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  1. I've tried some MFR and stretching to get flexible enough into that deep squat and just cant get there… could it be my leg to torso proportion is holding me back? I have super long legs and a short torso

  2. Is there a particular reason for the jump forward, after the half backward roll, to have bent legs? Would it be just as beneficial to do a stretched jump forward as this would give a workout which would help with the explosive jump required before a somersault for instance?

  3. what kind of kicks do you have on brother? and if you ever want to have the best cold-pressed juices in the country in your gyms we would be deeply honored. We craft our juices in Lancaster County our home and home to the most fertile non-irrigated soil on the planet. Over 200 years of heritage in agriculture. More nutrient dense plants to make more nutrient dense juices which translates to tastier juices as well. Cheers brother! Keep growing the movement!

  4. Thanks. I've enjoyed the few videos of yours I've seen. You have some really good intelligent ideas. – When you say max 80 mins..did you mean per week or per session? cheers!

  5. Been watching some of your videos and they have been very helpful.  I have a questions about the second exercise, how can I work to a deep squat with my heals on the floor? If I squat deep my heals lift off the floor, if I push them down I'll fall back.  It I'm holding a wall I can get into the deep squat but I can't balance on my own, any tips? 

  6. just thought u could land a bit softer if explosive and plyometrics is your thing. But ya great vid definitely gonna try these out!

  7. Walking longues with change of direction – we do them in crossfit football- rolling squats with jump (by the way, those are deep squats, not the ones you recommend) we do them in gymnasticswod.com- inestable plank, we do it with as many variations of positions as possible… I tell you boy, your war against crossfit only puts you in an uncomfortable place, let things flow, at the end, we're just moving. Thanks for the video.

  8. how do you work on getting into that deep squat with your heels on the ground? I can't do it without moving to the balls of my feet. I'm in good shape I just find it tough to roll into that squat.

  9. More of a shame imposing limits that don't need to be there based of fear of what people "may" think of you.
    We have too many limits imposed on us by society as it is-why make more for yourself?

  10. Have you tried Stupid Simple Slimming? (Go google it) It is a quick way for you to lose weight fast.

  11. It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these people are able to bulk up so easily with Max Muscle Method (go google it).

  12. Great exercises, however, on the "donkey kong exercise" your feet should be kept in front of you and not go past your head when rolling backwards from the deep squat as your center of mass is directly above your base support and won't allow you to fall back as quickly and you'll lose some power too.

  13. Only to those who are in the gym to stand around and gawk. The rest of us weirdos would be watching, learning, and trying it out ourselves.

  14. Difficult, complex looking fancy exercises may not be more effective than simpler less complex exercises.

  15. Hey Naudie, I am wondering I never see you with water so when if at all are you hydrating? What are your thoughts on hydration?

  16. Your knowlage on biomechanics applied to body planes, positioning and exercise routines is great. Your workouts are truly a natural way to enhanace ones fitness goals. Wish i didnt have a l4, l5, s1herniated disc! I'd be sure to apply your plyometric methods to my arsonal. Thanks for your input in educating the world of fitness

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