Full workout – HIIT Circuit work out – 25 minute Fat Burning Workout

Full workout – HIIT Circuit work out – 25 minute Fat Burning Workout

33 Replies to “Full workout – HIIT Circuit work out – 25 minute Fat Burning Workout”

  1. Keep making a difference guys! Great stuff!
    I'm struggling with flexibillity.. reumatoΓ―de artritis.
    Can you give some tips, maybe a video for recovery purpose? Many thanks,

  2. Yo Brix I keep trying and failing I've been praying to god but there's no change I been giving up and just starting to try again I don't know if I'm every gonna make it bro got any tips

  3. This video is great! And the last two weeks have been kicking my butt! Glad I signed up for your program! Keep the videos coming.

  4. U inspired me to lose 31 lbs in 3 months. I am from Bronx, NY. I was 280 lbs now 248. I always excersized but the Intermittent fasting made a difference and not getting comfortable. I also eat after the fasting periods and also do 16 to 36 hour fast. Thks u and Cammie for showing me a way and the u for motivating me when it seemed impossible.

  5. I just start hit training. It's hard but i love it. I realize i wasn't working out hard enough at planet fitness alone so i joined a boot camp. Thanks for all your encouraging video, thanks to cami too.

  6. This is your future right here, that was freaking badass, nobody does this. Seriously put one of these out each week (Same day same time), throw some ads in for the rest spots = $$$. You could even create a whole new YouTube channel based on your workouts together. The two big trends are workout videos and cooking videos. So in between your workout videos throw in some couple cooking healthy type videos, BAM! Then ftom that you could sell a online cookbook with say your top 25 recipies, it could go on and on.

    Anyways awesome video, wishing you both the best.

  7. good stuff as always! ✊ ive been ona strict protein/veggie only diet w little to no carbs for a few days & im seein' some results but any thoughts on that? πŸ€”

  8. You are unlike any youtuber out their. I know so many people, like myself, who don't even know what to do when they step foot in the gym besides walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Thank you for this, and hopefully when i lose more weight, I can actually complete a circuit lmao

  9. Thanks for this circuit training vid…trying to cut the fat down…will try this in the am with the wife #brixsquad πŸ’―

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