30 Replies to “Fixing a Fence Using Only Pliers”

  1. Slick! I had to use my hands to just do this repair. Hard not to pull the corner posts out of the ground when I use my hands though. Lol

  2. Don't think iv ever had just a set of fencing pliers.
    Not a big fan of temporary fixes either.
    More than one way to kill a cat thow.

  3. Tim, nice video! I've used fencing pliers in Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming and once visiting Australia – sure do miss folks down under, mate!

  4. And my 2 cents worth, don't by cheapo ones from a surplus outlet, you will be amazed at how much better a set of good ones will do all they can do, central BC guy, my area channel lock brand, now probably about 40 bucks, about the same as 3 packs of smokes, but they will out last you, specially if you keep smokin

  5. Great video Tim one tip I tell my clients is on the tops of the wooden posts tap a staple in half way do this every few posts and especially on the h braces so if your in that situation and you've lost the staple and don't have your tool box with you then there is always a staple close by.
    I hope you find that tip useful

  6. That's a nice clever idea but my technique works better and I don't even have to cut the wire but thanks for sharing

  7. My Gosh….I found the old fencing pliers I have about 20 years ago,and,have NEVER known how to use them,{apart from as a dodgy hammer down the paddock!} Now they will become an important,usable tool for emergency repairs. Great demonstration. Yup,I too am paranoid about bits,and,pieces being left on the ground,and,usually shove them in the little tool box on the back of the 4 wheeler,which gets a cleanout every couple of months. Love your videos. Super hints never go astray.

  8. Here's my tip: NEVER be tempted to drop or throw used staples and bits of wire on the ground. The old ranchers who worked in my area (central British Columbia) were slobs and left debris everywhere, and as a result the cattle ended up with hardware disease. For non-ranchers, that's when livestock accidently eat metal bits while grazing. Those bits accumulate until the animal is in need of a veterinarian.
    I've been on my land for ten years now, and I'm STILL finding staples, rusty barbed wire, cans, pieces of T-bar posts, you name it. Some folks just had no pride in their ranching.
    Great video! I'm going to try your trick tomorrow.

  9. Thanks! Never used fence pliers for tensioning fence. Could save s lot of time. Got a couple miles of 4 strand fence to mend this week. Should be a good chance to practice

  10. In the USA we use wire gauge here. Can you tell me what gauge is that wire you used. You said 2.5mil. Thanks

  11. I’ve been using that tool for months and never noticed the bottom grip you used. Good tips as always, keep up the good work 👍

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