First time shooting the Mandarin Duck Phantom 56" Takedown Recurve Bow

First time shooting the Mandarin Duck Phantom 56" Takedown Recurve Bow

hi this is a my first time at the Fayetteville archery park I am trying out my new bow the mandarin duck phantom 56 inch 50 pound pull give it sort of a review but this is my first time shooting a bow in well since I was in Boy Scouts about 25 years ago I was a kid now shooting a fiberglass boat so I'm going to shoot down on the 10-yard reigns is the shortest one here so far I already took a few shots and think is alright I tend to aim high I think that's normal so I got to remember it aim low but let's see let's see how I do with a camera on me I was aiming right here so I know not bad for my first time shooting I think but I'm going to keep practicing anyway as far as the review for the bow goes I I don't know if the video was able to pick up the sound but it seemed to be pretty quiet wasn't a really twangy I heard a little bit of string noise again I'm not somebody that really knows how much noise should make but it had a little bit of twang but it really didn't seem noisy to me I definitely think that I need to get some notes are called finger protectors gets a little sore after a while that was only maybe my I think was like this that was the fifth round of shots that I took so after five five rounds of six arrows skips a little slower but not bad but I think I am going to get one of those leather covers for my fingers I don't think I need a protective arm band I haven't hit my arm so I guess that's good anyway so if I end up posting this online and you watch this video I hope it wasn't a complete boring waste of time and I hope it was informative for somebody okay bye

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  1. Hell no mate you didnt bore us at all you did a pretty solid review of the bow and for someone who hasnt gone archery shooting for 20yrs i think you said you have some damn good shot placement pretty accurate and based around where your aiming good job

  2. It looks like you have that bow set up for shooting off the shelf, it’s normally recommended not to use arrows with plastic vanes, use feathers instead.

    If you want to use plastic vanes an actual arrow rest might help.

  3. I been looking at the same bow, I been looking for a beater/shtf take down bow, and this looks like a good option. Would like to see an updated video on it when you can spare the time. πŸ™‚

  4. This is a good video! Also, you were part of why I actually bought a Mandarin Duck Phantom bow, as a fellow beginner (also, bought a finger tab….and arm guard, because I have hyper extended elbows and did manage to catch my arm several times!)

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