Gear Review – Scott Archery EXXUS Thumb-Trigger Release

Gear Review – Scott Archery EXXUS Thumb-Trigger Release

hi this is mark from soul adventure and SNS archery and I'm here today with the Scot exes as you can see the Scot exes comes in a red and a camo and I just want to talk about why the Scot access works for me I've been using it for two years pretty much exclusively as the only release that I shoot for 3d and or hunting and everything and have just really come to love this release so I want to tell you why the Scot exes is the thumb trigger handheld release choice for me first and foremost I love the exes because it's incredibly comfortable to use it just fits in my hand really well it might be hard to see on the video but there's a tapered design to it it's thicker up here towards the index finger in as you work your way back towards the pinky end it gets a little bit thinner it just sits really well in my hand and it's comfortable to use because it's comfortable it's a really consistent I get a much more consistent anchor point with this release I'm able to get the corner of my jaw right between two of my knuckles and that consistency at anchor and that comfortableness at anchor means that I'm more consistent downrange which is what really matters next I love the adjustability of the exes even just with a thumb peg alone there's multiple ways to adjust this release you can turn the some peg in and out on an angle so it's kind of you know up to user preference and how you anchor and how you want to use the release and it'll pretty much work for everybody in addition to the angle you can actually move the thumb peg in and out away and closer from the release body itself so once again for different size hands or guys who hold the release in different ways you have that finally with the thumb peg you can rotate it all the way along this moon so you can rotate this thumb peg in this type of direction in a wide variety of adjustments so I tend to hold the release like this with the thumb peg here but there's guys who get the thumb peg all the way back in their hand there and the excess will fit pretty much everybody in every style in addition to the thumb peg the trigger adjustment on the release is great with the exes so what we're talking about is the weight or how much pressure is required to make the release fire it behind the screw here there's an adjustment spring the exes is going to come with three of these Springs a light medium and heavy you can swap those Springs out in no time and then you can fine-tune each spring by back in this trigger in and out in small increments you can also adjust the travel with this screw here so I like my release setup really heavy with very little movement I don't want any play in the trigger I don't want to feel it moving I just want it to go off but there's some guys who like to play with the trigger they want to sort of feel the process and so if you want to put some travel and that trigger adjustment you can do it with that guy right there finally the exes has just proven itself to me I've been using it for a couple years as I said and it's just been pretty much flawless I've had misfires with other releases before and it's never happened with the exes it's just super consistent super durable and speaking of durability it's from Scott which means they're going to back their product up Scott has a lifetime warranty on all their products that are made right here in the US and they just stand behind what they deliver so there's peace of mind there but the only thing I can say I've had in terms of even remotely close to an issue with release is this thumb peg rotated on me once while hunting when I didn't want it to it wasn't even that it was while I was shooting it was just in my pack and got sandwiched I since put some Loctite on that adjustment and it's been solid ever since so in all reality I can't really complain about that being a problem next the exes is just easy to use the lockup is really solid with the jaw and the trigger and so it's just really nice in terms of the handheld release to be able to lock this on to your D loop if your whitetail honey can stay on your D loop on your bow ready to go or even out west when I'm stalking I'll clip it on and as I'm moving with my bow it's right there ready to fire so that's pretty much it for me it's comfortable it's consistent it's adjustable it's durable that pretty much sums up the exes if you guys want to check out a new handheld release if you've never used one before I highly recommend that you can siddur the exes for more information check out the link below you

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  1. 200 $ for that? realy?
    that is too much…. in my country that is the minimal salary for 1 month of work.

    this is bullshit… I hate being poor…. salary should be the same everywhere… prices should be the same almost everywhere( the only variable should be transport)

  2. It's a bit ridiculous how much these type of releases cost compared with wrist trigger releases. I mean, $100-$300 for…what really? Look at what you are paying for and what it must cost to actually manufacturer. Kind crazy if you ask me.

  3. is it so hard to show how the claws close ? grab a bow and show the folks the exact way how it works. thx

  4. Excellent review sir! I will be ordering o e tomorrow. Just got a Carter RX2 and have to say I was disappointed, crazy heavy trigger with no springs and strap started to fall apart within 20 shots. Takes me a solid 20 seconds to squeeze it off ( im partial to a super light trigger though). Sent it back and ordering the exxus. I'm and thumb release guy at heart anyways. Been shooting a Truball Incredible for a a couple of years and it hasn't held up well either. It doesn't reset without you pushing the barrel foward and then engaging the reset button and the head wiggles and there is no way to tighten it. Overall it's been a good release but I shouldn't have to put up with what I have with it for a 200 dollar release. Plus the exxus can lock to your d-loop which is freaking AWESOME! nothing worst than a big one running a doe in under you and you are fumbling for your release trying to get it on your loop. Thanks again!!!

  5. Have you ever compared this to the new tru-fire hardcore 4 finger and hard core 4 finger revolution ? I'm stuck between these 3 models.

  6. good vid, thanks. had never heard of this brand til now. i currently use a truball fang 3 and its great, although i think i like the design of the hook on the scott more.. guess i'll have to check into it.

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