Frankel – The 'Wonder Horse' [All 14 Wins]

Frankel – The 'Wonder Horse' [All 14 Wins]

Oh the snake in his life really as a law racism as a the distance here Franco takes up the running out by three to go that's a resident by then Slim Shady but is left for dead here as I come inside the two 4x in fact the frame in second place is crap my brother back on the inside Eskimo and treasure page a champion it's Ludwig O'Connor dream ahead enjoy neighboring behind them in small position tranquil happening as they head up to water like O'Connor is to their side him against the rails but it's fractal the resignation retired he's going to conquer it and it's bragging irwins and doers for in second place Roger Johanna and there the tightening for third between them the final film tranquil begins to extend about electing a heart big run big celebration in second place that Tom sweetie hasn't had to get here at at all with Frankel and inside the final hall he's stretching away and Franco maintains his unbeaten record and that was pretty impressive but supposes now Franco continues to be in a massive lead to Kasim endo in second place and then re routed by and that is parkours you Barbie go coming from the back of the field put out the bushes Frank on his 15 lens clear Frank on is heading down the wards the last quarter Molly's making every yard of the running here Jabbar we go to native tired of moving to second and third places were forged by the third place into the NIP Fraggle continues to be in front he's six or seven let's clear did you Barbie go discovered a second native town in third position inside the last fell on a whore to his pure class Franco has destroyed them from heart by an amazing performance as krinkle heads towards an eye to make every single yard in the kiddies are winning well to Bari Gardens sake he's raised up on the outside now take them down he's gone to a half swimming sopranos around the turn to burn up Fraenkel fine don't we go Fraenkel for the first time he's shaken up ten foot cliff in second place overflowing out Franklin's acceleration is instant can can't believe he's drifting left rein in his rival no but this site is now Frankel unbeaten utilizes that Turner foot too devastating a bit and wins the kick know something state ban it's Frankel who's that now about just six things behind his pacemaker being tracked now by poets voice and further backing celebration their follow next in the field by immortal verses got about four legs to make up and wrangle so for the Train they tackle down the side celebration at night of the close of the tonight franco remains our speaker take a bite Oh in the Bremen quickly change the right third place Frankel is in fourth with the pink cap and trying to move forward now into a challenging position master of bounds and Pistorius as they move through with three furlongs to travel Cirrus there's a blur corners in front Rob Nathaniel Francoeur Falls towards the outside the pit cap top wheelie beginning to try and close down Cirrus Tazawa from Nathaniel Frankel keep it closer still being held together by top queerly serious delay Kerr drank or moves alongside wheelies finger poised on the button why sisters I love it frantic

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  1. Frankel or Black Cavier or Winx or Secretariat or Seabiscuit or Zenyatta, Stop Comparing Guys…. Atleast we saw clips of them, They are all superstars!❤

  2. My favourite was always lochsong until frankel , the change of gears is astonishing! , good to see he is an excellent sire also , god knows what his stud fees are

  3. The best flat racer ever to grace the planet so far. He had something about him u just new he was very special. Exelabration would of been a true phenomenon if Frankel wasn't about. Aiden Obrien arguably one of the best trainers, threw everything he had at him, from Exelabration to Nathaniel to no avail.

  4. The greatest of the greats what a horse he'll put Winx zenyetta in his pocket the best horse I've ever seen the best horse anyone would see

  5. Ok, Frankel.was.undefeated and spectacular but far from the greatest ever, maybe just in Europe, like Winx in Australia. The style of running, just on turf, doesn't really do it. Also, what was the farthest.he ever ran? But, I will say he was.terrific .and like Secretariat fans, who like to point out, although they're wrong, no surprise there, he barely got touched with the whip and his acceleration.was pretty devastating. I thought by the insecure Secretariat fans that the video was going to include other horses, lol what do you know. Anyway, nice video, minus the music. Thanks for sharing the brilliance of this horse.

  6. Another great horse was Nijinsky another one of Northern Dancers sons a triple crown winner in England and also a great sire

  7. Great horse his bloodline goes back to that great Canadian bred horse Northern Dancer whos bloodline can be found in over 50 percent of great horses all over the world the greatest sire of the 20th century

  8. Undoubtedly one of the greatest horse of recent time.His sire Galileo n great grand sire Northern Dancer were true legend.Thnx for sharing all the races of this great British horse.

  9. what on earth made you think the music over the commentary was a good idea? must have been on some good shit.

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