Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve Bow Review at

Fred Bear Kodiak Recurve Bow Review at

hi this is John welcome to another Lancaster archery product review it was fredbear who said the history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind and I would say that the history of bear archery is the Kodiak recurve bow what I'm reviewing today is the 1959 bear Kodiak recurve this is a reproduction of those 59 Kodiaks that fredbear made so famous what was unique about the 59 Kodiak was distinctly three things about that 59 compared to Kodiaks that preceded it one was the i-beam riser construction I have the maple version of the 59 Kodiak in front of us and in the maple version you can distinctly see the IBM construction in the maple sight window that transitions into Bolivian rosewood towards the fade outs of the riser that's what we call an i-beam construction it made the riser stiffer more durable an overall stronger bow that was one unique aspect of the 59 another unique aspect of the 59 was the transition from simple maple risers to exotic woods like Bolivian rosewood and Purple Heart the third unique distinction of the 1959 Kodiak is this is when bear began to add the coin to the riser and the coin now is a bear archery fan or among fans is what we recognize very distinctly about bear traditional bows beautiful beautiful bow it's 60 inches long it has a really nice soft grip a kind of a goatskin type of leather grip like I said Bolivian rosewood through the riser the riser is an i-beam construction you can see right here where the i-beam of maple is sandwiched between two laminations of Bolivian rosewood you've got maple limb cores and a really beautiful caramel colored fiberglass both on the back and the belly of this limb gorgeous gorgeous glass gorgeous riser in a gloss finish the limbs taper out to that classic 50 style recurve limp very small but distinct recurve limp it's a reinforced tip with both brown and white fiberglass which allows us to use any of the modern string materials that are available today it does come with a Flemish string made out of dinah flight 97 it's got a classic bear strike plate and a really interesting and unique but also classic bear feather rest which is looks like five pieces of feather that have been glued together making a really nice soft somewhat flexible rest a really great position for launching a traditional arrow beautiful beautiful bow from bear archery we're really happy and excited to sell it here at Lancaster archery if you have any more questions or want to find out more details about the bear 59 kodiak CS at Lancaster archery comm

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  1. Hy guys!

    Today I will give you an update of the Bear TD reviews:

    Got a brandnew unused Bear TD 2 weeks ago and unwrapping it it faced several quality problems none of the reviewers are talking about:

    1.) Limbs do not fit very smoothly into raisers´ lock, so not only noisy but causes a shock with every shot. Of course easily to repair with just a piece of thin leather or felt, but unacceptable for a >900$ bow!

    2.) Fixing a Thunderhorn two Point quiver the bushing break out and damaged the raisers´ surface. Again, not a very big job to repair it, but I have not even shot a very single arrow!

    3.) Use of FastFlight strings Bear Archery offers just Dacron, but almost all resellers offer FastFlight. Asking Bear Archery they said with bows made after 1999 it shouldn´t be a problem but higher abrasion has to be accepted…but what "higher abrasion" means in number of shots or so they didn´t answer!

    I will not bore you with the customers complaint trouble I have to handle currently but for your information, Bear Archery offers just 1 (ONE) year warranty for its traditional bows while the technically much more complicated compounds come with lifetime warranty…Black Widow offers 5 years, Bearpaw even 30 years!

    No doubt, the Bear TD is a beautyful vintage bow, technically not latest state of art (just check Hybrid bows) but apparently good shooting, but with a severe quality problem and therefore totally overpriced!

    And for all of you still interested in this bow (including me) an important hint:

    1.) buy it through a dealer in the EU, so you get at least 2 years warranty by law

    2.) don´t buy it online but in a shop where you can check inmediately the described problems!

    For further information check

    Good luck and always into the center!

  2. I've been shooting my 59 Kodiak since its re-release in 2013. Never been even tempted to shoot another or buy another bow, it's that nice to shoot. The bow is 45# at my 28" draw and shoots around 215 fps using Bearpaw Traditional Extreme carbon arrows.

  3. I'm interested in a vintage bear Kodiak. Are these vintage bows any good, forgive the ignorance, I'm a noob.

  4. Great looking Bow with an honourable heritage, but that grip looks like an afterthought. A bow of this quality deserves a stitched grip, come on Bear, sort it out!!

  5. The bow looks greatly made, but the grip leather; It completely degraded the bow value. It looks like some kind of unfinished middle school children project.

  6. When my grandfather passed away a couple of years ago, he left to me his '59 Bear Kodiak…such a high quality & beautiful bow, it's cool that Bear has re-introduced this model and I feel very privileged & honored to own an original.

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