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  2. Do you do weight transfer with your knees on this stroke, the same way you would with a regular loop?

  3. It must be mentioned that every single ball is different in terms of speed and spin, so one sole movement like this would be rather hard to apply in a actual game. Also, you can tell that it is weak backspin, in reality no one professional would offer you such a move. They would either apply heavy backspin or aim it somewhere else. This just demonstrates the easiest version of forehand topspin against backspin. Easy placement. Easy spin. Try using this move on a heavy backspin which isn't in a comfortable position.

  4. my opponent chop the ball in which after first bounce the ball comes near the edge of deep and the ball doesn't bounce much what should I do??

  5. PingSkills , can you recommend a bat with thick sponge i really like ti spin, but also i want control

  6. Actually i am confused when to use loop when to topspin and when to do smash and my main problem is everytime my ball goes out of table …please help me

  7. ah so its like a buggy whip in tennis, makes sense now. ive been having trouble returning strong backspin shots with topspin, this helps a lot

  8. This shot has been one of my problems recently. I find I often play against choppers, and it's hard for me to convert the rally into an offensive one, and I usually lose the chopping game.

    It's always been hard for me to counter their backspin and create my own topspin. Now I understand that my mistake is I'm trying to do a FH loop or FH topspin, which requires the bat to be a lot more closed than this shot requires.

    I'll try it tonight with my practice partner, I hope I can surprise him with some awesome shots! 馃檪

    Thanks a lot, PingSkills!

  9. Alois/Jeff: This is an excellent tutorial. The forehand topspin (against any stroke) is perhaps the weakest part of my game. My forehand counter-hit and block are effective; however, neither stroke allows me to take the offensive. Also, any "loop" I successfully hit is either too slow or too high which allows my opponent to seize the advantage. I look forward to practicing what you've suggested…

  10. im trying what u told … bt nt able to put the ball over the net …do u think it problem with d bat ? …i use a gki offensive xx bat

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