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  1. Everyone one is like I got my arms ripped out getting up on a wakeboard but try getting up on a monoski with two feet in. Then pass the big slalom then you'll actually know what your talking about

  2. Another easy way to help people get up is to use a surf rope so the angle of the rope from the tower pulls you up faster. Also you can give them tips more easily that way. Still though very good vid.

  3. VSHanaSurf liquid force are mint boards and cheap or if u want 1 thats gna last years get a hyperlite merek

  4. Z0mbcc3r if ur just starting about 17 to 19mph if u already do about 20 to 25 i ride at 23 thats fast for a wakeboarder cz im only 16 bt started when i was 8

  5. lol i'm sure this is the proper way but to get up i use the baseball grip and i slightly bend my nees and keep my arms against my chest and that works fine

  6. A note for the drivers.. PLEASE throttle up gently…. I have had my arms almost ripped off by inexperienced drivers that want to accelerate hard in the same way you pull a skier out of the water..

  7. @maddie5934 – Yes, point your toes toward the boat and angle the board to help it come out of the water…

  8. @iConviicted – As the board starts to come out of the water, rotate the board slightly into your riding position. The pull of the boat will help complete the turn and you will come up in the riding position.. I always do it that way as I still don't like the sliding position.

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