"Froggin" Hunting Frogs With A Recurve Bow

"Froggin" Hunting Frogs With A Recurve Bow

25 Replies to “"Froggin" Hunting Frogs With A Recurve Bow”

  1. I think rhino sapias an idiot, YOU ROCK! Great aim! I'm not too bad with a bow myself either ya know 🙂

  2. why shoot the tiny ones? theres barely any meat on those tiny lil legs! find some BIG frogs and better ur aim!

  3. If u want a real challenge go for grasshoppers : ) that's what i do there hard and helps train you for that aim small miss small way of thinking and shooting nice video keep it up

  4. that sucks you ruined the leg on that one. you have a light draw wieght bow? i think my recurve would bury the arrows if i tried frogging with it.

  5. that was my friend commenting, and we ate the frog so its just part of the food chain, so if you could un-report my video that would be very kind of you. Thanks for watching! Also if you didn't want to see a frog get shot, why did you click on it?

  6. hes probubly gonna eat them and its also not a big deal considering the amout of shit and people die every day so realy who cares cycle of life dominate spices sooooooo yeah

  7. They're bemon 500 grain carbon arrows with 150 grain tip. I got them at my local archery shop. Thanks for watching!

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