Football Hidden Chats You Surely Ignored #7

Football Hidden Chats You Surely Ignored #7

20 Replies to “Football Hidden Chats You Surely Ignored #7”

  1. In 2018 CR7 should won Ballon D'or but Modric won. Think what will happened if Cr7 said that ' Modric steal it ' Modric won it because his national team went until final in world cup. even though cr7 play well in the world cup

  2. I never knew Ribery was the number 1 for quite a while not throwing shade but It’s because nobody mentions him that’s sad I feel sad now

  3. Ramos: I wasn’t meant to do that.
    Me: yeah, you weren’t meant to drag him away from the ball by his arm and make him land on it.

  4. Here is the true story
    Penaldo stealing the balon de or
    Never can be better player than messi
    Futboll is so corrupt like the government's

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