47 Replies to “Gettysburg Soundtrack: Over the Fence”

  1. A moving piece to a moving scene, particularly at 3:15. Unfortunately, the mix seems to be bad. Put on some headphones or play this on a good stereo system and you can hear a single trumpet player blasting over everyone else. Mic was too close to him maybe? I don't know, but it ruins it.

  2. I have to say that I think Martin Sheen was miscast as Lee. He's a fine actor, but not the man to play Robert E Lee. I would have cast George c Scott, or similar, as the role needed huge gravitas.

  3. "Virginians!! Virginians!! For your lands.. for your homes.. for your sweethearts.. for your wives.. fooooor.. Virginiaaaa!! Forwaaaaard!! March!!"

  4. I am a Scot, an I salute these men, brave as we, I'd stand shoulder to shoulder with any man in George Pickett's division. Aye! Brave as we! Up and at 'em lads!

  5. the best civil war movie in my book ! Unless you consider Glory. I sill give Gettysburg the lead in that debate though

  6. Aleks The Deplorable your awesome i love that movie and the man that played armistead was awesome that part is by far the best

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