26 Replies to “Funny Table Tennis(NEW)”

  1. haha some crazy shit. in San Diego we play squip. on walls, on busses, on supermarket windows   #squip

  2. did not know that you wanted to say it in Dutch. Sorry mate.
    Here is some German to your face! "Tischtennis" 😀

  3. bordtennis was literally translated, from English to Dutch. Yet, the Dutch translation is tafel-tennis. So please, don't even try to troll a Dutch person. -_-

  4. @Irfan87 Thanks a lot for your support Irfan,I'm glad to read this post!
    The music is an important factor for vids in my opinion.Many thanks bro.

  5. Gotta say one of the BEST things abt Geca's vids are his choice of music. A lot of videos on YouTube are crap simply because of the music, but some like Geca, make it work brilliantly. Another great vid, well done bro.

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