Garage Makeover – Easy timber screen

Garage Makeover – Easy timber screen

G’Day How awful does this look? A few years ago we converted this redundant carport into a spare room. It was a pretty budget conversion as you can see. Never really finished it. We cover this area using some of that lightweight timber screening. But it didn’t take too long before it started look pretty shabby and fall apart. I reckon we can do a whole lot better. using Whites Screen Up. Now you might have seen this before. It’s a very strong aluminium channel into which we will be able to position this hardwood decking using 20mm spacers. I’m going to fix the channel directly onto the brickwork using these Tapcon masonry screws. The Screen Up system gives you two options. The rear-fix channels fix on the inside of the brickwork but because I’m going to fill the channel right up to the very top it’s the side-fix channels that I’m going to be using. And these are going to be mounted directly onto the face of the brickwork. It’s pretty important that you get the verticals just right. As they say “Measure twice and cut once” And when you’re drilling in the masonry I strongly recommend you use safety glasses. Now, remember, don’t drill into the mortar If the pre-drilled holes are sitting over the mortar then simply drill another hole. When you’re fixing the bottom of the channel don’t forget to install this L bracket that comes with the kit. This is the thing that holds the bottom plank in place. There we are. Just like a bought one. Ok, and now the 20mm spacers. This is about the time when I’m also going to introduce another piece of the kit. This is the brace Now, with a span of over three meters it’s wise to put these braces in on the back of the boards just to keep them straight and keep them aligned. Secure the brace on each board using a 15mm button-headed screw. While building the screen I’ve added two Garden Up slat hooks. To get the most out of your Merbau use a transparent timber oil. I’ve put one more brace in the middle over which I’ve hung an Oxy-Shield decorative panel. This is the bamboo design also from Whites. And onto the slat hooks go four Garden Up Classic Planters. We’ve gone from this… …to this. Works for me! Whites have plenty of other clever ideas to help bring your garden to life

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  1. You can already see bowing. That will look shit in couple of mouths. I would not recommend spanding decking boards 3ms that’s from a qualified carpenters point of view

  2. I'm doing something similar in my backyard for an AC/ pool filter cover. Thanks for the advice and the cool accent!

  3. Would’nt ya paint the area black first before panelling it up as i can still see ugliness through the gaps

  4. Very clever and looks great! Thinking about doing this with my outdoor aluminum screened pool enclosure to provide some privacy from the neighbors. Thanks for this great idea!

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