Garagistic BMW Solid Mount Shifter install and options breakdown

Garagistic BMW Solid Mount Shifter install and options breakdown

Speaker 1: Thanks for joining us this is Matthew
Garagistic today we gonna to talk about the solid mounter shifter its options and how
to install it in a couple cars. I got a lot of questions about these so figured
you know what where to go and talk about it in detail. Basically this is a solid Mount shifter now
we meet at Super customizable, different size ice of shafts adjustable from throw on the
bottom you know basically we added set screws to the bottom sensors for the tops you can
adjust height slightly you can adjust throw. Basically old Mount chassis shifter will do
is basically tighten up your shifter but more importantly it would make it so your throw
on your shifter is very very short but it’s customizable so you can adjust it but this
basically eliminates all of the carrier assembly components in your solid shifter or in your
in your regular carrier assembly for a very very good feeling shift. So this is a fully customizable, so we do
have different lengths of heights or on the shifter assembly different types you have
your non recessed options recessed options you can run 0EM BMW emblems there’s fully reversible
you know basis is a sandwich plate that goes on the bottom so that way you’re not really
modifying anything currently on your vehicle and for the guys who kind of want an 0EM+
file shifter where you can kind of can’t tell when you’re in the car running your stock
shift boot we have the OEM option and basically with this does it replicates a stock shifter
but it’s the same height as the very common Z3 shifter that’s basically all has in common
with the Z3 shifter is just its height. What people can kind of reference oh you know
is it going to be too tall is meant to replicate basically factory height but you have to keep
in mind because you’re moving the pivot point below the car lower that if you have a very
short like this effort will go up so it’s one of those things worth the trade-off you
will be able to put it on your stock shift boot but if it will go up where you know the
taller the shop gets the the lower the effort. It’s going to be such a problem lies on this
shifter what ends up happening is we actually end up putting a Groove in the threats and
to set screws on the side so that way you can actually end up like moving it up or down
so you can see. Am gonna go ahead and just move it up you
can kind of see if there’s a slot in there and that’s what helps it register so it can’t
come loose also it helps register for the guys who are running the OEM like style emblem
that you wanted to face the right way you have infant adjustability in here actually
the set screws actually the same in the same location from below. Its gonna be really easy to register it straight
I’m so it is very very helpful on this side though is where they’re just ability is a
lot more helpful. So basically by adjusting this up-and-down
you’re not adjusting throw length and it can be very very beneficial because you could
basically make it either super short or a little longer for your daily driver. What it meant whatever may be so super customizable
not sense nothing that we did that we thought was super helpful was actually adding a bronze
bearing insert in there so that way it’s not self lubricated and it’ll give you basically
years of trouble free service so very very cool little feature that we end up adding
on there. Then again this the sandwich was that we were
talking about that ends up being a bolt on the bottom of the car and wanted to show you
that a little bit later. So you got the car lifted safely, First thing
that you have to considers the fact that you will now have to go to some sort of solid
transmission bushing like a 80A, 95A Delrin, Aluminum instead of the factory Rubber and the
reason for that is because the solid mounted shifter is so knotted so it’s attached the
chassis so you don’t want your engine transmission moving and that shifter Assembly not moving
that cost for potential damage potentially not being able to get the car in gear just
a bad situation overall don’t want to do it. In this particular install we gonna be using
an 80A Poly and softest you be able to do but because it’s a bolt through design it
makes it where that transmission isn’t moving around while your engine and transmission
bushings to be the same durometer that way no other potential damages can happen at this
particular car has all the upgrades already it’s basically as far as you can go with the
factory carrier style assembly. So it’s got a gorgeous to DSSR, Forth round
bushing,OEM Z3 shifter and it’s got a rear carrier pulley assembly. So this is basically as far as you can get
with the OEM set up. Base the step up above This is the source
of friends, that’s what we gonna be doing today. So the replacement transmission bushings we
can have to slightly push up the transmission, you can use the jack them out ideally not
like what we decide to do and work on the loyalist E30 possible. Call the one like that goes to the bottom
same thing on the other side 70 is kind of just loose like that right now that way you
can kind of let it go and let it down slowly and then you could try everything out making
sure nothing is really stressed real simple just keeping up there for safety and then
we can sign everything up so at least we got that taken care of I so
we got here to make it easier to explain is basically the stock assembly. Know this is a Jet right 260 found in a E36
most. Its common configuration but basically the
outline of what we’re going to talk about applies to E36s, E46s and all other cars. So what we got here is the stock carrier assembly
set up and in E30 M3 E46 its all the same Lynx change is about basically the only change. So basically our soldiers Mount will actually
replace all these components except as Fletcher joint Morgan a basically talk about is almost
like walking you through what would it entail the smelling this without the car. Now if you were do the math on these, basically
if you were to refurbish your factory carrier assembly the most common configuration VA
Z3 shifter clip gorgeous the ground bushings brand new cup, a poly or Delran rear shifter
bushing in a DSSR and this is gonna make your system very very tight. However, this is about as good as it’s going
to get and you’re already oversold shift your money so if you’re on the fence on the carrier
shipper do the math because if you do the job it is actually to install all these components
is actually the same process automatic shifter. Talk to remove the clip you’re still going
to have to remove the GSR the selector join you have to move the Z3 shifter so if you’re
on a budget you know whether you want to do the solid shifter or rebuilding the Z3 shifter
really do the math coz it defrosts the same and the cost is almost the same. Now the hardest part of this process is removing
the trip and we gonna basically show you the way that we found it best to do. Now you’re gonna lower your transmission slightly
be able to access a lot of this but once you do that then you can actually reach the Fairly
easily want to, Put the screwdriver in through here and then counter-clockwise just do a
little flip like that and then it comes out pushes out. Just like that. Now they’ve gotten that far basically it’s
a matter of removing me select your joint or DSSR it’s just a matter of pushing some
pins out. So what’s those two things are basically removed
what you’re going to want to do is basically push this forward and fish puppet out of your
rear carrier but now this is the guard just for reference. What you do is basically just gonna get into
the car and push it forward almost up it would end up sliding like up and over I seriously
pushing it forward your popping it out of this carrier that point it’s free. Now this thing would still be in here it is
optional if you want to remove the shifter so that we can get out of the carrier but
in most cases once you’ve gone this far you can actually just end up probably taking the
whole thing out of the car the way it is. But for the most part you be able to get away
with it that far. In the E30 it might be a little bit harder
because you have to have to get over this little ledge when you come to pull it out
of the rear carrier on E36 there is no lips show me some of it easier to pull it out but
that’s basically the only difference between those two chassis. Matthew gone this far to install we really
recommend changing out your slicer joint coz this is people think like a solid shifter
takes all that slack out and it does but nothing compared to a DSSR set up so what you want
to do is biscuit swap it out for a DSS R&B places the selector joint but it actually
holds it from two points and because of that reason that’s what takes away side to side
play so you really shouldn’t be so in a solid shifter with this coz you really still keeping
some plate that side to side. So just think of it like this select your
joint or Jesus or takes away side to side play solid mount shifter effects the row.So
the first thing that you gonna do is to install a DSSR which you actually be the first step
is called night shifter anyway. It’s basically you just going to end up putting
it like that on the slicer joint now ideally going to want to have replaced this because
there’s a phone block inside that goes bad over time so definitely change that out if
you can and then installed us but it’s smarter using are pins Ulysses push defense through
it’s like that of Delrin insert that goes on each side top of it on there and circlip
and I can do the same thing on the back in that connects to the actual solid mount shifter
play. This seesaw Mount shifter with Dan go on top
of the car so you’d have to find a buddy and this side of the car and this plate right
here is actually sandwiches from the bottom of the transmission tunnel in the whole thing
kind of comes together something like this. Just like that. So basically now this is actually your brand
new assembly so it gets rid of all of the carrier’s all of the bushings everything. This is as solid mount the chassis and you
have a gift store and there’s almost no side to side play on this thing what are the features
of exclusive to the Garagistic solid mount shifter is the fact that you adjust to boil Van height
and on throw on the very bottom so basically on the very bottom over here is set screw
down here and on the other side and basically by moving this Pivot Point up or put it down
you can actually change how far away the throw is on your shifter and we’ll get into that
on the car in the litter bit as far. As the height what you can end up doing two
is actually moving this height up and down Smiley know. It’s not much it’s a little bit go to a little
adjustment but it does help that way you can kind of customized the throw you know. If you really want a really super short throw
but this ends up touching you know you could end up actually moving this up and you just
all you do is just swivel it up just like that then when you do find the height that
you want you lock it with the set screws and you’re done.Now you have to gonna pre-adjust
everything before you install into the car and that will be basically trying to find
the height that you like here and more importantly the throw from the very bottom . So by adjusting
this lower or higher using the set screws you actually adjusting throw that basically
the feel of the shifter it’s always a good kind of mock it up and kind of run through
the gears and see you know where you like it plus make sure that there’s clearances
you know you’re not touching any any transmission or anything like that and saving on the on
the top side know if you end up adjusting the height to throw that you do like and this
end up actually touching you not getting the full years you have the adjustment here to
be still be able to move it up if you need to invest with just a matter of rotating it
and tighten it to where you do like it that’s all there is to it. Now that we have gotten this far we basically
are gonna this sampling and do it on the car. For this next section you’re probably getting
a friend help you out.All right so now we’re in the very top of the vehicle just want to
show you guys can have a baseline about how much is going to change as far as play as
far as throw so right now we have here is basically as far as you can really take it
with the OM set up there with the carrier assembly in here is Rick you know all the
stuff I explain from below the car feels like a little bit of play in gear play Reverse
not bad meal for a very daily driver this is a really great setup on this case you know
we’re going to be running the OEM option which basically is still chassis mounted but you’re
able to utilize your shift Boot and able to utilize your shift knob of choice. The first if you’re going to have to want
to do is basically remove all of your interior bits that way we can put down from the top
or the whole shifter assembly from below the car and I will include your shift knob your
boot and the actual rubber insulation below. Now we gonna and start the removal process
of all the factory components. On this particular car it has a gorgeous take
DSSR we’re physically there is pins instead. Next you got to remove the front clip. Now that all the stock components are out
of the way you can end up slipping this soul manshiffter underneath there and then with
your buddy is it is it going to be the one holding the plate so you could then thread
these bolts in his sandwiches everything together. So you see inside the ridge right there he
basically this thing actually just register in there just like that you’re going to sit
in a seat real nicely just like that. So something to take note of when you’re actually resetting
the DSSR throw, is how much effort you’d like it’s actually have and how not she. It is actually change with what selector length
that you’ve picked Safari level with preset this car it’s not have an OEM style Topshop
so that way you know this customer is he wants to use a stock shift knob sometime he wants
to use it on here. So am gonna show you guys without adjusting
the amount of effort from going to a length this size to a medium to at all and what you
can do to change that based on your length. So we gonna try this on you’re going to see
how much effort is going to take for me to use that to shift this right now. So its taking quite a bit of effort to actually
get this to shift and this might be something that if you prefer you prefer it but it’s
a lot of effort special for a daily driver if you got this set up and running so hard. All you have to do is basically move the adjustable
version on the bottom to go up so that you actually allow it to have a little bit more
throw and what that’s going to do is just going to make it less effort so without adjusting
any that I’m going to show you what this would feel like with a taller shop so just pay attention. So basically that’s what it would kind of
feel like for like a mental note is also shows you just how modular this setup is like if
you end up getting your volume set up and you know what you want to have a setup for
the truck it’s really simple to swap it out and then put your race setup on and this is
what this would feel like so that’s the difference without changing
anything just you know because of the Tipping Point being different the effort is so is
to all right in just for your reference also the medium so same length on the very bottom
short being the most effort long being the least amount of effort and then medium coz
you seem a little more effort than the tall a little less than the volume height and this
one I mean in my opinion would be personally okay for a daily so it shows you in The Ether
just how tight a shifter can be from the solid selector joint plus the DSR plus the chassis
mounted shifter. So it was really really tight so here’s the
same identical set up with a DSS or any 36 but this front slit your joint was not changed
that was an So part if you don’t change it you’re actually keeping a lot of play in the
system anyway so. I’m not sure if it won’t make up for a very
sloppy OEM system so if you don’t that need to be replaced in the beginning and you think
that the song Mount shifter seem to be like the answer to all and tighten up the shifter
that’s not the case here is an example of that everything’s been changed on out on this
chassis Mount solid shifter with a factory sauce is really nice play side to side look
at that just sort and the Trustmark shifter alone will not fix messed up volume parts. So basically if he would have switched out
the OEM like to join the front that little joint that has a foam piece in there then
it’s it’s still going to have a ton of play so if you can see you know from side-to-side
it still that play just keep that in mind if you end up seeing the pistol are playing
your system just I shall did you change the front selector joint you know are all the
factory components how many how much mileage is on your mind all these things accumulate
to equal one of your right eye shifter or a sloppy one but as far as throw that’s what
the Saucier actually shines in at this point you’re,
Basically ready to put on your interior bits so basically you can use the stock shift knob
if you use the OEM option the medium and Tall are actually of too big of a diameter sheet
of to modify your ship food if you want to run that and they see everything just keeps
going everything you know the way it was all hidden like so there’s going to be a screw
put it on like that it looks Factory at that point then depending on your shift knob assembly
get it push it on this particular setup is a set screw that looks basically as the way
we started which is kind of nice for a petition there you are can you sell a shifter hidden
underneath all of your shift boost up so you can definitely tell sound like a factory shifter.

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