Furniture Reupholstery: The Tricks You Have to Know

Furniture Reupholstery: The Tricks You Have to Know

Want to update a piece of furniture, without
spending a lot? Try reupholstering, with these secrets to success. Start by using a seam
ripper to remove the old fabric. To make the job easier on your hands. [ MUSIC ] If the
cushioning has seen better days, add an extra layer of poly fiber fill and cover with quilt
batting for a cushy, uniform seat. When adding fabric, rather than stapling one entire side.
Insert a staple on one side. Pull the fabric tot [ SOUND ] and then move to the opposite
side and insert a staple directly [ SOUND ] opposite the previous one. When it comes
to corners, folding edges neatly and uniformly is key to a polished look. To create a clean,
vertical pleat, cut a notch in the fabric. Fold over the raw edge of the bottom and tuck
the side around the leg. Staple into place. Fold over the raw edge of the other side and
lay over the piece you just stapled. Cut a small slit on the edge of the fabric. Use
a butter knife to tuck in the excess fabric. This will create a nice vertical pleat at
the corners. A cardboard strip will help create clean edges on the backing piece [ SOUND ]. When
piecing together fabrics make sure your patterns align. Check it as you’re stapling. [ MUSIC
] [ SOUND ] A metal tack strip will also help create a clean finished edge. Place the tack
strip on the very edge of your fabric, with the tacks going through the front of the fabric.
Fold the fabric over, and pound the strip into place. Follow these easy tips and tricks
and your old furniture will look like new.

42 Replies to “Furniture Reupholstery: The Tricks You Have to Know”

  1. Wow, finally someone mentioned the way to cut the pesky corner fabric. Too late for my first try , a recovering of a piano bench, but good to know everything you showed and clearly said for my next try…gulp! Gulp!!!thanks

  2. as a professional upholster this is all wrong please if you want something upholstered send it to us pro's

  3. There's nothing wrong with someone covering their own furniture  to save money,  but this video doesn't give good instructions on how to do it.  They are too sloppy in the process

  4. This isn't right. If you keep flipping from one side staple to the other it's going to pull the weave and make the print uneven and also unnecessarily stretch the fabric. You have to do one side first, and then the other. And that pleat!!! Hideous. Why not get some pros to help you with your videos?

  5. I really enjoyed this video and I could give a rats Ass if you disagree with teachings! this is a DIY for people who cannot afford over priced pro's. The tips about using the tack strips and cardboard is an AWESOME idea! Consider me a subscriber.

  6. Hi,
    I want to reupholster couch cushions, and turn the 3 pillows into just one long cushion, any suggestions on how to do this..

  7. Thank you for this video! Just ignore the negative comments…criticism is helpful when it is less negative! Helpful tips help people to become better not negative rude comments….it may not be a perfect “pro” job but it was most helpful indeed for those who cannot afford the “pro” job? thanks once again for this video!

  8. If you don’t have a white rubber mallet but you have a black one, fit a white sock or white bootie over it so you don’t transfer marks to the material.

  9. OMG sorry everyone this is the worse DIY video ever. you will have so many issues. a few more steps are needed for a good look. I am a pro and can say this.

  10. HOLY CRAP… a TACK strip ..thats how it looks so cleaN! – by all things magical and wizardy-ish! – thanks

  11. These look pretty awesome. Made with so much dedication.
    I tried reupholstery for my Dining chairs as well. Before starting I took the idea from your video.

  12. Did you all miss the fact that this video was TIPS for re-upholstery and not an in-depth tutorial? God. Never seen so many whiny bitches. Don’t like the pleat? Go make your own fucking video.

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