it's such the bridles dead white we don't need you ready I'm ready and look at me I'm also going to take the famous bonnet everything will be stashed at one quick snatch we're going to happen it's off it's okay gonna happen boy he likes to free them already what do I put this okay Matt exactly and that's why people should make small steps because even for you now you're not doing anything really different but it's so different so you take that in consideration just take your time even when to take years don't push it train everything first with a bridle even if it's bit less or a bit and then when you feel comfortable enough of the aid so well well done are you already trotting I mean that's the spirit Oh I mean that's weird my days oh my god Soviet net hey stop oh my god you're ready I say can't appear at that's exactly the liberties where it gets you oh my god ease up yeah so good Matt I'm so proud yeah wow I'm getting spared widespread Stedman I just have to figure it out for yourself whatever feels comfortable I think – feels more the same as when you ride with reigns so for your feeling that might be better oh my God look at you go oh my god Oh bless him you did it oh look at the comeback chase good boy you do get really well with your seat as well that's so weird to see you like this kill for you so strange but also so good it's also so fun to do something different and like I feel home because like when you Sobrato you can like really help them not lean or do anything like you can assist so much more in a way yeah I'm sure you can also do it this way but it has to go over sit a little bit different but I can feel him that he's kind of like I'm the passenger now I'm sorry happy for you did so well yeah me too and maybe also the tip of the day for everybody that's watching this if it goes good and if you're excited and we if you're happy to stop because usually where you feel like oh my god I'm gonna do one more can see you fly off or they'll just balk or whatever yeah try to suppress that feeling it just stuck while you're on your highest point instead of like China push your way through it it's get more exactly let's take the good yeah that's true really good really good are you expecting this no I mean in a way like I know he's well trained and I know he listens to you don't know he's a very sweet horse but but at the same time Chase has also got a very big dominant personality he likes to change to take charge sometimes he likes you can really shut off and likes not to listen also sometimes but you never really know until you try but today he was very very very good and you're very sweet little I rub huh took you but I'm really walking a little bit more than a lot and then I'll bring him up I did a little pass so you did a little pass oh okay kiss okay so I got the bridal we took some photos as well but I'm so impressed because the first time even though you're like a high level dressage rider like a jumper the first time is always I wouldn't say scary but like you're missing the reins you're missing a form of contact that you know you use a lot and now that he did that especially with Chase being what he said dominant and everything Jayce was so good and he really enjoyed the freedom but he didn't abuse it and so he took it easy by walking first and he took it easy by using the bridle first using the reins first and after a while he felt that he was comfortable enough to take it off and really where you do this when you decide to ride your horse with a neck rope or even bitless take someone with you that can look after you that can check if it's all going well if it's going well stop you don't want to like write for 15 minutes just because you want to take the perfect photo to perfect video it's not gonna be worth it he did one step wrong he didn't even try didn't even use the freedom I think he was just really happy to do something and you were also really happy because all you did with maybe some of you would like to consider and try in the right circumstance with your horses as well I know to chase it was also really big challenge on how much I use my see how much I use my legs so this is something that potentially can help a lot of you guys if you are alone that an idea can be that somebody is lunging your horse and you have a neck rope so then somebody's always still in control of your horse that could be an idea if you're alone but either way please be safe with this it is something that can be very very dangerous and it can't go wrong very quickly even for me and my horse know each other very well but I hope you guys did enjoy the video and we will catch you on next week's video okay all right do you miss there – hey


  1. You have control of Chase because you have control of yourself/your own body. Hope others watching notice that.

  2. Chase is such a good and beautiful horse. You have done wonders with him. Did not appreciate Eva screaming at him "good boy Chase" from the side lines. A little harsh for Chase. She probably could not go without a bridle on her horse so she got over zealous with your performance. I am sure Chase got the vibe and thought "calm down girl" LOL.

  3. I loved this video I've trained my horse completely tackles and I'm like I wish my mare was as good as chase😂

  4. Keep doing it. it’s so fun to watch and it’s better for your horse bits are bad for horses so I’m proud

  5. This is awesome. I didn't realize I was so lucky to have such a great horseback riding teacher who would teach her students for 3 months straight on "using your legs". We had to just use our legs and shift our weight and then graduated to a neck rope to do simple dressage moves, to the point where we were doing flying lead changes within weeks. We we went back to a simple bit, our habit was to use our legs and shift weight. My horse was soooo much more responsive.

    I miss riding, I miss my teacher, may she rest in peace.

  6. That horse is eager to learn and go forward. Such a pleaser. <3 I understand why you love him so much.

  7. Chase is such a gorgeous horse. I love watching all your videos. Thank you for posting them. Next time, you should try no bridle and no saddle. 🙂

  8. Awww 💙💙💙 chase is so cute. He’s listening to you so attentively with his ears. You both have something special together.

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