it happens every game a questionable call makes you start thinking the game is rigged especially when it goes against your team most of the time this is just banter or reaction to emotion as replay as hell police bad calls but not entirely and then there are moments when you say to yourself this is definitely fixed and though many will say you should go take off your tinfoil hat and stick to holding fast that the world is flat sometimes you will get actual confirmation that a game was rigged it's rare but most of the time it's putting together the circumstances adding up the shadiness and letting people know we aren't stupid so here are the 5 most blatantly rigged moments in sport get ready to smash some TVs number 5 1972 Olympic gold medal basketball game this game really pisses me off and I wasn't even born when it happened in 1972 in Munich the worst Olympics ever the world was on stage and the world showed how little progress was made on pretty much all front and is having athletes taken hostage and being murdered wasn't bad enough rigging gold medal game certainly wasn't out of the IOC s purview now was it the Americans led by college kids like Doug Collins had cruised to the gold medal game and faced the Soviet team who were basically professional throughout the game the Soviets received favorable calls and pretty much led the entire game until with three seconds left trailing by one Doug Collins got bailed hard as he went to the basket and here's where the rigging started Collins would make the first free throw simple all tied up then during his second free throw a horn sounded from the scores table as Collins shot it went in but the Russians claimed that they had called timeout it wasn't granted the Russian seeing that the timeout had not been granted and bounded the ball and then played was stopped with one second because the wining Russian bitch ran to the scorer's table even though the game should have been ending with live play somehow the play was officially stopped and the Russians were not assessed a technical foul then it was decided that no timeout would be granted and the score was 5150 US then William Jones a Brit and official who had no authority over the game came down from the sidelines and demanded that the game clock be reset to three seconds and the Russians get another chance to inbound then play resumed and the Russians couldn't get a shot off and time expire but wait the little bitches at the scorer's table couldn't get to clock reset properly and once again for a third time the Russians got a chance to win the game this time of course the Russians finally sunk their basket and I'm sure if he missed another foul would have happened or that bitch William Jones would have made up another rule to give the Russians to win to this day the US team has refused to accept their silver medals having won the game twice it's all good though we won the Cold War and stuff and this happened number four nakisha sales breaks uconn scoring record this one you've probably never heard of but you should have in 1998 nakisha sales of the UConn women's basketball team was one point shy of breaking her team's career scoring record until she suffered a season-ending injury rather than just chalking things up to some bad luck head coach Geno Auriemma concocted a scheme to get her the record in cahoots with the Villanova head coach sales was allowed to enter a game mind you basically on crutches get the ball handed to her underneath the basket and lay it in for the record I guess that's kind of cool if you like your bullshit extra steamy and imagine if this would happen in the men's game what kind of mockery and spectacle that was we have created but oh this was the women's game in 1998 and just like the WNBA you've never heard of this incident number 3 2002 NBA Western Conference Finals Game six in 2002 the NBA needed a boost and the Lakers going for a three-peat what Kobe Bryant was just what they needed the problem was a small market team from Northern California was ruining their plan the Sacramento Kings had assembled a gritty tough lineup that featured Chris Webber and Mike Bibby with veterans like vlade divac's and Scott and they jumped out to an amazing 3-2 lead on the Lakers and looked very good at doing so in fact the Lakers look like they got punched in the mouth until game 6 when the Lakers literally got all the call particularly in the fourth quarter as they shot 27 free throw and all of the Sacramento players were in foul trouble the game was laughable even worse it was on Sacramento's home floor Tim Donaghy the ref who was convicted of rigging games says the game was rigged though there has never been any hard evidence of that were not stupid number two the 1919 Black Sox scandal sometimes we get to speculate about whether something was six and then sometimes we know for sure and in 1919 the World Series was rigged harder than all of the carnival games combined in the ultimate fu to their owner chief skate Charlie Comiskey the 1919 White Sox decided to not only tank in the World Series but also get paid for it and that's what they did but like any racket people run their mouths and a grand jury launched an investigation and now there's this amazingly boring movie about it called eight men out and if you want the rest of the story just go watch that and bring your pillow because your insomnia will be cured number one Roy Jones jr. getting hose back to the Olympics the most tilted organization in the world these guys make FIFA look like the freaking Boy Scouts in 1988 the IOC put a gun to Roy Jones juniors head and literally stole his gold medal from him at least that's what his fight with parks he who looked like all Jones did was pummel parks face like two guys banging a post into the ground for three straight rounds I watched this fight live when I was a kid and couldn't believe Parkhead had not flown out of the ring a serious beatdown +2 standing eight counts left no doubt in anyone's mind who the winner was until the ref said that Park was the winner and no Steve Harvey was not the rep Park stunned and either unaware that the outcome had been rigged or started to feel really guilty about the whole thing lifted up Jones and tried to console him even he knew this with some bullshit of course Jones would go on to become one of the greatest middleweight ever well part became a PE teacher never turning pro ah the Olympics where people get robbed for real agree with my list they got left any off don't forget to Like comment or subscribe and as always on five points vid and you made it to the end of this video


  1. They referenced the Sales incident on King of the Hill once. It was when Bill Dauterive's TD record was about to be broken by Ricky Suggs, then he got hurt just before the record could be broken. The next game, he went in on crutches and both teams gave him a hole so wide you could of drove a Cat 797 through there. He even fumbled the ball and the defender gave the ball to him and what not. After the TD, the PA said they were carrying him for the 2 pt conversion, and then there was something about allowing the opposing team to have a TD given to them. But Hank was pissed off, and I mean pissed off the rest of the episode and they got Bill on the team to tie the record, which resulted in Ricky Suggs crying for asterisk to be attached to Bill's name. It was hilarious.

  2. While these are just games, a good rigged moment in sports history is the 1985(?) nba draft lottery when the knicks’ envelope was allegedly put in a freezer so the commish would wait to draw the envelope, giving the knicks the first overall pick who was Patrick ewing

  3. Yeah that women's college record was bullshit lol, so many times in men's pro sports a player comes a game or two from breaking a record or a circumstance stops them from doing it but you know what…..tough shit lmao life isn't fair. Like Mario lemieux getting 199 points in one season and could have been the second person to get a 200pt season but tough shit lol, maybe one of the other teams should have just let him score or get an assist so he got 200 lmao fucking girls and they wonder why their sports aren't taken as serious.

  4. Want to find out just really how badly sports are rigged?

    This book has been forced from print on numerous occasions, but is now part of the Forbidden Bookshelf series. Read, “Interference” by Dan Moldea. It will blow your mind.

  5. Brett Farve( green Bay Packers) let Michael Strahan(new York Giants) get a sack to break the sack record.

  6. You display your childishness by using the word bitch. What's with you young guys and the word bitch. I don't get it.

  7. Why isn’t Michael Strahan sack of Brett farve included?
    If you going put that chick scoring hurt in there, Strahan was worse.
    And biggest robbery yes was Roy Jones, I remember watching and thinking wtf just happened

  8. Dude really threw the Lakers Sac in there yeah somebody's still butt hurt. Guess the refs allowed Horry to drain that three as well. Lol

  9. Both Carolina Panthers super bowls were rigged imo. I haven't watched any sports whatsoever since I realized that these games are only entertainment, like wrestling, and are predetermined as to who will win. I have a lot more free time nowadays though and I'm much more productive around the house than before.

  10. You forgot when the refs handed Ohio State university a national championship by cheating the university of Miami hurricanes I believe it was in 2000 but I'm not sure. And yes Maurice claret is still living under a bridge somewhere in Ohio.

  11. Yea you left out the 2013 NFC championship game. Look up the video on you tube showing all the bull [email protected] that happened in that game. All I am going to say is running into the kicker!

  12. I was expecting world sports but this is basically an American video with no understanding of the world beyond USA. It was enjoyable all the same but I've seen a few of these sorts of videos and all of them have one thing missing, the word "American" in the title. I think America are the only nation to play baseball professionally and the Russians only play basketball to try and beat the Americans. They're two non sports to the rest of the world, same as American football.

  13. I was ok with this even though I thought there were many others that could be there in the top 5. I do give you credit for including the obvious dishonesty of the NBA by making it absolutely positive that the Sacramento Kings were totally robbed of the tournament win by the refes just blatantly giving the games to the Lakers for a better Final series. Lots of reasons but the worst of all was the assault on Bibby in the back court which robbed the Kings of their title and ticket. HOWEVER, then I noticed that the publishing date of this story is on June 19, 2017 and you ignored completely the absolute ROBBERY of a trip to the Super Bowl by the New Orleans Saints, as the whole world was watching the obvious ignoring of the interference call on the Rams with under two minutes left in the game and two officials right there who ignored the blatant obvious pass interference call which would have given the Saints the ball inside the 5 yard line with two minutes left and all they had to do was take a few knees and kick a field goal closer than 10 or 12 yards. The NFL would much rather have the Pats and the Rams's markets in the Super Bowl, so have a nice ride back to New Orleans fellas. Even the offending player on the Rams who was in on the play and interfered with the receiver but no call. Except maybe for the one to the NFL offices prior to the game. Blatantly rigged moment? Ya think?

  14. the reason it's called the black sox scandal is because the white sox owner refused to pay the team's laundry so they took a fall to get paid.

  15. The 2001 september rumble in nyc was another rigged game you forgot to include. Zionist Williams had a big day. Took MVP home that day. Some of Zion's big plays should have been challenged. It's like the announcers had a script Zion wrote himself for them to read. Lol. It was like a globetrotters game. The Washington general's lost, but really were just actors. They knew the globetrotters had to win, and their job was to make them look good. The Generals get paid to lose. I heard Zion was a monica Lewinsky imitator. When Hightower fell , #33 danced and celebrated. I say we quit watching them completely. Was anybody reading this at that game? It's the opposite of wilt's 100 point game, everybody claims to not have been at it. But if you were there I'd love to hear how it was live

  16. I am just interested where are the facts that it was rigged and just because you’re national team lost in a basketball game to events that might look/be suspicious doesn’t let you calling people little bitches left to right.

  17. Never mentioned that irish boxer at the Olympic who battered his opponent to shreds and got voted against him by judges.he literally called out amateur boxing officials and called them multiple profanities on live tv

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