FOAM VS CONCRETE – Fence Post Setting

FOAM VS CONCRETE – Fence Post Setting

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  1. Does the pole have more lateral stability than concrete? Does the pole sway at all if you push it? Thank you. Great video.

  2. Nice video. I've done cement/concrete for posts in an equine containment fence. I've wondered about the stability of the post after setting when the foam alone is used…it would have been nice if you'd showed us how/if the post moved or jiggled after setting and backfill were done. Thank you.

  3. Not too sure about it. Wonder if just the act of expanding it would throw level off I’ll stick to cement.

  4. Foam CANNOT hold posts securely, due to basic nature of the foam, & the physics of torque over the life of an average 6’ fence post. It absolutely sets fast. Very fast. And it’s more costly than cement. And fails pretty fast, especially if weight + wind & maybe + kids or pets bumping on fence.
    An HOA member here, thought he was doing a good thing, using this foam to install a little backyard tetherball post…let it set longer than directions, yet it was torqued over after 1st use…obviously, too much torque for that use. Same person set fenceposts with it…6’ fence sections blew over the following winter.
    BTW…rodents & birds Love foam to line their nests…will peck & dig at it until they’ve made a nest right into it, or carried away what they want.
    But if all you’re doing is setting temporary posts, like for a stage set, it might be OK.

  5. It's easy to use and it's performance is excellent up front. However, it's long term performance is disappointing. I used this for a small swimming pool deck. After 1 year the posts became wiggly. With concrete I would have not had this problem. Additionally, this is not effective with post anchors. Don't even attempt it. I put my posts right into the ground at 48" deep as required in my area. Don't trust this stuff long term. You may regret it. Just because something is easier doesn't mean it is better.

  6. Some young mobsters here in Chicago tried to use this stuff to get rid of a body in the lake, they were told to make him a cement "overcoat', but the body kept floating back to shore…concrete is the way to go.

  7. I think you’re supposed to pour the mix down the post starting just above ground level. That waterproofs post and creates a natural water run-off.

  8. I've never heard of using foam for posts. Looks easier but I'll stick to concrete. I need to replace one post which broke from a tornado 4yrs ago. A chest freezer slammed into our fence, knocking down a few sections. If not for that freezer, our fence was the only one which came out unscathed from the surrounding homes. I simply replaced the snapped posts, put up the 8' fence sections which fell over, and screwed everything back together. I missed one post in a section which did not fall over which I need to swap out…but it won't be with foam!

  9. Make sure you and your son use safety goggles and or mask hate to see that get in your eyes

  10. Breath man, breath.
    Put a block in the bottom and pack the dirt like it should be. Pole will last longer.

  11. Interesting product and great video, will be great to see a follow up when you start loading it with fencing.

    I have a rocking post I did with cement a while back. I wonder if I could use this stuff to secure it easily, dig around cement and put some of this around it?

  12. You shouldnt have cut it down
    You want it above the ground so the water will ran away from the base of your lumber/post
    If it sits in moisture it will rot faster

  13. You put a wheel on the side of the gate that travels, takes the stress off the post, depending on the type of gate I suppose.

  14. Damn bro, that bag wore you out! Breathing like ya ran a race 😉 Don't think it has enough weight to it to work here in soft sand of Florida. Not long term. Think you'd have leaning posts all over. Power poles are beat into the ground like 20' not 3'. Don't see much of a benefit for a full job of them really. Maybe for a small repair. Interested to see long term practical life. Biggest concern is just not enough weight to it

  15. Do the brands release what the foam is made of? Is it environmentally safe? Does it decompose after x years?

  16. Nice video, Interesting product may have to check it out. I always dig 4ft down. Layer of stone then tamper, layer of dirt then tamper. Repeat until I get to the top. I have full drainage and post never moves.

  17. Concrete provides weight to anchor the post down. I can see the foam working well in very hard ground, but not in soft soil. Also, read a comment on bugs tunneling through it. Great product though for certain conditions.

  18. Honestly, only a retard would ask this question. Good luck USA – keep believin'… Only Geographic isolation has kept you from being invaded.

  19. @HoneyBee Acres
    – I'll tell ya the difference. It looks to me like you are HANDLING ONE OF THE MOST POISONOUS CARCINOGENIC SUBSTANCES KNOWN TO MODERN MAN. The foam will give you instant lung cancer with one good whiff if that is what I think it is and its not pre-mixing prior to handling. So yea, put the dog and kids up… Research the components of closed cell foam ingredients and see what I am talking about. If one of those packs gets stepped on in the garage, broken open prior to mixing, or that kid of yours decides to goof around with one of those packs and plays with the really dangerous half (which it is prior to combination), you will have a sad rest of your life. I would safely and properly discard ANY of that garbage you have laying around remaining. I AM NOT KIDDING. That chemical will really cause INSTANT LUNG CANCER…. Look up the info on it… They will kill you if you let them… There is a TINY chance I am wrong about what you have there but I dont think so…

  20. Whats the logic behind the perforations on your 4×4 post? I put ten 4x4x8 fence posts in last 4th of July, drilling the holes, setting the posts, leveling (brace, two pair) and Sika foam, total time 2.5 hrs, so about a post every 15 mins, from start to finish. Good stuff.

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