Gamers go shooting for real

Gamers go shooting for real

[Music] Question 1 – how do we get the youth of today
interested in hunting shooting and fishing..? Question 2 – how do they spread that interest?-
well actually we use these guys – IF they have a good time with us today
fishing for their lunch and shooting for their pride and learning a few things about ballistics.
THEN they will tell their audiences. And I mean audiences. These five lads get more than
28 million views a month on their YouTube channels. Just to give you an idea what that
means, the biggest TV show in the UK, Britain’s Got Talent, gets only half that at its peak. Instead of putting themselves through the
Simon Cowell strainer, they simply play Call of Duty, FIFA and Minecraft in their bedrooms,
they then post those films and vlogs on YouTube. In their bedrooms! Like some kind of insane
parent, Fieldsports Channel is now going to drag them out of the darkness and into the
light… Today is going to be sick. Oh yes – you can call us Snoopp Fieldsportsy Fieldsports. Before connecting with these lads I need to
get ready to connect with a fish which involves some old technology. Which still does the
trick – more by luck than good management. Proof there are fish in Bewl Water, here in
the South-East of England. Having set the bar high, the lads are split
up and sent off with the likes of Andy and Mark for a morning’s fishing. We’re hoping
for great things. Marky Mark are you going to catch us our lunch
then? Am I? Hopefully yes. What is on the menu? Well if we don’t catch anything I have got
packets of Quavers for everyone. Because I thought it would be quite funny if everybody
had to eat packets of Quavers staring at Charlie who has already put a pike back. Unfortunately Mark doesn’t seem to have luck
on his side today and it’s down to Baby Crow to show him how it’s done – on his first cast.
The brown trout keep coming – but they are not for eating. We want rainbows. Not all the gamers are falling in love with
fishing – some are getting too close to the water. Unfortunately we only have one chance
to make a first impression. Back on the jetty we do have some fish for
the bbq – Callum and Toby have landed a fish each. We have something to go with the quavers! It was really good. I always thought fishing
was quite boring and then I tried it and yes. Fin slapped again. Yes I did enjoy myself, it was good fun even
though I didn’t catch anything it was good fun. It is not as easy as it looks and you
have to have a lot of patience. And luck. It is beginners luck. Yeah, that’s right. There is no skill in it.
It was just luck they had. But we didn’t have any luck today. I will be back later don’t
you worry. I will definitely be back. We head en-masse to Andy’s where the lads
first have a chance to shoot air rifles – and a couple of shotguns on loan from York Guns.
There’s a pump action Mossberg 12-bore and a silenced Mossberg .410. It is good when you hit it. There’s also an opportunity to shoot at some
explosive targets on a car door with a .243 rifle. Today is about lots of safe play with a hint
of education – How often do you see characters shielded from bullets by a car in Call of
Duty?- we want to show these lads that guns real guns need to be treated with care – they
can pierce a lot more than a bit of metal. That was an incredible, incredible feeling.
I have experienced it so many times in a virtual world so to be able to do it for real life,
it is an amazing feeling to do it and I thank Fieldsports immensely for letting me have
the opportunity to try it. Well thank you for coming. But we worry in
shooting that you are a bit detached from shooting because you are doing it virtually. Shooting a gun for the first time it is just
an incredible feeling. I can’t really describe it. Come back and do it again. Absolutely. Mark’s also playing with bits of metal. Having
forgotten the grill, we borrow some of Andy’s sheep fencing for the firebowl. So what’s
Mark rustling up for us today? It is very nice fish actually I was really
quite impressed with the quality of fish we got. So we scaled it but haven’t done a brilliant
job because we are out here in a field and what we are going to do is, hopefully that
will mean people will be able to eat the skin, we are going to wrap this up in a parcel and
we are going to let it steam in its own juice. It’s been a busy but enjoyable day – so what
sort of impression have we made on these lads. How are your ears. This one is ringing like made. I can’t really
hear much right now. You have got ear defenders you could be using. I should be using ear defenders. If you are
coming here to do this. Definitely use ear defenders Are you enjoying it? I am loving it. I am absolutely loving it.
It is my first time clay pigeon shooting. I also went fishing earlier today which was
also quite cool. I really love the shooting. Which would you come back to do next? Both, can I do both? I want to do both. Liam is a COD king, a Call of Duty pro. So
what is it all about. Kills, objective, win. So you are out to shoot naughty terrorists
and get a flag. Flag, yes or blow something up. That is what
I normally go for, I normally go for objective rather than kills, so if you run somewhere
and you die lots of times you get that position and that is fine. So this is the first time you have been shooting. Yes, I have never fired a gun before. And what did you think? I was a bit sceptical. I was a bit like, I
don’t know how this is going to go, will I be able to do it or not and then I had the
clay pigeon I shot on my first shot and I was like ok fair enough I might actually be
able to hit something and then from there I was getting more and more shots on. It is
definitely different to playing on an X Box. You have got to hold a controller on an X
Box whereas you have actually got to hold the gun. All right so which of the two would you come
back and do? What fishing or shooting. Definitely the shooting.
It is much funner than the fishing. Callum joined us last year for the shooting
and he’s hungry for more – so having had a good time can we rely on him to preach to
the masses on our behalf? Do you reckon you can explain shooting sports
to them? Yes, I could if there was the odd ignorant
person who doesn’t really understand it I reckon I could win them around if that is
a good thing. Our viewers get really worried about this
that shooting is rather marginalised and nobody knows about it and you are the kind of person
that can do it. That makes you in our A fodder. Yes, as I said I think it would be pretty
easy to win someone around especially someone my age because they would be able to understand
it a little bit better. May be it would be quite hard to win somebody a little bit older
over. Sorry! A git like me? No comment. What would you do to them. Many, many things. Tell me. Too rude. Tell me. Ok. Right … Ok shooting which is going on all around us
is not what it is like on Black Opter. Or is it? No that bullet went straight through that
car and in COD you can hide behind things, unless you have got FMJ on it like taps you
on the shoulder and you can walk off. Real life, I can’t imagine a shotgun bullet hitting
me in the chest whereas in Call of Duty they sponge it, run off and kill you. We think it’s been a successful day. We’ve
done some myth busting and given some lads who know so much about guns in the virtual
world and virtually nothing about them in the real world a taste of proper fishing and
shooting. That is quality. We hope their enthusiasm will rub off on their
millions of fans. It only remains to say thank you to everyone
who helped – each of them great ambassadors for fieldsports and one who shows he can still
cook up a feast on stock fencing.

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  2. Hopefully these military like games will normalise military styled guns and possibly get the next generation of shooters to want semi autos and pistols

  3. Im 16 and sold my xbox 360 about 3 1/2 years ago. Im one of a minority of lads these days that do not game at all or own a gaming console. In 3 1/2 years ive started to ace the guitar, go clay pigeon shooting, go rabbiting with my own airgun, I could go on… You see I could only start knew things with time and time is wasted sitting playing video games that have no positive effect on your body,mind, nothing really.

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