35 Replies to “Fred Talks: Fred's New Cop Show – Late Night with Seth Meyers”

  1. Fred is that good 

    that he makes Seth bust up laughing like that 

    he would do that to Bill hader on SNL alot 

  2. I watched this in the middle of an English class. BIG mistake. I had to stop halfway through because I was giggling so much I started crying.

  3. Hi, Fred Armisen here.  I would just like to thank everyone that has supported me on Seth's show.  I have a new project coming out where I will play digestive enzymes in the documentary called "Weight Watchers, Not One More Sandwich Will Die".  — F. A.

  4. HILARIOUS! I love how Fred almost lost it and Seth was cracking up! And for all the people complaining about the set, at 2:42 it's obvious that they now re-did the bandstage

  5. I had a mouthful of water and nearly spit it out laughing at around 2:26. Fred is maybe the best part of this show (which is kinda sad).

  6. He is the cutest man alive! Love how they both cracked up! Hope Fred does a sketch for the "Second Chance Theatre".

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