shark gang endocrine chair we're back already know we are at Woodward and if you got some other video I told you I would be taking go to the best gym on the entire summer camp and we are in it well I don't even know if that was proper English but guys look right here is the world's biggest trampoline guys like take a look at it it's not just the trampoline it's a super trample it is a super trampoline they call it the super tramp the mega tramp whatever anyways guys so basically right now I'm gonna do a bunch of insane challenges on the world's biggest trampoline it's about to be easiest you're the craziest what she said but before we go any farther into this video make sure to give it a thumbs up comment down below any other video ideas that you think I should do we should do any videos also make sure to follow both of us on instagram if you know it's good for you like this huge super tramp and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channels links will be down in the description one more thing before we get into this video guys I'm gonna do a shout out to some of you amazing fans all you got to do is at the end of the video comment the keyword down below and turn my post notifications on yes I'm doing a post notification shot out at the end of the video subscribe to my post notifications on and you're gonna get a shout out my next video now guys look at this right here who won't you won't guys this is the medium low level and that's the higher level so you know me go big or go home I'm gonna start out with the highest level and we're gonna jump right on to it he doesn't break something but my cell phone down just so you know yeah you I don't even know what that one Bob I'm not sure but I'm basically gonna run and soar into the sky and yeah I hope I don't hit my cranium on the way down guys comment down below what church you think I should do on this trampoline I think there's a lot of airtime and I have a lot of chance to do a bunch of tricks here we go that was like a spinach and tuna salad oh my gosh all right Wow that's exactly how she pulled her back muscle that was a switch kick dog now you already heard him I'm gonna hit a little combo the challenge is I'm gonna start from here I have to flip during the entire combo and then I gotta land back up here without taking a break from any flips the whole way you think I can do it guys give this video a thumbs up oh I don't normally go off this but we're gonna do it anyway all right would you call that challenge complete a comment down below if you think I did it the last one was not a foot back up to this maybe I'll do that in this video I can't breathe I'm gonna take a break period so if you didn't think that was crazy you'll probably think this is I'm gonna go from this trampoline onto that resi mat right there and I'm gonna do a double front um somewhere in this coma ready I hope my legs don't give out this is some big weight ready guys he almost died oh oh goodness Oh landed like some work shark word no sure it's coming off what's new guys how y'all doing chilling nice hey how are ya how you doing man pleasure where's your wig it snatched Lee I just run and jump off this thing but a fast gonna scoot down Lamar Co all right wait I think I should go first and then help her yeah you got it guys comment down below what she would have done as a reaction if he did that all right guys so the next challenge I have is uh well mark hell kind of whispered it before she flew it out like an equal see how many double flips I can do in a row on here I don't know how many I can do I haven't really tried it on here before so comment down below how many you think I can do but we're just gonna go ahead and go over to comment alright how many can do seven that's pretty you know I'm a little disappointed in myself mark hell that's not nice well you know at least he's telling the truth and being honest was that cool well she thought the four double flips were cool which makes eight flips total so anyways Marco can I say that right babe what do you think I should do next well honestly I'm gonna give you something simple and easy I think you should go from up there to the Tramp all in one combo did I stutter she is starting to steal my lines that's how you know you've been together too long no not too long but that's passing me to warm up something big wait write something for the books guys I'm gonna have to step that pass up that was literally just the jump jump to a triple could I have done better guys he thinks I should double back wait out of that combo he said separately all right we're gonna try this take you here we go thank you round two I hope he doesn't break something this is called a sitting combo sitting actually go for that I might need to because they honestly think I suck now but gross ding oh right the next combo I'm gonna do is a super hard challenge so if you have any challenges do you think I should do comment on but this challenge is all flips from your stomach and your back Cody oh I've messed up I was yeah I was supposed to end that on my stomach what you literally that's what he was doing all morning when we were walking here say I farted on camera the lodge has no more toilet paper because of her all right so right now I am a well obviously I'm jumping but staff is gonna try a flip right now I think she's gonna go for a front flip I learned a new trick what is it all right guys comment down below what you think she's gonna do I kind of ready gave you a hint don't jump too high all right you got it yep whoa Oh Oh No are you good I definitely saw your knees hit your face yeah are you okay get up did your back hurt oh I felt that from here another one toe touch Wow almost embedded you want to show her how to do one yeah very sure I'm proud of you mark holwick got it never fast I'll show you what a whack whack guys what is a whack whack I'm gonna show them what a whack whack is what that was cute but let me show you a new trick that I you're gonna start trying after I show you one time all right let me see go for it no let me see you lag when go oh she backed off that trampoline Oh where's your double wack yes Oh can you do it do it she can do it ready come on big dot where you at though whack whack yes okay pointed toe I didn't whack rad guys she's she's done so the next challenge we're gonna do on this super trip is I'm gonna do the highest backflip I can and then she's gonna run under me while I'm doing a flip and try not to let me land on her where's your belly button ring it's not a right now it's usually there but can i sub in someone yourself from Milano we hardly run under you she's got me in that position yeah you can do it like you're faster and you're more alright here we go we're gonna try this what we're gonna see if marquel and she's gonna be able to do it or yeah we'll just I totally thought that one of them was gonna hit me underneath yeah I actually singing that I was like if he steps as I'm going for the bouncing my bounce gets slowed down then she's gonna run into me like a wall but she almost did but we're all alive so it's all good give it a thumbs up yeah I did Miley she didn't flip and I know you know I didn't cuz you looked up no I just well honestly I didn't want to risk the flip because we have a demo coming up and I don't know for Toto sure is gonna require some are vertical air not at all she's still alive and thriving as I do not know what Jack's about to do but um let's see carpet tunnel burn is a fad oh wow I'm super sweaty and it is dripping out here but like I said we were here all week we're making tons of video so all you got to do is watch all of them and what else give this video a thumbs up comment down below any other video ideas that you think we should do especially while we're here make sure to follow both of us on Instagram if you know what's good for you and subscribe to both of our YouTube channels links will be down in the description now short gang we are not done cause notification guys so at the end of the video all you got to do is wait for the key word the key word for today's video is Supertramp so comment super trap on this video down below and I'm going to give one random person to shout out at the end of this video so today's post notifications shoutout goes to crystal hanger men shout out to Crystal's hanger men you are awesome all you got to do guys subscribe turn on the post notifications and comment Supertramp down below on this video for shout out I love you short gang remember to stay


  1. Supertramp you guys are amazing thanks for liking my comment in the video you were against gymnast

    Btw I do gymnastics you inspire me to learn how to flip I’ve been doing gymnastics since I was 4 so almost 7 years🤸🏽‍♂️🤸🏽‍♂️

    You are the best can I plz get a shoutout my notifications are on 🔔🔔🔔

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