Flipping 50'S Summer Circuit Training Exercises

Flipping 50'S Summer Circuit Training Exercises

in this quick clip of a variety of exercises I just show you how to put together a circuit for yourself this is single leg lunges bent over rows with heavy and unilateral work so I'm doing one arm at a time and wide in a squat using my other need for support rear lunges another major muscle group exercise chest press and I've added a bridge so my core and glutes have to pay attention a little power on the way up right into a bent over row here this time bilateral using both arms a little lighter weight and into core a Pilates rollup so here's the forward flexion you can do that smoothly throughout leave this one out side plank and I've got a three pound weight so I'm also doing this shoulder exercise what happens on one side it happens on the other side and a regular plank pushing back through the heels shoulder blades together and last put back extension and stabilization with a swim rotation from that simple plank hip to hip and then finishing with a single leg March one more stabilization exercise keeping the lower back flat

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  1. Hi Debra! I'm a new subbie too! I'm 55 going through menopause , weight gain, etc etc. I have bought your book "You Still Got it Girl" and I'm very interested in your thoughts and find you very informative and encouraging! So refreshing to find a woman 'our age' that you can relate to! Working on my diet through your recommendations and have started exercising. Definitely my 'go to' channel for encouragement right now! You look fabulous!!!

  2. Wanted to wish you the 2nd International Yoga Day observed today as Im also regular practitioner of this Ancient Indian Sciece

  3. Hello, I am a new subbie…trying to have a healthier lifestyle now that I am in menopause and gaining weight. I like your approach to instruction and will go back and look at your earlier videos. Why has my doctor not told me any of this information? All he wanted me to do was get on HRT. Talk about frustrating.

  4. Thank you for sharing! That was great.
    Beautiful dog too.
    They're so funny, mine does the same thing while I'm lying on the floor. He thinks it's playtime

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