Full Body Circuit Training Home Workout | Jump Rope & Calisthenics

Full Body Circuit Training Home Workout | Jump Rope & Calisthenics

hey everyone how are you it's a super hot today I just got finished a really great full body workout consisting of six exercises and I'll explain a more detailed just a minute when I first put it what I was doing maybe you can try a similar workout or incorporate some of the movements into your workouts these days I've been working on a video about building bigger stronger calf muscles a very common question that I get is how can I build bigger stronger caps so I hope you finished that video very soon all right I'm pumping sweat I got to go inside and get a drink I really hope you enjoyed this video all right everyone so the first exercise that I did was push-ups push-ups are such a phenomenal exercise and in a future video I will share some tips which you can use to perform pain free push-ups when I was younger I often experienced some shoulder pain and pain in my elbow what some people might call tennis elbow when I did push-ups and over the years I learned a few tips to incorporate when you do push-ups that can help avoid shoulder pain and elbow pain and just recently I completed two 30-day challenges the first one I did a hundred push-ups a day and the next one I did 150 push-ups a day and even though I was doing lots of push-ups I experienced no pain whatsoever in my elbows or in my shoulders so some of the tips that I learned I picked them up from fitness experts people who I regard as fitness experts guys who've been training for 40 50 60 decades as you can see I'm doing these push-ups with my hands on top of my flip-flops the roof surface was so hot that I couldn't put my hands on the roof so I had to use my flip-flops so that was 50 pushups and immediately afterwards I went into 50 double unders my legs were actually feeling a little bit rubbery there so the first couple double unders were a little bit difficult to do doing the double unders immediately after push-ups can be quite difficult because the push-ups fatigue your shoulders so I was jumping a little bit higher than I would have liked but because my legs were a bit rubbery I just wanted to make sure that I could clear the rope and then after the double-unders I went into bent over rows I was aiming for 50 but I lost count and once I watched the footage afterwards I noticed I did about 45 or 46 so in a second in the second set I threw in a couple extra although I'm using no weights here this movement is actually fantastic for the lat muscles I'm really concentrating on moving my arms up to the sides of my body using my elbows so I'm pulling my elbows in to the sides of my body and I'm imagining in my mind that I'm pulling a heavy weight if you haven't tried this before I highly recommend trying it and really concentrate on using your elbows to lift your hands from the ground up and give your back muscles a good squeeze at the top of the movement it may seem easy at first but do 30 40 50 reps and I'm sure you're gonna feel it in your back and notice my back isn't straight there I'm not using any weights and so I'm not too concerned about keeping a straight back I'm just really concentrating I'm bringing my elbows up to the sides of my body and this next movement that I do is fantastic if you want to get buns of steel now this is a really good exercise for tightening your glute your ass so as you can see I'm supporting my upper body with my two arms and I have my me of my left leg on the ground or on the flip-flop rather and I'm keeping my other leg rather straight and I'm just lifting it up and down and I'm really focusing on lifting my legs using my butt muscles so I do 50 of these with each leg these are fantastic for your bum so if you want to tighten your bum I highly encourage just doing this exercise and for some other exercises for your bum I have a video that focuses on that on my channel and I'll provide a link to that down below in the description in case you're interested oh so actually you can see there I'm not using a flip-flop under my knee I have the two flip-flops under my hands and I'm using my shoe there to keep my knee off the roof it really was that warm today in some places it look like the paint on the roof was starting to bubble what I like about this exercise and the other ones included in this video is you don't need a gym to perform them you don't need any special equipment I'm just using my body weight give this movement a try really concentrate on squeezing your bum and lifting your leg using your bum and then I go from doing those glute kickbacks the at that exercise for your bum into squats it so the previous exercise was working the bum and the legs and this one also works the legs especially the thigh muscles so I'm just sitting down into a squat position so my thighs are parallel to the ground and I just hold this I was basically counting in my mind fifty slow seconds when I was a kid our gym teacher used to always make us do this exercise sometimes we were allowed to sit against the wall other times we didn't have a wall we just had to imagine that we were sitting on a chair but there was no chair there it's a really great exercise for strengthening your thigh muscles and the next exercise that I do is for the stomach muscles and it's bicycle crunches bicycle crunches are one of my favorite app exercises when I was younger I used to always train my stomach muscles I don't train them as often anymore and in fact there are some times some months when I didn't train them at all and I still had really strong visible app muscles if you want to get a six-pack eating or having a calorie deficit on a regular basis is key the key to displaying six-pack abs is having low body fat so I do 25 of these on each leg so this first circuit I perform 50 reps of each movement and then after this circuit I do approximately 90 to 120 seconds of the basic boxers jump rope skip and then I perform another circuit and in the second circuit I do 40 reps of each and then in the third set I do 30 reps of each movement and then the fourth circuit I do 20 reps and then in the final one I do ten reps so it's a ladder style circuit and as you can see I'm taking minimum rest between these movements which makes the workout more challenging plus the intense heat add it to the intensity factor I'm just going into the basic boxer step and after doing the push-ups the double unders the squat sit and the glute kickbacks in particular my legs were quite fatigued and even before I started doing this circuit I performed about 10 minutes of freestyle skipping just to warm up and loosen my body and get a good sweat going and if you want to learn how to do this basic boxer skip I have a tutorial video on my channel and I'll be making a few others that provide some extra pointers on this particular move even though it looks like an easy move to do a lot of people find it quite challenging so that is basically the first round of this circuit and I won't show you the other four because the video would get too long but you have an idea and I hope this video has given you some ideas of some move that you can incorporate into your workout hey everyone thanks for watching I really hope that you enjoyed this video if so please give it a thumbs up and share it with anyone who might also enjoy it and for lots more cool jump rope and fitness content subscribe to my channel alright until next time thanks for watching

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  1. Good video ! I suck at Push Ups mainly because of bad form. I was told that my elbow goes outwards like chicken wings while I attempt push up, now it has became bit difficult for me to unlearn the wrong method and do it properly , any tip would be appreciated as your form is excellent !

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