Full Bodyweight Circuit Training: First Example Workout

Full Bodyweight Circuit Training: First Example Workout

hi there I made a couple of new videos about circuit training and this is a specific work hard spell and you will do a couple of exercises in a row without rest in between and after you have finished one round you will take some rest and that you will start over and repeat until you have done three to five rounds and this will probably take you not much more than thirty minutes instead of showing you a couple of basic exercises I decided to show you some combination exercises and the first one that I will show you is the two times pull-up and then one times chin up so basically you will do two pull-ups in a row then you let go of the bar and change grip to the chin up grip and then perform one chin up only and this will work out your upper back and also your biceps I will make more of these kind of routines and I will also show you some workouts that you can do with dumbbells only and also with only using a barbell now for this specific bodyweight workout you will need a dip station or something to do dips on and also a pull a bar but in later videos you will only need to use your own bodyweight the next exercise is a combination between the pike push-up and the kickback first of all do a Pike pushup for your shoulders and then you will kick up one leg so alternate between your legs and this will work out your glutes and hamstrings in the description of this video you can find out more about this workout and you can see how many repetitions that I recommend you to do for each exercise the third exercise is a rolling squat and you will basically roll down on your back and if you want you can use your arms to make sure that you don't roll back too far and then you kind of kick yourself back up and perform a squat this workout is great for increasing your endurance and also to increase your muscle strength and muscle tone so this is basically a great workout if you want to get a more toned body rather than just getting very killer the last three exercises will indirectly work at your apps so with the rolling squad you'll notice that you will have to use your abdominal muscles a lot as well and TT push-up is a common exercise that is used to both workout the arms and chest as well as the oblique muscles from your abdominal section I would say that this workout is a perfect workout if you want to get in shape for next summer the final exercise that I will show you is the dipping knee trace so first of all you will do a dip then you will make sure that you are stable enough to do a knee race which is also an abdominal exercise I will place this video and the other videos that about circuit training that I will make in the future in the playlists of workout routines and cardio on my channel so you can easily find it back and make a weekly workout routine by using the other videos in the playlist and as this is a full body workout routine I find it necessary to tell you that you should not do more than 3 full-body workout routines each week and this also means that you should not do two workout routines two days in a row so always make sure that there is one day in between make sure you read the description of this video if you are interested in this routine and if you click on the video you will see the promotion video of my new website thank you for watching and see you next time

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  1. Often as in every 2 months or so. Not often as in every week, because that won't help either. So change it every 2 months. If you still feel it works it won't hurt to do it longer!

  2. @saginawpaw It's a dipping station / squat rack station. I don't know where to get one in Germany. It's probably difficult to find one overal as this is the only one that can be adjusted (including a dipping station) that I've ever seen.

  3. @megamax916 Apart from the fact that he and I had a little argument, I think he's alright. He and I started at around the same time I think. My channel started to grow more, but I think he's very talented and strong and should have more subs and views too.

  4. @MrCedricski Ja, er zijn wel wat andere oefeningen die je kunt doen. In de volgende videos van Circuit training kun je er een aantal zien. Close push ups trainen je triceps iig al en je kunt dit combineren met een crunch door bijvoorbeeld 3x een push up en 3 sit ups te doen en dat een paar keer herhalen.

  5. @MessiEika Yes, they are nice. Especially because the contraction of the triceps when doing the knee raises is pretty intense.

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