German Table Tennis – Something for the Future?

German Table Tennis – Something for the Future?

22 Replies to “German Table Tennis – Something for the Future?”

  1. I have to say,without the help of ITTF,Chinese players are still the No.1.but with the help of ITTF,it will be a chance,but not a very long time before Chinese understand the rules. Because of the training style that European have,and the coaches that u have

  2. The winning points that you showed are off old lost matches. The Chinese are going through a protest for change of their coach. Let them come back.

  3. I am from the future and I am here to say after Liu Guoliang lost his position the Germans are coming right back, beating the Chinese in large scale tournaments

  4. Unfortunately all TT in all countries of America continent is not important in the World. Saludos amigos.

  5. yup there is a "NO" – NO Future for german…even Bias ITTF took out VOC glue and now 40+….even ITTF change to 50+ ball or bigger table and plywood blade…CHINA will still be number one if they want to. 

  6. Then there is the USA. Our future Table Tennis greats aren't even born yet. We will own the year 2099, just wait and see.

  7. sigh so this is just a collection of German winning moments, which is a very little portion in whole games compare to China

  8. for the future, come on, China has back up, they change heads once actual players are not high performance.

  9. Yes, its right, that a few years Timo Boll will be so good like now, but Ovtcharov is 24, that very young for a tt player and I think he will be better in next time and Germany has much young hopes like: Patrick Franziska, Frederick Jost, Alena Lemmer, Benedikt Duda…
    And Germany was never before so good, like now, I think, that they will be better.

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