Fix a Leaning Fence – Cheap and Easy

Fix a Leaning Fence – Cheap and Easy

[Applause] okay this project we're gonna call it save a leaning fence and what we have here is a leaning fence but the main object is to get it straight and both parties don't want to pay a bunch of money to replace it now maybe in the future so we are just gonna make it straight so the budget doesn't call for a lot of money so there's some different methods we can use we can break up the concrete on these cyclone posts and then reap or restrain but then we'll have to disconnect these panels and then reconnect them make sure it's all strained in line but that ends up costing more labor than they're willing to pay so we've all you know as business owners been in a situation where they want more than what they're willing to pay for so we're gonna make the best of both worlds and what I'm thinking to do is dig a little in front of these concrete bases here and then we're gonna pull it and then we're gonna use some crushed lava rock and act it'll act like a crushed stone where they use those in like railroad tracks and bases for foundations it packs really well makes a solid construct as an aggregate so so we're gonna take this lava rock that she has the customer has on the side of the house and they don't want it anymore because they hate walking on it they hate looking at it and instead of paying money to dispose of it they're working dirt way is to be a little resourceful so we're gonna see if we can make this work there nice good chunks and we're gonna pack those around this once we get it straight enough and we're gonna loosen these brackets on top once we know right before we're leaning it and then once it's straight where you want it we'll refasten them because right now they've kind of worked and settled into a position that would we would probably be fighting if we kept them all fast and still so it should be fun I already did some of the digging got rid of the sweat and now I got to do a little more so stay tuned the tools used for this are gonna be a nice long crowbar with a tamper on the end of it and then traditional crowbar it's like four and a half feet thick and then a hoe and then of course your guns okay we've used a small little trench shovel to get the small crumbs around the post base but they're dug out now about eight inches deep do you even use like a shop vac to suck out the small crumbs which you know cuz it's hard to get down in there and so now we're ready to put in the lava rock which is gonna act like our 3/4 crushed stone so as you can see they're nice and big which is what you want so they can interlock and not move around as if they were like sand or small pebbles and then we have our post vertical we'll get it just right maybe use a brace to hold it there while we pack the rock in and these you can find at Home Depot or Lowe's which are your post levels so there we go and we loosen the tops so that the defense can adjust while we get it straight and let's see how it goes [Applause] okay we just have a little bit more to add but as you can see it's working really well the top might look just a little loose but when you hit the top and you're tamping really hard it's gonna vibrate just the top but the bottom layers are very packed in there I would do a little on the back and a little on the front keep checking in the level and as you can see we are level so yes just a back and forth about two or three times adding a little bit and a little bit to each side not all at once or you'll screw yourself so that's the way we're doing it alright as you can see we got the dirt on top of the rock and then wetted it so impact a little nicer and get it solid and then for the shake test cuz I know you guys are wondering it's solid like a rock the wiggling is as you can see the hole it's not that thick of a pull strong enough for a fence but it's not moving the base as you can see the base is pretty solid alright

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  1. How do you repair a fence, after its fully built and aged 5years, when the fence post were not set straight. The frame is coming apart, and leaning.

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