Fixing the front fence # 2 .

Fixing the front fence # 2 .

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  1. The whole world is with you Mitch….so search out that good woman and stick to your plans when you decided to go there. I promise you…if you stay calm and patient, you will find that diamond and go on to be the happy man that I know you will be. You have your lovely base there with your beautiful farm and if you give up now you will never create something as lovely as that again. Stick with it brother. From what I've seen in the videos of the last few days…keep them fine other expats by your side. I know you have loads of stress right now, but I truly feel that they are with you all the way. That surely is great, when you feel so isolated as you have felt these last months. Stick in there and find that lovely true partner. You have been stung, as I have myself over the past 12 years by my two previous scamming filipina's, but I stuck in there and found the best person I ever known in my whole life, in my Joanne from Lopez Lucina….Sooo you, as me have to now make it "Third-time LUCKY"…find her and enjoy your great life and what you have there.Terence, Brian, the wives + and other expats in your close community are good people and know the pitfalls, but I can see that they are truly with you….Treasure them and keep them close!

    I like to believe your weight loss is from your heavy recent stress. There is nothing worse than being taken for a ride by a woman…but two in succession is unbearable and what with money issues living in another land…I cannot imagine. Keep feeding yourself correctly and see the doctors. I am confident YOU WILL "SURVIVE"..

    Good Luck MATE!! ..Don from Bristol UK.

  2. Lol Mitch if U gonna stay there U can also plant those mean thorn bushes along that fence line that's what a lot of Apple farmers n watermelon farmers do here!!

  3. A fence is only as good as the strainer posts, I think that one needs a little work lol. Everyone to their own way but I usually strain from the end Mitch, with a short wire to the strainer with a loop to feed the long wire through, round nose fencing pliers help but not essential. Just my 2 cents worth, Im not expert fencer either

  4. Brian bought banana trees for 20 Paso's each n a government program is going to pay him for every tree he plants!! Seems like a good deal to me!!

  5. hi mitch I'm your new subscriber…stay strong it's a trial ok?don't give up god have a good plans for you..always pray for him…take care always and god bless

  6. Doing great updating your chanel daily makes you busy and makes you keep moving.. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Good on you Mitch, back to your usual self and fixing stuff. Keep in there mate. Hope things will turn out ok for you going forward. It was nice that Micheal (NZ) Terence and Brian having a brain storming session with you to help with the situation. They are full of wisdom, people. Good to have friends like them around over there. The Filipino cultures and Aussie cultures are totally different . It takes time to get use to, All the best mate….Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oui! Oui! Oui! go! go! go!

  8. Hi it's 3:30 am. I'm in Florida and I'm watching you fix your fence, I'm happy to see you have help. Best of luck πŸ˜…

  9. Where do u get ur labor, he works be so sloooow, no wonder u said people are lazy, they are, so ur prob is how to earn money? Dont u hav pension, dollars spent in the Philippines is enough, if living alone, maybe, lessen ur expenditure, feeds for livestock is expenssive, also maintenance of pigs, perhaps fishpen is enough, sell the rest and portion of ur property to alfred

  10. Well done Mitch , I think there's no need to have partner or husband or wife if only give headaches but time is a good healer for sure.

  11. Hi Mitch this a good idea I did this in my small property in Philippines long time ago my when my neighbour stealing my Kabir chickens . I got an electrician to connect a bit volts of electricity every time where out and in the night I witch on. But I don't know the government regulations now in Philippines if it's still legal.

  12. Blessings Mitch Stay Strong Brother, do the best you can to keep your Farm I really will like to see you keep your farm it seams you have wonderful foreigner friends that do care for you, so listen to their advice, you have a beautiful place I wrote a comment for you on Brian"s channel keep up the good work and keep them videos coming i always love to watch them, Bless you Brother,

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