how's it Indian cowboy Docs works calm coming after on Sundays we get this video to around this time have your free pick winner in adjust a SAG and your free pick winner today is gonna be between Lipscomb and Clemson in college basketball and they won't give you some thoughts and all the other ball games especially the bowl games in just a second I tell you what's a brown neck of the woods we are in a three in one 188 and 141 a three big run so we're excited about getting you a nice hopefully a great freakin winner for you today do note that we're on the best run of the season right now across all sports so we are just crushing it in all sports for starters we are two and O on the football week great call on Clemson easily over Notre Dame 33 as you know Notre Dame's historical records and Brian Kelly is not good in BCS games I think he's open six and getting routed every game missing the cover in every game so we were on top of that I'm glad we did seven plays this week because I think we only did one top play though see there's no difference between doing a seven unit top plane and then at a secondary six unit play and then three 3 unit plays so seven six three three three or you can do a seven unit play and six three unit plays which is what we did this time and it's gonna be money it's gonna be absolutely money it's beautiful because in that way we focused purely on our one top play which is where three enola last three weeks and our top plays be why your question Western Michigan recently that was a 27-point cover or something and now we love our top play on Tuesday between Mississippi State and Iowa I just love it so when you when you just focus on the one top play and then everything else is good selections as they come secondary down the card for a possible huge week which is what we're on deck see how beautifully that lays out so we had a three-unit winner on Clemson 3-2 winner Arkansas State and Nevada under the 56 and a half final score was 1916 or 1613 width over time so now we're to it on football none of the games go off today five games go off on Monday and Tuesday including the seven unit top play on Tuesday so three go off on Monday and to go off on Tuesday we have no NFL this week we have seven great football Bowl plays where all these teams are motivated so we want to go to the NFL when who knows who's starting so we'll go with our seven top football players that are all a bold plays because it's always based on motivation for us motivation and value so speaking of the runs 17 and 3 run this week to a toe in football perfect 6 no.1 college basketball 7 you know college basketball today early 6 p.m. and remember we are 6 and oh and college mascot or police 1900 we went six and oh this week by the way perfect and we're about to go 7 and Oh for hopefully our 62nd golden week of our career what does the golden week is the classic I see seven in a row one play the day winner and we get 7 and Earl winners 6 and o plus 1900 this week 3 you know sweep yesterday UNC routes Davidson we knew Roy Williams was ticked off and people questioning his minutes with with little one of his best players and they come out and they bust an in-state rival in Davidson we also go with George Mason and Kansas State under the post a total easy winner there and we also gave you Houston over NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology that was an easy winner 3a no Saturday college basketball to an own football this week with the new card six and own college basketball 5 and 3 in the NBA for +11 70 we went 7 and 4 last week in the NBA Plus 720 being week-by-week profit which is great any child great 16 and winter on Pittsburgh we told you we're gonna crush hockey at this season Pittsburgh crushed st. Louis 6 to 1 we have a really good team in places where their hockey 3 you know this week in hockey at plus 1400 and soccer 1 and 1 6 2 and Oh football 6 no college ball at 5 and 3 NBA 3 you know NHL 1 and 1 and soccer 17 and 3 all sports plus 5200 that makes us awesome see the thing about us is we don't just want to do well in NBA or college basketball or whatever we want to do an NBA college basketball we want to do well in football we want to do well in hockey we want to do well in free picks we want to do well on soccer which is on a 5 & 1 EP L run we want to do well in golf they all matter all of them including the free place that I think that's what motivates us and drives us we don't always win but you're gonna get effort from us and sometimes given the effort that we put in it almost pushes you towards the winning finish line so free pick today he's on Lipscombe Lipscombe could win this game outright I don't know why people don't value Lipscomb here as Lipscomb is a beast and no and it's a quiet Beast Lipscomb is a top 60 team I understand Clemson is from the ACC whoopty Doo Dah nobody cares especially if you believe in metrics you could care less Lipscomb is a team that beat SMU on the road by six that be TCU on the road by nine that only lost to Louisville by four points which is really difficult to do ask Michigan State beat Vermont 91 to 66 which is a wider margin of that Kansas beat Vermont if you remember when Vermont and Kansas hooked up against each other so this is a team that beat Vermont a good team by 25 points at home this is a beast this is a team that's top ten in free-throw shooting top 35 in turnover margin top 60 in offense Casey Alexander's remember this team won 23 games last year lost North Carolina and the NC double-a tournament prior to that they'd want 20 games and prior to that they had won 12 games that he's really turned this program around when you combine that with the fact that this team is now playing Clemson who they will get up for and you know who Clemson's next game is Duke so how much Clemson really cares about this game I don't know Clemson just beat their rival South Carolina about 12 points on the road they have Duke next game and they face a brutal Lipscomb team in between which is tough when Clemson faces top 60 teams they have not beat a top 60 team all year they didn't beat Mississippi State Nebraska or Creighton I think Lipscomb hangs tough I think Alex Lipscomb has a chance to win outright that doesn't mean take them money line that just means take Lipscomb plus the seven and a half over Clemson today actually it's not even plus 6 is plus 7 and a half is the line right now our seven game plays between UMass in Georgia which goes off at 6 p.m. okay other than that what else do we need to tell you here yeah other than that let's get to the rest of your leans today as well the rest of your leans are as follows small lean on Lehigh against West Virginia West Virginia only B Jacksonville State by a bucket so they're not playing well right now and Lehigh probably hangs tough here I'm out save me some mount st. Mary's in Minnesota remember mount st. Mary's played great against st. John's losing by just 14 points and Lehi and losing to Lehi of a just eight points and lost in Maryland by just fifteen Minnesota has Wisconsin on deck – so don't our Michigan State on deck – so don't see how much they get up for this game like mount st. Mary's – hang tough against Minnesota today Columbia versus northwestern small lean on Columbia Columbia is better than the three and eight team record that they have and most realize that northwestern's you know most don't realize that northwestern is tough loss to Oklahoma the overtime loss to Oklahoma so they could have be a little hung over here from that tough loss to Oklahoma they have Michigan State on deck Columbia lost to Rutgers by three Boston College by nine so I can see them hanging tough here by the way Minnesota has Wisconsin on deck not Michigan State so Lina Mount st. Mary's leaned on Columbia lean on Lehigh you know Lipscomb is our free play today as far as football is concerned still a lien on Cincinnati over Virginia Tech I think Virginia Tech played great in their last two games but I don't know if I trust him here and I trust Cincinnati here to get up to face the ACC team to prove a point here just because Cincinnati beat Virginia Marshall doesn't leave them out of the dog house because they were four and six coming into that game Michigan State Oregon lien on the under there Mario crystal balls first game but you know you're gonna give Mike D'Antoni this much time to prepare for a bowl gave me seven and own bowl games except for the two games it gets Alabama over the last nine years as Nick Saban always defeats his pupils because he's the mentor that always wins but lean on the under the I don't the Michigan State's gonna score but I think they're gonna play great defense I don't think Oregon's go score I don't think the gimmick offensive crystal ball runs it's gonna get by D'Antoni it was a defensive genius leaned on the under North Carolina State Texas A&M leaned on the under they under that game after texting him give up 72 points in the last game I think they've played good defense how the NC State will run the ball to keep them off the field so lean on the under LSU UCF UCF gets their chance baby prove it and I think they do prove it I think they'll continue to get up I think – I was a great coach I think LSU they care about this game but how much do they care you know you lost Texas A&M in the heartbreaker Oregon Oregon will get these guys up and obviously SEC really was LSU to beat up UCF bad to prove a point but having said that I didn't you see a pang stop it means a lot more than it is to LSU Ohio State Washington leaned on the Herbert Meijer last game in a high estate hip-hip-hooray doesn't always work out that we have Paul Johnson leaving tour detect didn't work out that way Minnesota dumped them I think Ohio State does not do well offensively I think Ohio State will play decent defense I think Washington will score early and I think Washington would just run out the clock diving watch will have a great defensive game plan for this game that's what we have for you guys hope you guys are gonna want no NFL liens for you today I think that's enough Bolling's we have enough action between NBA college ball and NFL you know there's only a few games that mattered but I think next year we're gonna have some really good liens there but for this week not much liens there that's we have for you guys hope you guys doing well our focuses Bowl week and I think we've done a good job to a nose start five more bulls to go we'll see you guys back here tomorrow that doesn't mean we ship you on free plays and leans we gave you a ton of that hope you guys know what please take a moment to like to subscribe to the YouTube videos we'll see y'all back here tomorrow you

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  2. 23-15 60.5% took a loss yesterday on wpg Jets at home. I haven't seen them play that bad on home ice in quite some time. And I'm from Winnipeg so I see alot of them and watch every game. Lost 3 in a row and it's my longest losing streak. Let's see if I can snap it today. I'm taking the Mavs +2.5 buying hook up to +3✔️ for my official POD. It's no secret Mavs are dynamite at home. 14-3 SU and 13-4 ATS. Fade them on the road and take them at home seems to be the model with the Mavs. OKC is decent on the road as well but I just think that the Mavs will keep it close if they lose but can win outright as they have shown us at home. Mavs +3✔️ GL today! 24-15 61.5% Mavs win outright and cover the spread.

  3. Great vid. Surprising you don’t have any motivational leans on the last week in the NFL. I remember reading that since 2003 eliminated teams go like 60% ATS against teams who either just need the W or need it and one team’s loss. That being said, I’m taking the Titans+4.5 on prime time.

  4. Your team is awesome Cowboy. As soon as Hit a nice parlay I’m buying a package. Wish I would’ve known about you sooner. I would have asked for cash and gift cards for Xmas Lbs

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