hi scrum so here well server back and more shouting Till's there is another fallacy horse down here I do have some fun to see orbs 9 and I'm just gonna check if I can bang anymore okay I've got to you can't make a third don't have enough stone so I'm hoping that this horse only needs two it does okay we have a chance of doing this right let's go ahead and turn capture this so throw these songs yours I don't know this horse picks more easily than the regular vs. so we're just gonna do this slowly trying to get this horse so it's all good something see him as the one that we saw the last time the one that we failed to him so how many orbs I just realized I don't have a stable to sanli said I don't have my fancy stable right we're gonna have to pan this horse because I don't want to sell it it's the first fancy words that we've ever captured so if he sounded the pen we have a couple of ours I think to make a stable appropriate for it so I'm gonna going over to my stables here I don't think I've any space on this side though I think my stables are like full here so I think we'll have to go to the other side of the river okay so our horses in here in the product about 24 hours to do this okay that's enough time we're pretty sure I don't think I should take about lonely microphone is he stable hopefully the pharmacist table isn't too expensive I think we have enough money because I think I looked at this time since it was before and I think there are the twenty thousand thirty thousand range for gold so over here to some of the other plums here and humbly say how much this is right so fun see stable just twenty one buys it okay we're good we can make that so let's go take about five hours I could skip it but I'm trying to see if the gems that I've got from freed in login so come back in a couple bars some turned up okay should've been enough time now for our stable so we'll head on over again Jennifer finally put her horse into this motor I'm excited to see if we can fly or not because I have no idea I know that you can't fly but I don't know the counter-curse are like if it's easy if it's difficult in fact to do any craft before I can fly or if I can just fly immediately with a horse so right okay so here's our fantasy stable right now our new horse is not in it so okay so obviously we're gonna go back over here so we need I should get over to the Pollack right all right come here I move to stable okay so Thomas the aqua horse okay let's move out in the stable knife if we go across here okay so there she is alright we're gonna have to give her a name I want to think along with FINA there are other horses that I've named him so let's have a look okay so we've called her calamitous because I'm trying to keep along the line of flower names is kind of what we've been doing so she is a fan to see a crow horse she's got decent stuff again her cross-country skills seem to be quite good I'm gonna level her up at some point I'm not gonna maybe do it right no I know I want to keep the apples and keys because I feel like we might need the apples in Sloviter possibly don't know for sure but yeah it's nice to have her finally inner seal so I feel like we should probably take her right so I think we should get some touch on her I'm gonna leave lavender with her attacker next lab there's really our competition horse at the minute cos lavender has a lot of stamina obviously this horse we haven't leveled up yet so we'll give Clement as a wash first before we take the might support shoes I think right hey don't jump all right nearly done be nice and clean that you be happier all right it's okay let's give this give her some horseshoes as well okay perfect all right needed pick out some top for her so okay some of this stuff I don't have a field will right noise so we'll just take a couple of well that's that I do have I think we'll go for the balloon print or the purple one we see a problem they look blue though I'm short of between a plan right okay here goes this is our first time writing a fantasy horse okay there's another circle inside the screen and I assume that helps us lets me be flying because you didn't help out with any other horse okay let's set the speed counter here here goes oh my god this is so cool is this so much easier than I thought it would be why is it easier to fly this horse than it is to actually control horses on the ground this is so cool I didn't actually expect to like this as much I didn't think it would be as easy to fly the controls are quite quite like these controls for flying there's a lot easier alright okay let's try and get in here without actually crash and can we fly in kind of can we fly like into the middle no it's not letting this fly past Scott looks like blocking this further I wish we could have flew in around that that would be neat let's go for a little lake fly around the mouth this is really cool I really like this I did not expect this to be as smooth as it is oh my gosh the Civic so much easier to go mining the Robin hopped it like right away where I just fly up from Austria over this is Korea I'm really glad that I finally got this I never thought this would happen I genuinely didn't think I'd actually get to fly okay we kept the wall alright let's try and fly over the dressage arena can we fly with the dress cells read it we counted fly over the dress I don't know if I could but just keep going on flights but I know their voice is more of an area it's a flyer and this is quite fun I like this okay let's come back down okay that was kind of smooth landing I think that worked quite well actually it was expecting crops and stuff I did not think that would be as smooth as I was I was actually pretty fun because as you guys have seen when I tried to do like social class and stuff I crash into everything on foot with the horses so yeah the flying controls are pretty good I quite like them actually they're good you can even hover oh my goodness I love this okay so you're needing it over there so our quests here we need to craft some stuff so I needed to go that we're mining I do I kind of make the blue font sprayer but the checkered cell is gonna take a lot more bang to do but yeah we'll have to do that I love that I can just hover in the air its grid okay so let's get on with this saddled checkered thing we're gonna have to go mining so we'll bring climate us over here sat down somewhere get some mining done fresh okay this point right okay I've got a few sources here I think we pretty much need every resource for the checker saddle Jerusalem takes a lot of resources so it's gonna take me a while to do all this mining because it's technique it just to do the bridle it's so distracting the father secretly don't know anybody okay so done loads mining I think we should have enough now for this checker to subtle yes okay let's go ahead and craft out and not the answer to lock the next part of the quest I asked miss Fox a little bit to fonts the events she said I was asking the wrong questions huh maybe go on maybe she means you already know the answers to the questions you keep asking why it's like you and Foxhall reading from the same sheet would you like to start making sense forget it I have a competition to enter tell me more about your theory when I fought it sounded pretty confident there violet very confident but we can make some new stuff but I'm not gonna worry about that right now so we've leveled up to level 26 ok let's have a look here so we've got to compete and somewhere advanced sees a TV show jumping events but looks event we've got five of those to do yes it does that the goods to show jumping ok so we'll have to take a lavender into that I say because climate s is not leveled up enough to go into news there's not a double check definitely is for sure economy stuff yeah it is ok right now so it is sure don't feel that we're gonna have to do for this so no dress house right now thankfully we do the airshow Academy yet up we count three count through that until level 31 oh okay I'm kind of disappointed but I want to show you guys something else foxy ventures and put this up on their Instagram so foxy venture said hi everyone here some new Fraser variations that are coming in our bank update or I think or just the foxy tamer working super hard to bring you this update thank you so much for your support of patience so it will be worth it don't worry also coming in this update are some changes that will make racing a lot more fun plus another kill feature will a night soon so I believe this they did say that the July this would go in July but it is getting kind of late so I'm thinking maybe like there's a lot of stuff I'm sure they have to do to make sure that it's right for a come sight so we might not see it immediately in July but maybe we'll see it North early August hoping we'll see it soon there are a couple of other variations that they did show in this Instagram post which I will show you so these are the variations that they showed there is one two three let me know in the comments which one of those is your favorite my personal favorite is the first one I love the silver in the me I think it's lovely so I'm looking forward to seeing those whenever we get that big update right so when I take calamitous art again because it's just I don't know why it's this really fun flying like because you don't run into stuff it's kind of cool I flown around a little bit a few times night with her I I think it would be really awesome if we could get another area for this like specifically for the flying horses because it would be really cool if you could just like fly up onto a big trail and then go for a trail ride or something like that I think it'd be really neat like obviously we have enough to do the airshow Academy stuff yet kind of excited to see what that will be like whenever we get to level 30 I don't know what it's gonna be like mother will have to like fly through hoops or anything like that I know some of you guys may know but you probably already have fancy horses but this is my first thought of sea horse I look forward to collect the other ones and actually let me know actually which is your favorite found the sea horse ahead of all these horses yeah because this is my first one but she did say last time I failed to capture one of the other fields because I couldn't make Tom's yep but anyway Scripps I gonna leave it there I shut Olivia


  1. I can’t wait to get my own Pegasus! I’m almost level 7 but that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to tame the fantasy horses. I can’t wait though! However, my racing horse, Silversea, needs to level up a lot because he needs more stamina in order to finish my quest.

  2. This is my fourth day playing, I’m absolutely obsessed! I’m level 15 so far and just got my first epic. I love you! ❤️

  3. Congratulations TotalCretin, I think you listed my advice. And if you fly high you will see a fly arena, but in rest you doing great with the quests ( and I'm finally lvl 40, I'm so happy for this and my quest is easy)

  4. I know how to tame horses without using any orbs, and I have 2 empty Fantasy stables. LOVE YOUR VIDS! 🙂

  5. You can land inside the dressage arena, and you can fly to the top of the jumping arena and fly into the arena.

  6. You are lucky than me Ema trezner I don’t have any fantasy horses and i only have two horses I wish we could trade horses on this game but I don’t have any horses to pay up for a fantasy I only have a black beauty and a bay horse! I’m so jealous!! I wish I could have a fantasy horse, they are so cool! 🙁

  7. Congrats on your first fantasy horse here is a tip for you you really need to get your fantasy horse up to high level because the farther you get in the game you’re other horse won’t be able too do the many jumps that are coming up .and when it comes to the flying she is going to have to be at least 180 to 200 to have a chance of winning .my fantasy horse is almost 200 and she still can’t do all the flying gates without diamonds .hope this helps love your videos 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  8. Did she pay for anything or do it all her self because I’m new to her channel and just started playing the game. I just wanna know what the easiest way to play lmao xx

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