1. I would love to see this video applied to someone who works at 6am everyday. I would love to be optimistic and give myself 4 hours before work but waking up at 2am is just crazy lol. The problem I run into is not getting things done before work and then being too tired to get anything done when I get home! 😔

  2. Very interesting video. Thank you!
    Apart from that, you complain in so many videos that you have to put on make-up but you hate it. Why do you have to? Men usually put on any and are fine. I doubt that bare women's faces are so much uglier.

  3. I work 3rd shift…how do I managed my time ,when everything seems to be for everyone else. Help please!!!

  4. Thank you Amy. I find when I do this and look at a calendar that is now packed I feel overwhelmed and do not look at it anymore. I still am getting most* of the things done but lose a lot that I put on the calendar because I just cannot look at it without overwhelmement. Any suggestions?

  5. I am a manager of 36 employees and love watching and learning from you. I am struggling with time management in this new role. I love the idea of calendar blocking digitally vs paper planner. The issue or question I have for you is…. How can I use one calendar for work and personal if I don't have full control of my work calendar?

  6. Thank you very much, Amy! It's just the video I need right now – my pile of lists isn't getting me anywhere.:))

  7. Hi. May I have the link to the video where you show how Todoist intergrates with Google calendar.

  8. I just watched this for the first time (knew it existed but never watched it for some unknown reason) and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna change my life. Super excited about boarding the calendar blocking train.

  9. I have been reading all these blogs about having dairies/journals and writing everything down and wondering if that is better for me. But thanks to you I realize that I am sort of calendar blocking already on google calendar and will now tweak what I am doing to make it more efficient. I don’t know how to do Colour coding but that will make a big difference to my life. Thanks again for all your videos.

  10. Thank you so much for this! My productivity picked while using this method. I always feel a bit like juggling millions of projects but this helps to keep it a bit more under control. I used to do it in a bullet journal but as you said, Google calendar it more flexible with constantly changing plans 😀 Thanks again! Love your channel

  11. I am trying it your way where I block out a whole week and recurring stuff. Usually, I schedule my day based on the things on my to-do list which is broken down into priorities. I only schedule the things that are in the Important but Not urgent list. But I like your strategy and i will try to apply it. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Hi Amy – I really found this useful! I have two digital calendars. My workplace uses Outlook and I've always stuck with Google because I find it easier to use. How would you suggest to navigate this while still, maximising time blocking? Thanks, Izzy

  13. This is gonna sound dumb but the tip to add emojis has made me like……..not hate Google Calendar. So much better xD

  14. Random question: What do you do about there being no real annual view with Google Calendar – none where any of your entries show up. How do you plan annually? Is there another annual calendar app that syncs with Google Cal?

  15. Another great video Amy! I use Google calendar with my husband, we both run our own businesses. And it looks crazy! This is so useful, thank you!

  16. love the way you explain things ❤ thank you so much for this life changing video! I have been trying bullet journaling for a while but I guess digital calendars are super functional and helpful and literally what I need right now! thanks Amy!

  17. I really like the idea of batching things that I can do with my face on! I work from home and have three children and I have to manage their schedules too!

  18. Thanks Amy. I can’t wait to try this out. I understand you say about not using a bullet journal but I have adhd and find the bullet journal extremely helpful and want to continue using it, what would you recommend in using this and the bujo? Thanks

  19. i love this video! i will be putting all this knowledge to use with the next few minutes! thank you so much for taking the time to create this video.

  20. Not sure you're gonna see this but just wanted to say a blog called A branch of Holly copied this video. The blog text is as if she wrote down what you said but left out a few words. They also have screenshots where they calendar block the exact same way you do.

  21. Dude, I recently found your YouTube channel and I LOVE your content! I'm working on starting a blog focused on self-growth and mental wellbeing and your videos have helped me immensely!

  22. so, i tried calendar blocking ages ago, and i just started ignoring my phone… and realized i needed something physical in my face. lists were good, but, yeah, used more for shaming than anything else… so! i started blocking 3 hr segments with 30min to 1 hr breaks, and making a list of 3 things to do in each 3 hr block, and i could mix them up depending on what i felt like doing first – keeps me from avoiding what's scheduled on the calendar just to be defiant.

  23. This was SO helpful! I updated my google calendar while I was watching this. I’m excited to see if it helps me stay on task. I have such a hard time with planners whether it’s in person or digital. I think this will help me adjust in my physical planner as well!

  24. I'm realizing how unorganized I am in my early 20s… and I know that these bad habits are making my life MUCH more difficult than I need them to be. It's time I start forming good habits that follow me into my later years. This is such a great tip, Amy. Thanks for sharing. I think for someone who has ADD, this is an incredible tool. I can't wait to start using this!

  25. This is amazing video help me a lot for time management and productivity!! Can you share any tips or ideas about project tracking or networking tracking tools? Ex. You have a big project(could be learning toward a big exam in half year) takes very long, you wanna track hong long it takes for each stage? Or social networking with different people, remind yourself by tracking how often you contact them, etc

  26. Be ready babe girl. Don't lie. I want your morning routine done. Calendar or not. It's to register on airbnb. I'll stay all week with you there. Under one ceiling. You see. It's up to you now. Just try it my little pony. Just Do it, the contract will start there next. The public man behind you. If you you do it well and he's liked too. Remember that, rent someone your office you tube for the next 1 or 2 weeks vacation. I'll help you manage your next pay check big from you tube ok cheers. Get ready about what we like together my love.

  27. But the moment you have kids, wife, resulting in sudden chores you need to do, all the planning goes haywire. How would you reconcile that?

  28. Completely new here and I'm only part way through the video. I cannot explain how many calendars I have everywhere at home and at work and in my bag. Trying to update every single bit of information as I go everywhere. Hello new electronic calander hello. I will be getting on to this instantly. It then means the other half can finally know what's really happening in real time. Why have I not done this sooner.

  29. Hey Amy,
    I really appreciated this video. I've been struggling to make the most out of my day while working a full-time job. I want MORE in life than the mundane 9-5. This strategy is really helping me take those steps. Thank you!!


  30. Hi. This was really helpful. I work ft and have side projects, so I love this and will start doing this right away. I have a question, how come you didn't put in house cleaning? This is one of the biggest areas I struggle with fitting in. Is that a separate topic you could add? Thanks.

  31. i'm in high school and most of my teachers don't allow electronics in class so i use an undated planner with an erasable pen for school stuff (classes, tests, homework, etc) and some personal stuff too :/ i use google calendar for important things, but i'd love to switch over to it completely though

  32. How do you block out small tasks that take 5-15 min? My guess is to block out larger chunks of time to complete misc tasks. So a 30 min block could cover 6, 5-min tasks.

  33. I do different calendars in a less complete method than you but I have major depressive disorder and 8 doctors' appointments a month which are an hour commute each way and usually the appointment is 90-minutes. Plus, I'm a lazy, procrastinating mofo so now I'm going to have to watch your "TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS FOR PROCRASTINATORS" video and I am supposed to be creating a landing page. I ALWAYS get distracted with incredible videos like yours that pop up in the YouTube sidebar feed. I need to find an app to erase the sidebar feed so I can complete my tasks but then I'd never have discovered your incredible channel

  34. I have my "Everyday Calendar" (sleep, get ready, commute, work, commute, dinner, sleep, visit family on weekends etc) and I have a "Health calendar": Fasting 16:8 schedule, workouts etc, and then I have my "Professional Development" calendar where I use those hours that I have free to work on projects to reach my goals. I also have a shared "Family/Household" calendar: housekeeping schedule, birthday parties, family/friend functions, appointments etc.

  35. Tried this for a full 4 weeks. I WISH I could figure this out. I guess I am the odd one out here. I cannot get this calendar blocking thing down. It has not helped stress or anxiety whatsoever. Now I spend forever just trying to figure out how to schedule things and I waste time I could be using to actually get work done. I have 3 businesses and work from home and I simply cannot get this to work for me. I tried making a different calendar for each business but in real life your busineses change on the daily. If you have deadlines that pop up out of nowhere you can't just ignore them because they aren't in your calendar. Great video, but this is not for everyone guys. This calendar blocking has just been so so stressful.

  36. Was a little concerned by the lack of "chill" time until the end when she added it…but all at the end of the day. I'd put in some throughout the day. These really packed days that people have is probably why I'm getting cut in on at the cashier line at the store……

  37. I am definitely a time block person, my question to you is how do to remind yourself of this, are you constantly watching the clock and checking this time block calendar?

  38. I’m super excited to do this. My 29 year old daughter has used this method for years & is a super successful individual. Because of her hard work & incredible scheduling technique (just like yours) she has lived the dream life on a Caribbean island for the past 5 years!! Why I didn’t listen to her, I don’t even know 😞

  39. Oohhh I am shook! Why am I so scared to designate time to things I do? I am seriously shook! but Ill give it a shot!. Obviously Im at groud zero with this. Whhooaa!

  40. I just set up my very first calendar blocking on Google calendar thank you Amy my school work is less stressful!

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