Fortnite Update: 7 SECRET CHANGES! – NEW Omega Colors, Soccer Stadium (Battle Royale New Skin)

Fortnite Update: 7 SECRET CHANGES! – NEW Omega Colors, Soccer Stadium (Battle Royale New Skin)

alright guys welcome back to another four night video and in this one we are gonna be going over a ton of secret changes that were just added in the recent patch that brought in the thermal scoped ar that's right guys we're not gonna be talking about the obvious changes we're gonna be talking about these secret changes things that have to do with like Omega secret locations on the map secret buffs that are gonna make certain things super powerful in the game so like tips on that stuff just a bunch of awesome things that we're hitting in the patch notes and stuff like that that you guys probably don't even know about yet so in fact if you guys have been loving these updates be sure to hit that like button down below not only do I appreciate it but I'd be curious to see how excited you guys are for this brand new update along with that comment down below your favorite part of the update is is it the new thermal scope they are have you gotten it yeah comments stuff like that personally I haven't gotten it yet but I'm excited to try it out but anyways guys without further ado let's jump on into it with the first thing on this list we have a ton of them to go through alright guys so for this one we have to go back oh no oh no I forgot run alright but as I was saying as I was so rudely interrupted by this storm this thing that I have to show you actually has to do with the bounce or pad so let's find one real quick right there there we go but yeah this one does have to do with the balancers you but it's the super cool like addition because a lot of people were thinking wouldn't it be cool if bouncers could be put on like staircases and stuff like that will a basketball but yeah epic games listen to that suggestion and you can now put bouncers on two staircases so as you can see here you know you usually when you're using a bouncer pad you just place it right there and as you can see it just goes right there pretty simple stuff to do but now with this patch if you walk up to stairs you can now put it at a 45 degree angle which is super cool because if we place it down there when you go on it it like actually shoots you outwards it's a little better than putting it like on the wall because this way it actually gives you like a little bit of airtime and gets you going a little bit you know to the right so definitely like a super useful thing if you're like you know you could do you could have like you and your friends base is like one over there yours is like right here and if you want to go to your other friends base just boom land right into it it's gonna be super useful but it's a cool little change that I think you guys should know about but this next one has to do with the jetpack you guys didn't know the jet pack the item that you put on is a backpack and obviously and let you fly into the air it was honestly kind of fun a little bit overpowered in certain situations I personally didn't think it was that bad but they said in the past that they were going to remove it eventually that it was only going to be a temporary item that they were testing some things and that they might remove it well that actually came true in this patch the jet pack is no longer in the game you cannot acquire it you cannot find it in chess you cannot find it on the map nobody is obviously gonna drop it because you can't get it obviously you guys know that but yeah it has officially been removed which is pretty interesting we did know that it was gonna be coming around this time but I think it's a little bit earlier than I thought it would be coming but yeah I kind of missed it already it was fun to mess around with once in a while I didn't pick it up a ton just because it was a little bit tough to use I thought it was pretty slow but yeah in case you guys were looking for the jet packing game it is no longer there so comment what you think about that do you want the jet pack to return you want them to replace it with something else do you think it will return in the future because they did say there's a chance they'll be bringing it back but like with fixes but that is probably going to be happening in the future getting back into game though with another change I want to actually show you this one is a secret new location that is actually like huge so this location is up here right to the top right of pleasant Park so right there on the map let's jump out and go straight over there but you can actually kind of see it from right here it's kind of just about as big as Pleasant Park a little bit smaller but it is the brand-new soccer stadium not the soccer practice area the soccer stadium and it is insane I mean in here we're coming up on it you can see this guy right here we got we got some company going over here but look at that thing that is so cool it's such a unique thing and this actually might be for the World Cup stuff coming off there's a bunch of things that have to do with that actually coming into the game kind of landed in an awkward spot I mean look at this guy's and we do up people there's like a guy over there but it is so cool I love how big the stands are oh no they added another camera I wonder if you could dance in front of it this place is like massive I wonder how good like the looting stuff is there's a chest over there I can see can you like break through here and go under yeah you can go all the way under here and oh there's some soccer balls too that's actually funny so there's a chest right there got a revolver you can also keep going there's a vending machine right on this side oh hello tomato man there we go don't even try that thank you very much I'll take that port for it I'm screwed I'm screwed well this guy's there we go easy and you've also got the scoreboard right there for when you score like there you go come on there it is updates on the scoreboard that's so dope and also I like how you have this area over here with like the gigantic lion how much brick does this thing give you it's got to give you a lot right I'm 37 that's not bad but yeah here's I guess the entrance to the stadium so yeah that's pretty much it for the new location it's definitely huge I don't know if it has the best loot but yeah that's actually really cool so let's move on to the next secret change but getting into it with a nother awesome one here this one is something that I'm so happy they finally change oh my goodness it's a bug fix but seriously it's one that's I've been waiting for for quite a while I don't know if this affects like PC and stuff like that because it has to do mainly I believe with builder Pro on consoles so if you're not using builder Pro you honestly should be it's so helpful makes it so you can build like way faster than using like the default stuff and things like that but with builder Pro there's been two issues actually with it the first of which is the bigger one and that is when you like switch into build mode and you like can't place pieces if you start pressing the buttons too quickly and then on the other hand there's a glitch where like you go to put a trap down and if you press it too quickly it randomly switches to like a different trap which really sucks when you're like in the storm trying to put like a launch pad down and you accidentally put a trap down that's happened to me but both of these things have apparently been fixed so the first of which the issues with going into build are prone and kind of like being wonky it does say that that has officially been fixed now I haven't tested it for sure yet but if they say it it should be true and specifically they say that they fixed turbo building not working if you quickly try to build right after entering build mode which is the exact issue we've been talking about so thankfully they fixed it finally we can not run into issue anymore hopefully I mean we haven't tested it yet but seriously that was one of the most annoying things and this will make it a little more streamlined and a little bit better to use what I really like now along with that they also fixed an issue with the traps which says currently equipped traps no longer change to a different trap unexpectedly when trying to place one into an empty space I don't know why empty space is like important why would you put one in an occupied space that's like impossible but yeah apparently that is now fixed I mean that was so annoying thank you epic thank you for fixing these annoying building bugs but yeah guys those are some awesome changes and definitely welcome ones but after that we have a super cool buff that was added into the game if you don't know what a buff is it's basically something that was made a little bit more powerful in the game a little bit more useful and this change especially unlike consoles I felt like it was really kind of broken but now it is super useful I've already tried it out in game and it is amazing guys so what I'm talking about for this one is that they actually increase the sounds of enemy footsteps by a considerable amount so specifically what they say is that they increase the volume of enemy footsteps by 25% and they also then increase the range of footsteps by one building tile now that is such a welcome change at least on Xbox one I felt like on Xbox one the footsteps were actually quieter than other consoles like I tried playing on PC and ps4 at a friend's house and they are sounded way louder the footsteps sounded way louder there's but this should apparently be on all consoles so really guys if you do not have a headset if you're not using a headset in game you 100% need one this is so helpful now honestly you can hear people from so far away and nobody will ever sneak up on you which has happened to me so much in the past you just like can't hear footsteps but apparently this will fix it and it is gonna be so amazing I cannot wait to just turn on people and start building against them and they're gonna be they're gonna be surprised when they try to sneak up on me just watch but after that we have a super cool change that has to do with Omega and carbide and this actually has to do with their final forms which kind of sounds funny to say but it actually has to do specifically with how they light up so you guys know when you get a carbide or Omega you can actually unlock like different parts for them and you know customize them separately and then at the very end like the max level for each individual skin you get the ability to have them light up now before that wasn't like the coolest thing I mean I personally wasn't really you know excited about it because when you light up you're just kind of a target and it kind of looked cooler like not little but that has changed because now you can actually customize the colors on Omega and carbide specifically for their lights so as you can see here first with carbide when you go into the menu now there are now light color options that you can choose so first of all you have the classic light blue then you have the light color yellow after that you have green and then finally pink now unfortunately I can't show you the exact ones because I'm not quite the level to have the lights yet but I'm assuming these unlock with level 6 at least I'm pretty sure they will unlock with stage 6 of the challenges but his are definitely more toned down a little bit more basic I'm not like a huge fan of them I don't know yet but Omega on the other hand his are super cool and I can actually show you these so he has the first color red which is his default then he has green and then he has purple and finally orange now those are actually super dope because as you can see in this picture right here and credit to this picture goes to Mac Hermiston but just look at some of these colors I mean the freaking purple looks so dope seriously that is so cool I cannot wait to get this and maybe even the green the green super bright as well not sure if I'm a huge fan of the orange I might have to see it in-game orange black is pretty dope like for Halloween that would actually be kind of sick but the purple for sure is just insane now what's even cooler about this is because this actually makes it like more worth it to get to level 80 like just imagine yourself in game and you see an Omega across the map if he has the purple you know that guy's like legit he reached a level 80 in season four but back before this patch would have just been like a red Omega you wouldn't even really been able to tell because Omega already had like some sort of lights on him before but now that you can change the colors you can for sure know that those people are legit so good job epic that is definitely a sick change now after that however we have another change that has to do with c4 so yes c4 actually got another buff they already buffed like the explosive range I think once and then they buffed it again to make it even better but now they added an extra little buff that has to do with how you actually throw the c4 so before when you threw c4 you had to actually be like walking it would slow you down and it was kind of awkward well now luckily you can actually throw c4 while you're sprinting this makes it a lot more useful especially in like build fights if you're running up your stairs and you know you toss it over the edge it's super useful in that and it's definitely something that I make this is just another little quality-of-life changed that I'm excited that they put into the game I think it's a good one to have and I'm curious to see how it plays out in the future but yeah if you enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe if you're new for more of these coming out in the near future or you can check out my previous videos such as on the left going through five unique and weird tips that you need to know in the game and then on the right you know investigating the previous changes to the map and blockbuster and stuff like that but other than that guys I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next one

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  1. If anyone has Xbox one add me I have over 300+ solo wins and just under 500 duo and squad wins my name is GoldenBeast364

  2. This man said he is not going to talk about the obvious stuff, like boi everyone knows about the soccer map.

  3. So how it works is you go to flush factory then build stairs up then build to the right and bring a shopping cart/trolly then build down and then put on the very bottom a platform then put your put a shoping cart/trolly then ride down and you should be on it or you die

  4. will the omega/carbide Challenges disappear when season 5 arrives? i don't know if i can reach lvl 80 on time…

  5. Every time I seen you get a one shot kill with a green pump I fucking cringed sooooo hard , it's like every body and there mother can simply aim and get a one shot kill head shot but when I get a headshot it shows them lil single digit 6's

  6. alot of theese things is not SECRET!!! you said "we are not gonna bring up the obvius (cant speel) things"" the stadium: not secret the jetpack removed: not secret bouncer pad: meh builder pro: Im not consle so IDK about that one enemy footsteps: I did not know that, wow change coulors/colors on omega & Carbide: KNEW THAT: not secret C4: secret (I did not know that)

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