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  1. Im from Tallahassee and that range is not the best. If you go, go early in the morning before all the hoods get up!!!!! I live in Lakeland FL now and Tenoroc range puts that one to shame!!! But then again we have a sheriff in Polk county!!!!

  2. Wish they would allow steel/rubber targets or organic targets like melons (wouldn't hurt the environment, hell may even help the wildlife)

  3. Thanks for this helpful video im a new florida gun owner n have a outdoor range near me this video help a lot

  4. Why the hell would you throw away perfectly good brass in the trash?? WTF! Recycle that shit or give it to someone that can make use of it dont just throw it away so it gets dumped in a landfill somewhere.

  5. I can't bring water when I go shoot?
    Doesn't it get pretty hot out there? What if I get dehydrated?
    That seems like a pretty weird rule?

  6. Dude send me your spent brass I reload because ammo is expressive I'll even pay for shipping to bay county

  7. I've only recently started seeing this one second between rounds or two seconds between rounds BS. Not conducive to realistic practice. Cold ranges are more dangerous for a reason. I avoid them.

  8. Burned a bunch of ammo up at the Osceola range. Would be nice if they extended it out to at least 200m instead of just 100. Then again, unless you are hunting the power line, you won't get much beyond a 100M shot out there.

  9. Never shot in FL , but man do I miss GA it seems like the south is much more accommodating towards shooters​. I live in NH right now due to job and there is nowhere up here to shoot unless you go to an indoor range at about $20 an hour or join a sporting club. In GA several WMAs had ranges for the price of a WMA stamp.

  10. I love how there's a 2 second rule at all outdoor ranges. That's awesome, because if i'm trying to teach my family how to defend themselves it's great to disregard teaching them how to handle a weapon's recoil in rapid fire. Every robber is going to wait at least 2 seconds before firing back!

  11. I haven't tried any big gus except for -.22
    I am looking forward to get my hand on something nice. Can u please suggest a training range near Orlando..?

  12. I appreciate you posting this video.  I recently bought a Ruger 10/22 and wanted to go sight it in but I didn't want to have to pay to go to a private range.  I had never been to a gun range before. I felt a lot more comfortable going to the Appalachicola range after watching this.

  13. Another awesome video. Just getting into hunting, and all of your videos have been very helpful. Great tips. Thanks for taking the time to make these & post them!
    GO 'NOLES!!

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