Flatworms Penis Fencing!!!

Flatworms Penis Fencing!!!

Leslie Newman and the shape of life photographic team have set up a special tank to film a flatworms unique mating behavior time rolling Cimmeria heads up and look around Debit but they're okay hands out of the way there he goes things are gonna do it now I say once approaching the other one and it's rearing up you can see it you can see it it's going it's going it's go step okay oh he's rearing up we may never know what the first animal courtship was like but these flatworms can show us how even simple animals add their own twist for them sex is more like war than love it's known as penis fencing and the worms are the swordsman from the midsection of each flatworm double daggers for truth each dagger is actually a penis the first one who can make a successful jab delivers its sperm about this violent sex can last up to an hour and leave gaping holes in the body of the loser sperm can be injected anywhere on the skin where it's then absorbed the losing flatworm must then bear the burden of motherhood committing valuable resources to having offspring soon after the designated mother will release the young and prepare for yet another brutal round of penis fencing

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  1. according to Ms. Leslie Newman's book (with Glen Cannon) on flatworms, this is known as "intradural hypodermic insemination." her text has some discrepancies with the narration (as i understand it). here is the quotation: "When two sexually aroused flatworms approach one another, they slowly glide and touch, and then rear up, raising the front half of their body. The muscles around the copulatory structures are tensed and the penis, armed with a hypodermic-like hard stylet, is thrust out of the underside of the body and directed toward the partner. Then with deliberate motions each tries to stab its penis into the body of the partner–any part of the body. With short, stabbing motions, each worm thrusts its penis stylet into the soft epidermis of its partner and injects a white bundle of sperm. They may do this repeatedly until each bears multiple stab wounds and white blisters of foreign sperm. Then they lower their bodies, retract their penis stylets and glide apart." the narration seems to imply a "winner" and "loser" with a single insemination, which confuses me (as in a comment below about possible simultaneous IHI)

  2. There isn't really a guarantee for consensus in the animal kingdom. There are primitive scorpions that just dump their load on the floor wherever they go, and the female runs into it and ewps, pregnant.

  3. They don't become female. They're hermaphrodites: males and females simultaneously with both penises and the capacity to get pregnant. Once they give birth, they can go back to normal non-pregnant business, like penis fencing.

  4. Reproducing is expensive in terms of energy cost, so technically the loser is the flatworm that has to bear the burden of reproducing. Even though it becomes pregnant, it is still a hermaphrodite. This means that the next time it is battling, it could win and therefore not have to reproduce.

  5. wait does it turn back into a male after giving birth? Because they said it will have to penis fence again… and why am I so curious about this??

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