Florida Cop Jumped Fence, Shoots Dog in Driveway During Burglar Alarm Call

Florida Cop Jumped Fence, Shoots Dog in Driveway During Burglar Alarm Call

it's disturbing video that's sparking outrage today a Florida deputy shooting a dog that he says was about to attack him now the dog's owner Carla gloater is speaking out and she's livid we just showed up puppy he's not he wasn't the deputy was responding to a burglar alarm report at glow to his farm near Tampa with his body camera running he jumps the fence and walks up the driveway when you Rottweilers that's when he pulls out his gun the dog owner can't believe what just happened I can't run out on the dog named cowboy is badly wounded and Carla gloater asked the deputy to end his suffering cowboy was 18 months old his owner says the deputy should have heeded the posted warning signs and not jumped the fence could you see or understand why this deputy could possibly be afraid for his life no you don't come over unlock gate and put yourself in harm's way in the video you do see the two dogs chase after the death didn't chase after him they just ran around him our law enforcement officers around the nation too quick to fire on dogs many dog owners think so this Rottweiler was shot as his owner was being arrested for allegedly interfering with la cops this dog Chloe was the subject of the documentary puppy side after she was shot five times by a cop what was the cause for an officer to shoot and kill my dog another grief-stricken owner from Utah recorded his anger as he rushed home from work after hearing his Wymer rudder had been shot by officers investigating a missing child in the neighborhood guys killed my dog the sheriff's deputy who shot him is getting death threats but his boss Pascoe's County Sheriff Chris NACO is standing by him he didn't have a choice it was either severe injuries to him or the consequences and unfortunately the sad situation that we had to deal with he says his department has received 36 calls from glow' Jers property in just the last four years nine of them because of a faulty burglar alarm it was a bad situation we wish it never would have happened you

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  1. “He’s just a puppy!”

    That’s a big puppy.

    “He wasn’t charging!”

    Umm yes he was.

    The lady is a liar. Deputy did fine.

  2. I suggest that cops keep some dog treats in the back of their patrol cars so they can get a dog to calm down. If a dog tries to bite you, use your mace since dogs have a stronger sense of smell. This would deter most dogs from attacking

  3. This dog was only protecting is property he does not no that he a cop maybe we need to send or dog's to school to learn how to read these idiot cop's need to go back to police school to learn how to deal with going on to someone's property and how to deal with a dog that is only protecting it home and property happy trigger finger cop's.🖕

  4. Over 30 calls to the peoperty for faulty alarm system = no danger.
    Locked fence cop climbs over?
    Shooting the dog for doing what its supoosed to do when someone comes onto the property?

  5. Yes but, you didn’t have to kill him, if you rushed him to the vet there still could of been hope, rip buddy❤️❤️

  6. The police went there because of a alarm that went off. You have to jump over the gate because you never know that it could actually be a burglar. No one has time to open the gate, I mean look at the size of it. Plus why do they send death wishes to the police officer when a woman told him to kill the dog? All because of the alarm that had been going off many times for the past 4 years. Common sense? The lady could have replaced it or at least get it fixed? So basically the situation was upon her, not the police officer

  7. Omg he shot a dog when he jumped the fence onto private property! PRIVATE PROPERTY!!! She seemed fine! 9 bc of a faulty burglar alarm so there was obv nothing wrong there the dogs would have been chasing after the burglars not out at the front gate with the police. What a joke I'm happy that cop was receiving death threats he should be put in prison for killing the dog. She told him to put the dog down to end of the dogs suffering I would have done the same exact thing..

  8. This nigga really trying to make excuses for wrongly shooting a dog while trespassing onto it's property?This guy is the one who should be getting shot ,not the dog.

  9. They could of saved him but she told him too kill him off cause he was suffering I get it but he was such a beautiful dog they could of took out the bullet they she had too make him suffer more by dying

  10. Why on earth would you say just kill the puppy take it to the friken vet for God sake !!!!!!😠😠😠

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