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  2. I appreciate your step by step NATATION , I am watching it carefully each and every word . I used play table tennis from 1978 to 85, almost daily for 2 hours From the age of 18 years to 25 . With out any couch / trainer. When ever get a chance I play , provided I come across a relatively good player. Since one week I am playing with my son who completed his 15 birthday on 09-08-2018. He is HEALTHY, athelics and quick at learning . He played Tennis for almost 5 years. He stopped it due lack of compitators in a place we live.( A place with out much of sporting activities). Now I got an opportunity close to the house to play TT with my son . I am following your guidance and helping him play better TT. Thanks a lot for your coaching classes. EmRat Thich. My name is Dr Ramesh Vardhan. From India

  3. Coach thank u for the information but I want to ask ask something that is I often miss the ball in forehand while switching from backhand to forehand

  4. in forehand serve pattern the coach use her right leg to move while her left leg just turn, but top Chinese players use their left foot to move first

  5. Thanks for your videos coach ERT!..I love how you explain and present your videos..More Power to You..Best Regards – Ver Salamante of Jeddah Pongers Table Tennis Club

  6. Hey Coach. First of all I wanted to thank you for your effort in doing such thorough videos. I have already got some new insights for myself and the people I train.
    I have only just one proposal to improve your channel: Please put a link to the video if you are referring to another video, so the viewers can follow up easily.
    For example in this particular lesson you talked about the "ladder drills" you already have shown (at 0:30). If you put a link to that lesson in the description, it would be much easier to quickly find it.
    Thank you and keep up the great work. You have my follow 🙂

  7. Hello Coach, Great video on footwork. You suggested to film oneself using iPhone. Could you please share some thoughts on how to record my own video using my phone?

  8. Coach, I can't predict or read the attacks or the fast returns of my opponents. Due to this I am not able to hit the ball so precisely or can't defend the attack of my opponent. Coach, Can you please give me some tips regarding my gameplay????

  9. Great video. foot work is definitely one of my main weaknesses. I've always identified it but never knew how to attack the problem.

  10. I've already tried this and make my performance better…Before I know about this pattern, I usually stand up like a tree and difficult to attack, and missed the ball frequently.. and can't attack with my FH … You're right, thanks . and I'm waiting for next 2 other pattern….

  11. Hello ,
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  12. Hey emrat thich ! After you finished your videos on the footwork, i just wanted ti say that i would be really interested in a video about the distance from the table( when i should be far away or get closer ti the table etc.) see you next sunday:)

  13. I dont get it, you say like 1 month, or more, ago you'r gonna make a video about equipement with the new plastic ball. Still no video about it. You obviously try to improve your channel but you dont make this video. Their is absolutely no video about it on Youtube.

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