Football/ Soccer Tactics: 4-4-2 vs. 4-2-3-1

Football/ Soccer Tactics: 4-4-2 vs. 4-2-3-1

let's take a closer look at pressing in midfield and add the opposing team which will be set up in a 4-2-3-1 formation whiskey Ignace and so we're not confuse water ions still a good share of arguments for Hamas I want to go through the pros and cons of the different systems by looking at them from an offensive stop when your team is in position of the ball consequently will also go through each systems pros and cons when the opposing team is in possession of the ball and your team's on defense when it comes to comparing systems there are two aspects you have to focus on first one is the ratio of players on each position each system and two is space it's a beautiful time for hit it's quite obvious to see in a 4-4-2 flat block versus a 4-2-3-1 where your team outnumbers the opposing team and where you are outnumbered in laughter let me start with a numerical disadvantage in the middle of the pitch a medicine to launch out when you look at the number of players in the middle you can see three opposing players in number six 11 10 with only two from your team player 6 and 10 a key position I'll stir and this formation attacking down the flank seems to be a promising strategy since it's easier to a number the opposing team that way if you hop in this constellation you outnumber the opposing team defensively because of your back the four versus their players 7 update 9 so your four defenders are up against only three opponents in blue our goal is to take advantage of numerical advantages based on our formation so and at the same time reacted to the new me in the middle if I sending players to the flanks looking at it from a defensive point of view when blue is in position yeah you have to adjust by tightening the space while the opposing team will try to spread out when you take these two aspects into consideration and compare the number of opposing players on each position you can easily see that you're outnumbered in the middle again so when you're deciding on a system and the philosophy you have to be aware of this and you have to try to minimize the effects of numerical disadvantages when you compare the number of your defensive players with a number of your opponent's players you can say that this is where you are number them and this is the area where you're short-handed in this particular setting you're evened out at the opponent's back for because it's players two four five and three versus your offensive players seven eleven nine and eight just your mug light sauce it assuming so our goal is to be successful my strategically taking advantage of these situations does it enough work on create an example situation to find out how the player should move within a 4-4-2 flat while the opposing team has possession of the ball we are trying to prevent being outnumbered while at the same time trying to regain possession of the ball as quickly as possible again red team in a 4-4-2 flat its defenders three five four and two midfielders 7 6 10 and eight called a flat wall and strikers 11 and 9 you

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  1. A flat 4 4 2 beats the shit out of a 4 2 3 1. A 4 4 2 defence easily covers most of the 4 4 2 leaving only the central defenders making them loose the ball if played in a high line. Thats why the 4 4 2 is so strong again and a lot of team especially weaker teams are using it, taking into consideration that almost everyone uses 4 2 3 1

  2. For this reason on being outnumbered, that is why Pochettino of Spurs uses overlapping fullbacks to provide numerical superiority in attack so the it's now 5v4 while the midfield is clogged too, but, then the opposition can threaten on the counter as to why one of the midfielders or pivots need to drop deep to cover the flanks and the 4-2-3-1 then changes to 3-2-5 or 3-1-3-3. I hope this makes sense.

  3. hello thanks for the video but pls try to either put only english for those that understand english and german for any other people than can speak german

  4. Important when playing 4-4-2 to have one of the strikers being able to drop deep and assist the midfield when needed.

  5. Sorry but you just rambled and rambled and said nothing but repeat rubbish. Like all I wanted was to reach through my screen and pile drive you through those seats. I get it if you don't want to give away your tactics but for the love of the game don't come and get 70k views for sitting in a stadium and drawing nothing on your coach board.

  6. I dont know why some people say one formation is better than the other. You need to set out a formation which will bring the best out of your strong players and compensate your weak players. Different teams work on different formations.

  7. in the 4231 the midfield out numbers the oppositions 442 becouse it's 5 vs 4.
    but in a 4231 the striker can become isolated as he's the only one that remains upfront and 5 midfielders also need to defend so not much support whereas 442 there are 2 strikers upfront so they have more support and are more dangerous.

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  10. Thanks for the video. One critique – If you're going to have voice over in english, mute the german's voice. Or subtitle the english and play the german voice. But not both. Thanks again.

  11. i think 4-2-3-1 formation is better because the man in the middle makes all the difference, not only they out number the middle field with an extra man but also in attack you have the variety of attacking through the middle and also use the wings. In 4-4-2 most attacks have to come from wing play.

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