Full Circuit Training Workout for Getting in Shape after 40

Full Circuit Training Workout for Getting in Shape after 40

hey Brian sucker here again certified personal trainer and baby boomer fitness expert for today we're going over beginner exercises for baby boomers to get back in shape alright so when working with people for the first time and you're trying back into an exercise routine the hardest thing is to know where to start so today I want to show you some exercises that you can start off with that are gonna help you tighten up tone up and get back in shape these are all mostly bodyweight exercises the nice thing about bodyweight exercises especially as we get old old is that they're functional meaning they are translating into your everyday life so that way you can go out and do the things that you love to do and these are going to be the most effective exercises to help you get back in shape so the first exercise that I want you to do is and is to warm up so if you guys been watching me for some time I have plenty of warm up video so go through those exercises so the first exercise is your warmup and then the next thing you're going to do is start with some bodyweight squats now a lot of people have let me know in the comments section that you know those are going to be brutal on my knees it's going to be hard on my knees and that's why it's so important to do your warm-up so it's gonna take some pressure off the knees the second thing when you're doing these exercises for especially squats is to work through your range of motion that you have and to do progressions with that so you're going to start off with some squats one squat that you can start off with is a TRX squat nice thing about a TRX squat it's going to take away a lot of the load of your your body weight and let you use your upper body insisting you to stand back up so how that's going to work is just gonna turn your your toes out you're gonna take a deep breath in and then exhale deep breath in and exhale we're gonna do 15 to 20 reps and then you're going to go into your next exercise which is then a push-up so when starting out you can do push-up from a lot of different areas you can do it from a bench you can do it from your knees or you can do it from a regular push-up position so you're in a next exercise you're gonna go into push-ups and again we'll start from the knees just for the sake that you're starting out again that the same reason why we're doing the TRX squats so you're gonna have your hands right outside shoulder-width you're gonna take a deep breath in and then exhale deep breath in and exhale you're gonna do 20 repetitions it's a great exercise for working your chest your shoulders and your triceps then you're gonna get back up move back over and you're going to go into a TRX row nice thing about a TRX row is that these are gonna be a great exercise for working your core your biceps and your back why I like TRX so much is that you're using your bodyweight and it's a very functional exercise that translates over to your everyday life and these t-rex traps you can take with you anywhere you can put them up in your house even when you travel so your bass can be nice and flat if you want more intensity you're just gonna walk yourself in further if you want less intensity just walk yourself out so you're gonna and if you're out wider a wider foot angle it's gonna be less intense because you got more support and if you're the closer and with your feet the more of the core it's gonna work so your backs nice and flat you're gonna pull through your elbows breathing out deep breath in this is gonna work your biceps and your back deep breath in and then exhale all right if also something you're going to notice is that I'm working I'm going between an upper body exercise and a lower body exercise the benefit of that is you can get some cardiovascular benefit you're gonna get increased calorie burn so we're gonna go into the next exercise our stability ball leg curl move our mat over here and this is a great exercise for our hamstrings the back of her legs so we're just gonna lie down here we're gonna put our feet on top of the ball if you're doing this exercise for the first time and it's difficult for you just have your hands on your side to give yourself ability and then what you can do is you practice these just by raising your hips up and then back down hips up back down now if you want to challenge yourself you're just going to drive your hips up you have to pull through your heels and then back down hips back up curl in and then dropping those hips back down we're do 15 to 20 repetitions there you can roll over here we're gonna stand back tall all right so now we've finished our stability ball leg curls I'm gonna grab some dumbbells and we go back to our upper body what you're gonna do is have a staggered stance you're gonna curl these dumbbells up and you're gonna have a neutral grip the nice thing about having a neutral grip as we begin to age once you get over the age of 40 there's a lot of tightening in the shoulder joint so this allows take some pressure off the shoulders you're gonna press up breathe in let me breathe out deep breath actually yes breathe out on the way up and on the way down you can do 12 to 15 repetitions we're gonna set these back down next exercise we're gonna do is we're going to do a reverse TRX lunge again nice thing about doing a reverse TRX lunge is that when you're stepping backwards and you're gonna be pulling yourself back up you're taking some of that load off your lower body so if you have a key knees or cranky knees or tight quads this is gonna be an exercise that's going to keep the pressure on it and that's something that I want to address because it was brought up in the comments section by a number of people so how it's going to work as your chest is nice and tall you're going to step back and then back to Center stepping back with the opposite leg and you're just going to rotate between each side deep breath in and exhale breathe in exhale and you're gonna do 12 to 15 repetitions after we finish those exercises we're gonna go back over here to our mat and we're gonna focus on working our glutes and our hamstrings again I'm going to slide down here we're gonna have our hands on our thighs you're just going to press your hips straight up working your glutes and your hamstrings back down our control and then back up we're do 20 repetitions of the hip raises and then our big finish here is going to be our plank good exercise for upper body hands right underneath our shoulders and this can be great for our core backs nice and flat and then what we want to do is you want to put pull our belly button in now if you have got some like tightness in your shoulders you can do it from your elbows and if it's too challenging from the plank position or from the elbows you can just do them from your knees until you build yours yourself up to them now with this circuit after you finish these exercises try to work through this three rounds and just work at your own pace until you can comfortably get through this and then you can begin to do some of the other routines that I have with some resistance training and bringing those those rep ranges down so go for more endurance and building that stability to bringing those reps up rep ranges down more into that hypertrophy and then after you know four to six weeks you can then move into using more of those free weights working that you know 10 to 12 rep range and this is gonna be a great routine that's going to help you build that endurance back up and get back in shape so enjoy and I look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section thank you for watching now you want to do is click the subscribe button down below and the little gray bell so your update of all the great content that comes out here click the like button if you liked the video also down below in the comment section if you want some great coaching put your first name your last name use the secret word coaching and your email 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  1. My husband (70) and I (61) have just started working out at a gym in our area and these workout tips will definitely help. My husband rides a motorcycle and has been trying to strengthen up his legs and upper body, so thank you! 'Coaching' Patty Estes [email protected]

  2. It's been awhile since I've seen you Boomer, I'm 64 years old and your advice is really helped me keep up the great work

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