From Homeless Kid to Skate Mogul – VICE Sports Meets: Stevie Williams

From Homeless Kid to Skate Mogul – VICE Sports Meets: Stevie Williams

I was that degenerate that wanted to be a celebrity and now that I'm a celebrity it's like I miss kind of being a degenerate sometimes because that was the funnest times of my life my name is Stevie Williams I'm a professional skateboarder entrepreneur and lifestyle specialist the life that I'm living now was impossible life for me when I was younger imagine me at like 12 13 like I want to be pro I want to be the youngest pro I wanted to just be a star skating I like to make the impossible possible take on challenges that some people may seem impossible but I may see it as like you know great adventure I had like hitchhike around my birthday in December and they're made in here about like January I went to Costa Mesa first I got the element was I yo I'm here they're like you know what the are you doing here your mom is calling her and she's going crazy and you popping up here like we can't have that you wonder she's talking about suing us and I'm gonna get arrested I'm like Bucky like yeah I mean let me get some product let me get some boys let me get some money I'm about to go to escape like she ain't coming to California she can't even Ford to get here it wasn't gonna let me stay in Costa Mesa because they Harbor in like a fugitive and juvenile fugitive I got a ride from my best friend Pepe Martinez rest in peace him and a few other dudes drove me into San Francisco they dropped us off in the Tenderloin so everything kind of worked out pretty dope my mom reacted like any mom will react she reacted crazy you know intimidating but I'm my mom's child so I'm like yeah you got a little dude a little bit coming into this grave right here this is the spot where here this is like a projects at the TL everybody in this building that skated was everybody that I always wanted to meet when I got into the building there was like who is this dude there's like yo that's little Stevie from Philly maybe I was like oh you in color for you and I got accepted like that night and I was just one of the boys a lot of people from the East Coast don't get accepted by the San Francisco skater so it's like all if you go out there they might not like you or they might focus you're bored or they might vibe you and I'm like nigga I'm from Philly man him you know I'll go out there like imma long as I'll make it out there I'm straight and Pat Washington heat he told me I could stay at his house right when we was like pulling up to Pepe's house ironically Pat Washington was just standing on a corner and my man Pepe was like they gonna pay Washington right there I'm like oh bet walked up to him I was like yo what's up and he was like who you I'm like something Stevie was good he was like what you're doing out here I'm like yo second stash your house he was like nigga I'm homeless I'm lady homeless he was like yeah I don't got no house he was like I can show you where to put your clothes at you know I'm saying I can show you where we can kick it at and we just got to find a place to stay every nightclub it's called couchsurfing you might not even have a place to stay or that couch might pop up at the last minute or like it's like for y'all y'all trying to find a place to stay you go to your homey house and he like look only two can stay you know and either you want to be like alright well I'm staying at night or the four yo is really just like out the rest of the night skating sleeping on a bench for a couple hours Sun pop up try to figure out how we gonna get to the spot to get our clothes to change clothes it was a good time in my life and I definitely appreciate every every second of it because it made me who I am what change it for nothing this bike the only spots like I respect y'all niggas for holding this spot down what's up girl Hey so pretty at skaters you found routes into the city skating through the city you'll hit the feeder city you know watching off for the cracks Stephen Peter Karns here in the horns skating through crackhead this was our Rob coming down a feral going through all of this maybe stop at the liquor store maybe meet somebody right here they coming out the building this is before cell phones Instagram it's before all of that stuff it's just like word-of-mouth communicating telephone calls meet us here everybody meet up go skate that part of my life changed me from just being a Philly dude to like yellow I'm a part of Frisco too and always have Philadelphia and San Francisco that made me who I am this is the famous Embarcadero it sucks thatis it's nothing left it's like see that that's like a shadow what what used to be here all of the skate tricks was learned here it was filmed sent out into the world and if you could make it here but you can make an escape and that was my dream to come there market arrow and make a name for myself get on a really dope company turned pro one day and be famous but when I came here you couldn't skate here no more you get chased by the cops 200 all the tickets same thing to happen at love park but it happened here first so everybody migrated to a new spot so I'm gonna go over to pair 7 yes that's where I got down here 7 was called the new spot this became the new Embarcadero and this spawn my career Cora Watson's career Rob Welch's career a lot of people's career that didn't get a chance to get a thorough run in the market arrow everybody would hang out here at Pier 7 skating here all day film take photos go back into the city so it's like skateboard and lifestyle like I live my life that way well my money got low it got real it got real bad and Tom's was tough and that's when I really step my game up skateboard was and I stepped it up here at Pier 7 this exact place is like I only got $200 left I sent my mom the last bit of my money she told him I come home and get a job that I'm at the skate do it whatever I need to do whatever trick I need to learn I need to learn it and I'm gonna do this I'm gonna get on the best sponsor that I possibly can and I did the trick on that ledge right there that still has never been done to this day when it was done it was so original that it was able to give me the value that I wanted and that is one of the tricks that sparked my whole career this store has been important to me and to the skateboard community and to Plaza skating because without a store like this the skateboarding message wouldn't even get to Philadelphia it's two videos two photos through innovation and all that stuff was going on here I always came FTC and seeing all of the pros on the wall imagine it my board up on a wall one day you don't really get Street trophies for the that you do but that is the trophy on the wall deserve to be up theory would it be up there trust that's the honor okay FTC is DG k DG k is an FTC won't be no DGK without FTC money charlie BGK is what me and my homies was called when we was little kids dirty ghetto kids at that time 2001 2002 I had the opportunity to do my first company the first thing that popped in my mind will be GK to have a company called dirty ghetto kids automatically seemed like a black company I was super edgy and wild at that time anyway close to 15 years later it's a premium brand that reflects everything that I've done in my career she just took off this is a culture that has been so untapped and so lawless that there's no boundaries to what we can do what we can't do this was an old bank I don't know if you can see the Volt is over there and stuff but we pretty much flipped the bank that was on Fairfax o KL Corp is a distribution company there's four brands DGK expedition organic a' and gold wills all other brands have a lifestyle appeal to it DGK is like inner-city brand it wasn't until I realized what I had at my distribution company with my partners we had a brand that stood for something that was new and seeing how we all grew up together being able to bottle it into a brand and then be able to sell it to our our fans across the world skaters we can identify if you're original and not your personality like reflection style like the way he do his tricks and stuff nobody's going to do it like him he's original everybody's style different and I love being a skater they still have him funny not me and I can't front yo I lost that I lost that for a while I race to get to the top and it just left little voids in my life there I knew that you know at one point in my life like damn I wasn't like this I think then I started looking back and remembering how it was when I was couch surfing or just walking around the city imagining how things could be I didn't think I was ever going to do anything growing up the way I live my life like this far in my life I thought was never really promised I never really thought that I would be this age is successful I'm probably one of the dirtiest roughest parts of Philadelphia and the dreams is to make it out no matter how you do it and I just so happened by doing it by skateboarding nobody told her whatever happened nobody even really supported it like if it was like I played basketball I was doing something popular for my neighborhood but it don't matter what I do now and how I've done it was actually able to change the culture and shift the culture our way so it's respecting them if my mom or my dad or my friends or my neighborhood or my community or my race didn't get my goal I did and I went for it BGK is my legacy is what I stand for the kids know about the legacy the brand and they love it they don't have to but they do and I'm psyched

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  1. Great ledge skater but i get such a kick outta his interviews when his eyes are tomato ๐Ÿ… red from smokin weed and doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Lol

  2. Respect to stevie Williams he's come along way and became successful…๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ›น

  3. I know the feeling of being gutta. It's what makes us, us. I loved the ghetto. White boys wear DGK too, many of Stevie Williams fans are white boys. Lol. They love and respect him.

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